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Welcome to the Real World Assets (RWA) Outpost, your go-to source for everything related to RWA in the crypto space. This outpost explores the tokenization of tangible assets from the physical world, offering new avenues for higher yields and portfolio diversification in DeFi. Discover how RWA bridges the gap between traditional assets and blockchain technology.

Web3 data economy

A few words on Web3 data landscape

Blockchain technology made the data, which had already been increasing at a staggering rate, more abundant. Add to this many kinds of data, such as - historical price data on CEXs and DEXs, - trading data (data on futures, and perpetual futures volume and volatility among others), - importing off-chain data onto the chain, - data on blocks produced by blockchain. Only Ethereum, the largest blockchain network, has produced more than 18 million blocks from its beginning until the time of this writing , and a humongous amount of data in Web3. In this article I’ll try to explain what different categories of players do in Web3 data landscape.

DEPIN - Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks

Unpacking DEPIN: Types of Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks and Innovative Projects

As Web3 grows and becomes the part of humans’ daily lives, it needs physical infrastructure. Decentralized finance, crypto, NFTs – all these are cute and important for the Web3 economy to expand, but things do need hard, real-world stuff to run on. This is what is the term “decentralized physical infrastructure” (DePIN) seeks to capture. Think of it as the intersection of crypto, blockchain technology and real-world infrastructure.

Private credit in emerging markets

The Evolving Landscape of Private Credit Protocols in Emerging Markets

Finance gap for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in developing economies is estimated to be about $5 trillion. This gap is 30% higher than the current level of MSME lending. DeFi has a great potential to solve the issue and positively impact those left undeserved by legacy financial institutions.

Music Tokenization

From Notes to Nodes: Exploring the Future of Music with Tokenization

The internet has changed the music industry drastically. It increased the availability of music to audiences creating several income streams for creators. Song downloads were overtaken by streaming services. Cassettes were replaced by CDs which had better superior sound. But the current music industry is not without its own share of problems. And now the music industry can be transformed once again by blockchain technology.

US treasury stablecoins

The Irony of Backing Stablecoins with US treasuries

Stablecoins are maybe the greatest thing that the crypto market has to offer. Stablecoins are bridge between the volatile world of digital assets and the stability of traditional fiat currencies.

Plane Tokenization tokens tokenized planes

Invest in the Skies - Tokenization of Aviation Assets

Discover the Future of Aviation Investment with Tokenization. Learn how tokenizing aviation assets on the blockchain can revolutionize the industry, offering fractional ownership, cost-efficiency, and new revenue streams. Explore the potential of blockchain technology in aviation.

Native USDC is Live on Polygon - What You Must Know

Native USDC is Live on Polygon - What You Must Know

Circle has launched native USDC on Polygon PoS. In this article, we cover the benefits and information that you don't want to miss!

tokenization of RWAs Wine and Luxury watches

Tokenization of RWAs: Wine and Luxury watches

How tokenization can transform two different markets - wine and luxury watches. High-value real world assets are tokenized on-chain, which increase their liquidity and unlock capital otherwise locked in illiquid assets.


USDT Integration Marks Growth of Stablecoin Ecosystem on Cardano Blockchain

Discover the latest strides in Cardano's blockchain ecosystem as the integration of USDT, the world's largest stablecoin, revolutionizes on-chain lending and borrowing dynamics.

Flatcoins: The Next Innovation of Stablecoins

Flatcoins: The Next Innovation of Stablecoins

Flatcoins are a type of stablecoin that are pegged to the cost of living instead of a fiat currency, commodity, or other crypto. They are designed to maintain purchasing power parity with a basket of goods by keeping up with inflation.

Tokenized Treasuries

Tokenized Treasuries: Bridging Traditional Finance and Blockchain for the Future

Tokenized US Treasuries have grown 600% since the start of the year. The market value of these investment products that wrap US Treasury bills, bonds, and money market funds into a form of a token totals over $600 million.

Cogito Protocol: A New Era of AI-Driven Stable Assets in the DeFi Landscape

Cogito Protocol: A New Era of AI-Driven Stable Assets in the DeFi Landscape

Cogito Protocol offers a "stablecoin-as-a-service" framework to create digital assets with low volatility called “tracercoins” such that they act as complements to existing crypto stablecoin landscapes. The tracercoins maintain their stability not by seeking explicit correlation to one or more specific fiat currencies or commodities, but instead via soft-pegging to non-financial indices that represent progress along various developmental fronts, e.g. environmental progress, technological progress.