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Here we are building a glossary to help you navigate and understand the world of crypto.

DePIN, Decentralized physical infrastructure networks

DePIN, Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks

The concept of Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) represents a transformative approach in managing essential services and utilities, shifting from a traditional centralized authority model to a distributed network of independent actors. By leveraging blockchain technology, DePIN ensures that all transactions and operations are transparent, secure, and immutable


Pyth Network ($PYTH)

Pyth Network is designed to revolutionize the way market data is utilized in the blockchain ecosystem.

Celestia ($TIA)

Celestia is project focused on data availablity, enabling blockchains to process transactions faster and cheaper.

What is Bittensor

Bittensor ($TAO)

Bittensor is like a worldwide group project, connecting smart minds globally to improve artificial intelligence in remarkable ways. It does this by building a network that spans across the globe, and anyone can join in because it's open-source. This blend of AI and blockchain is truly pioneering and has the potential to bring about some advancements in technology. Bittensor is designed to incentivize the production of machine intelligence by rewarding users who contribute valuable data or computational resources with TAO tokens. Bittensor aims to democratize the AI industry and make it accessible to everyone by allowing anyone to contribute compute power to the network and earn rewards in the form of TAO tokens. Developers, investors, and general users can use Bittensor to access the decentralized ecosystem.

Lumerin protocol

Lumerin ($LMR)

Lumerin is a cryptocurrency project centered around democratizing Bitcoin mining hashpower, enabling decentralized and secure global trading.

Shrapnel shrap token

Shrapnel ($SHRAP)

Shrapnel is a groundbreaking AAA first-person shooter game, enhanced by a unique creator ecosystem enabled by blockchain technology.



GMX is a decentralized trading platform, distinguishing itself in the crypto derivatives market with advanced features such as low swap fees, zero price impact trades, and up to 30x leverage.


Arbitrum is one of the leading Ethereum Layer 2's that has managed to capture significant traction in a short period of time.

What is LSDFi


LSDfi, or Liquid Staking Derivatives in Decentralized Finance, is a revolutionary concept that combines the principles of liquid staking and DeFi to create a more flexible, efficient, and profitable ecosystem for cryptocurrency investors.

Frax Shares

Frax Finance is a decentralized stablecoin protocol that introduces innovative stablecoins to the crypto ecosystem.

Telegram's The Open Network ($TON)

Telegram's The Open Network is a new blockchain protocol integrated with and built by the popular messaging app Telegram

CurveDao (CRV)

The governance token for CurveDao

Binance Coin (BNB)

The native token of Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Telegram Bots

Telegram Bots

Telegram bots are automated trading programs that operate on the Telegram messaging platform. They are designed to trade cryptocurrencies on exchanges based on predefined strategies and algorithms.

What does LFG stand for?


LFG is an acronym that stands for "Let's F*ing Go." It is a phrase commonly used in crypto communities to express excitement, rally support, or cheer on anticipated positive developments.

What is FUD in Crypto?


FUD stands for "Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt." It is a term often used in the cryptocurrency market, as well as in other industries, to describe a strategy of disseminating negative, vague, or false information about a product, company, or concept.

Pax Gold PAXG crypto

Pax Gold (PAXG)

Pax Gold (PAXG) is a digital asset and crypto currency that is designed to be backed by physical gold. Each PAXG token is typically backed by one troy ounce of gold held in secure vaults. This blockchain-based token offers a convenient way for individuals to gain exposure to the price of gold without needing to physically own or store it.


Apeswap ($BANANA)

ApeSwap is a decentralized exchange for BEP-20 tokens on the BNB Chain. It provides a comprehensive toolkit for DeFi purposes, including token trading, liquidity provision, staking, lending and borrowing, IDO's, and margin trading.

Gains Network ($GNS)

Gains Network ($GNS)

Gains Network is a decentralized platform that aims to revolutionize the cryptocurrency trading landscape by providing a user-friendly, liquidity-efficient, and powerful leveraged trading platform.

Quickswap ($QUICK)

Quickswap ($QUICK)

QuickSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that operates on the Polygon network, offering users a platform for swapping various cryptocurrencies with fast transaction times and low fees.

What is Hedera Hashgraph?

Hedera Hashgraph: Glossary & Ecosystem Insights

Hedera Hashgraph’s mission is to allow individuals and businesses to create powerful decentralized applications. It is designed to be a fairer, more efficient system that eliminates some of the limitations of older blockchain-based platforms.

Pendle ($PENDLE)

Pendle ($PENDLE)

Pendle Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that allows users to tokenize and trade future yield.

What is Lybra Finance

Lybra Finance ($LBR)

Lybra Finance is a decentralized protocol built on Liquid Staking Derivatives, designed to bring stability to the volatile world of cryptocurrency.

Tenet ($TENET)

Tenet ($TENET)

Tenet is a user-centric blockchain platform built using the Cosmos SDK. It aims to provide a modular and flexible framework for developing powerful decentralized applications.

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