Stacks is a decentralized network that aims to bring smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps) to Bitcoin (BTC). The project's primary goal is to extend the functionality of the Bitcoin network without altering its core features, such as its security and stability. Stacks' unique selling proposition lies in its ability to leverage the robustness of Bitcoin's infrastructure while adding the flexibility of smart contracts and DApps. This is achieved through the Stacks blockchain, which operates as a layer-1 solution alongside Bitcoin.

Bitflow Finance - The Decentralized Exchange for Bitcoiners

Bitflow Finance - The Decentralized Exchange for Bitcoiners

Bitflow Finance is a Bitcoin-native decentralized exchange where you can trade & earn yield on Bitcoin and other Bitcoin-related digital assets.

Arkadiko Finance DeFi Stacks Flagship

Exploring Arkadiko’s self-repaying loans on Stacks

Arkadiko is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform on the Stacks blockchain. It allows users to take loans against their Stacks and Bitcoin holdings and offers unique "self-repaying loans" with gradual interest payment. Arkadiko could have a promising future in the Bitcoin Economy.

ALEX Stacks Bitcoin DeFi

5 Major Milestones of ALEX, the Finance Layer of Bitcoin

ALEX, the DeFi hub on Stacks and Bitcoin, has launched a series of new products over the year. This includes a bridge, BRC-20 token products, aBTC, releasing the Bitcoin Oracle and starting the Bitcoin Fund to catalyze the growth of Bitcoin DeFi. In this article, we’ll go through the project’s milestones and what they mean.

Stacks DeFi projects

Top DeFi Projects on Stacks and the Bitcoin Economy

Adding functionality to Bitcoin is one of the biggest opportunities in crypto right now. DeFi projects on the Stacks blockchain seem best positioned to capitalize on this. Here's an overview of the more promising ones!

Stacks Nakamoto upgrade

Everything you need to know about Stacks' Nakamoto Upgrade

The Stacks Nakamoto upgrade emerges as a significant milestone, introducing a suite of enhancements that promise to elevate the blockchain's performance and integration with Bitcoin. This upgrade is a game-changer, ensuring fast and secure transactions, and fortifying the connection between Stacks and Bitcoin, ultimately enriching the user experience and expanding the blockchain's capabilities.

Velar Protocol Bitcoin DeFi

Velar Protocol's Trailblazing Journey - DeFi on Bitcoin Part 1

Dive into the emerging narrative of DeFi on Bitcoin as we explore Velar Protocol, a pioneering project poised to reshape the financial landscape. Get ahead of the curve with us at Flagship as we unveil the vision of Velar and its potential to revolutionize the DeFi space.

what is stacks crypto stx

What is Stacks Crypto? A Guide to the Innovative Blockchain Connecting Bitcoin and Smart Contracts

Stacks makes Bitcoin programmable by enabling smart contracts. You can see Stacks as a blockchain 1.5, where it is its own protocol but is directly linked to the Bitcoin network.

Alex protocol crypto DeFi Bitcoin

Alex DeFi Protocol: Bridging the Gap Between Bitcoin and DeFi

You may have heard a bit about ALEX, and for good reason. Let's take a look how ALEX protocol brings DeFi to Bitcoin and what we can expect going forward.

NFT utility

How NFT Utility is The Key

With the emergence of Bitcoin ordinals many have wondered what the fate of NFTs will be. In this article we will discuss the one thing that NFTs bring to the table that ordinals don't: Utility.

Stacks sbtc crypto bitcoin layer 2 smart contracts

sBTC: What You Need to Know

sBTC enables DeFi on Bitcoin in a trustless manner - read on to learn what this means for Stacks and Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Ordinal NFT, Stacks NFT

A Deep Dive into Stacks NFT's and Bitcoin Ordinals

The differences between Stacks NFT's and Bitcoin ordinals. The takeaways that you need to know.

Gamma io Stacks crypto nft ordinal marketplace on Stacks: Excellence in Action

Gamma is the largest NFT/Ordinal marketplace on Stacks, and for good reason. Gamma sets the bar high for the Stacks ecosystem, read on to learn how they manage to drive adoption in this quickly moving space.

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