DePIN stands for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network and is a new and transformative concept within the Web3 space that aims to create and maintain physical infrastructure through incentivized contributions from users. DePINs tackle the challenges of traditional infrastructure projects, such as centralized control and high investment cost, by leveraging token incentives to encourage user involvement and decentralization, thereby avoiding a single point of failure.

Decentralized computing GPU networks projects

Unleashing GPU Power: The Top 6 Decentralized Computing Projects Redefining Computational Access

These projects, each with its unique approach and focus, represent a collective stride towards DePIN a Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks. As they evolve and possibly intertwine, the promise of a more accessible, efficient, and collaborative GPU resource landscape could very well become a reality, driving forward the wheel of innovation in the AI and machine learning spheres.

Getgrass grass airdrop

Everything you need to know about Getgrass and its Airdrop

Grass lets you earn passive income by selling your unused bandwidth without compromising your privacy. It allows verified companies to use your idle bandwidth without accessing your personal information. Grass started their reward system for the app’s Beta phase. It is speculated that these points will be converted into an airdrop. In this article we will explore how to qualify for this airdrop.

What is Braintrust crypto

Braintrust: Pioneering the Future of Work in the Digital Age

With its innovative use of blockchain, Braintrust introduces a new era of talent acquisition, where the power is shifted back to the community, ensuring a transparent and equitable process for all parties involved.

Top 10 projects that raised capital in December 2023

Top 10 Projects that got Funded in December 2023

In December 2023, $1 billion was raised by crypto startups across 105 unique rounds. Our top 10 projects that raised capital include Babylon Chain, Formless, Eclipse Fi, Liquidium, RIO Network, Wynd Network & Grass, MAP Protocol, LandX, Farcana, and Endless Clouds. These projects span various sectors such as Bitcoin Economy, Creator Economy, Interoperability, Staking 2.0, Gaming, and Real World Assets, and have secured funding ranging from $1.25 million to $18 million.

Machine RWAs - a new asset class created by Peaq Network

Machine RWAs - a new asset class created by Peaq Network

DePIN is predicted by many crypto analysts to be one of the hottest topics of 2024. Messari’s “Crypto Theses 2024” report mentions it as one of the De’s – the other two being decentralized science (DeSci) and decentralized social media (DeSoc) of the top 10 crypto investment trends for the present year. Cointelegraph predicts that the combination of DePIN and AI will be 2024’s “power duo”.

DEPIN - Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks

Unpacking DEPIN: Types of Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks and Innovative Projects

As Web3 grows and becomes the part of humans’ daily lives, it needs physical infrastructure. Decentralized finance, crypto, NFTs – all these are cute and important for the Web3 economy to expand, but things do need hard, real-world stuff to run on. This is what is the term “decentralized physical infrastructure” (DePIN) seeks to capture. Think of it as the intersection of crypto, blockchain technology and real-world infrastructure.

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