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For market research and insights, follow the articles in Flagship's Market Insights. They provide analysis and assessments of the latest technological developments, terms, and innovations in the Cryptocurrency industry worldwide.

NFT guide

Introduction to NFTs: Understanding NFTs

A complete walkthrough on Non-Fungible-Tokens. This section will help you understand how NFTs work and how to start your journey into the NFT industry. Whether you are an investor or creator, this section will help you have an understanding of how NFTs work and how you could profit in the upcoming years as the technology matures. Part 1 of 3.

Crypto Gaming Guilds

A Deep dive into Crypto Gaming Guilds

There is a big difference between a guild in World of Warcraft and crypto gaming guilds. While the traditional guild is limited to the game, and it can rise or fall with it, the crypto variant aims to become a platform to support new gamers

future NFT use cases

10 Future NFT Use cases that Will Change Society in the Next 10 Years

What is the future of NFTs? What will our daily lives look like when NFTs go mainstream? In this short article, we will dive into the 10 future use cases for NFTs in the coming decade.

8 Powerful Strategies Top NFT Traders Use to Make Profits!

8 Powerful Strategies Top NFT Traders Use to Make Profits!

A list of 8 great NFT tools for investing in NFTs that most people don't know of.

Digital Real Estate - How to invest in the metaverse

Digital real estate 101: The why and how of investing in land & properties in the Metaverse

People have gathered in digital worlds since the early Internet’s chat rooms and gaming lobbies. However, the digital world is consuming a larger percentage of our activities and time than ever before — and it’s becoming more and more tangible.

Augmented reality and the Metaverse

Augmented reality and the Metaverse

Augmented reality (AR) is considered one of the fastest-growing and most disruptive technologies in tech. This is in part because of its vast accessibility, or at least its potential to be vastly accessible.

What is MetaFi?

What is MetaFi? DeFi and Metaverse Unite!

After the recent popularity of metaverse projects, there has been a steep increase in interest around the term MetaFi, a combination of the words Meta and Finance. Browsing the internet for a definition of MetaFi, you’ll come across two explanations that generally point in the same direction, but have a slightly different point of view.

centralized vs decentralized metaverse

Welcome to the Metaverse: Exploring Centralized vs Decentralized Metaverse

All you need to know about the next frontier of reality. The metaverse has rapidly become the buzzword in tech, with corporate giants like Facebook (now Meta), Tencent, and Microsoft getting heavily involved. Let's compare centralized vs decentralized metaverse projects.

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