The Open Network ($TON) is a non-EVM decentralized blockchain that aims to be a flexible multi-blockchain platform that can process millions of transactions every second.

NOTcoin Telegram Crypto

Probably Nothing: A Deep Dive on NOTcoin

NOTcoin is a click-to-earn app built on Telegram. It managed to attract a staggering 25 million users within 2 months and is likely airdropping their native token soon. Learn all about crypto's most used app in this article

Telegram TON Flagship getting started

Getting started with crypto on Telegram and TON

Telegram is integrating the TON blockchain, potentially becoming a Crypto Superapp. Users can trade crypto, shop online, play games with NFTs, and make payments on Telegram. This article explains how to start using Telegram and TON, including setting up a wallet and adding funds, and presents wallet options for Telegram and TON and how to get started with Telegram crypto apps.

Top 10 projects building on TON and Telegram

Top 10 projects building on TON and Telegram

Telegram and the TON blockchain can create a thriving crypto ecosystem with their large user base. This article showcases 10 projects that are using Telegram and TON, including NOTcoin, TONstarter, StonFi, Evaa, DeDust, Jetton, Resistance Dog, Bemo, Storm, and TON Punks. These projects cover gaming, decentralized exchanges, lending protocols, and NFT collections, demonstrating the diverse opportunities within the TON and Telegram ecosystem.

Flagship's 7 crypto sectors for 2024

7 crypto sectors to watch in 2024

In this report, we're going to walk you through the 7 sector in crypto that we believe are set to grow the fastest. This include the Bitcoin Economy, the merger of AI and Crypto, non-EVM chains, SocialFi, Real World Assets, Staking 2.0 and the return of the Metaverse!

Blockchain innovations that will pave the way for mass adoption

Blockchain innovations that will pave the way for mass adoption

The essence of these innovations is to lower the entry barriers, making the leap into the blockchain sphere less daunting for individuals. By embedding blockchain functionalities into familiar platforms and simplifying complex interactions, these innovations are essentially extending an invitation to the masses to partake in future.

Telegram Ton Mass adoption

On the verge of Mass Adoption: Telegram integrates TON

The integration of TON into Telegram is a move with the potential to shape the trajectory of both the messaging app industry and the blockchain sector. By bridging the gap between a mainstream audience and the decentralized world, Telegram is setting the stage for a more inclusive and innovative digital future.

TON Telegram Open Network

The Telegram Open Network Deep Dive : The Current Rising Star

Designed as a multi-chain platform with unique features like dynamic sharding and a MasterChain, TON offers unparalleled scalability and efficiency. With a strong team, robust financial backing, and a promising tokenomics model, the network is gaining traction place this

TON crypto? You don’t need a ton of explanation to understand this crypto: Here’s what you need to know

TON? You don’t need a ton of explanation to understand

Ever wondered what the ton of crypto talk behind $TON is? Find out everything you need to know in this article.

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