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Captain Jack

Welcome to the Stacks outpost! In here, we will discuss everything Stacks related - The Stacks ecosystem is a decentralized network built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, enabling smart contracts, scalable dApps, and tokenized assets.

Bitcoin Ordinal NFT, Stacks NFT

A Deep Dive into Stacks NFT's and Bitcoin Ordinals

The differences between Stacks NFT's and Bitcoin ordinals. The takeaways that you need to know.

Gamma Stacks

Gamma: Excellence in Action

Gamma is the largest NFT/Ordinal marketplace on Stacks, and for good reason. Gamma sets the bar high for the Stacks ecosystem, read on to learn how they manage to drive adoption in this quickly moving space.

stacks 2.1 crypto

Stacks 2.1: What You Need To Know

An overview of the changes to the Stacks blockchain and what they mean to you as an investor.

How to use stacks stx crypto

How to use Stacks

This is a guide on how to use the Stacks ecosystem. After reading this, you’ll be ready to start using decentralized apps for things such as DeFi and NFTs built on the Stacks protocol.

Introduction to Stacks STX Crypto

An introduction to Stacks

Stacks makes Bitcoin programmable by enabling smart contracts. You can see Stacks as a blockchain 1.5, where it is its own protocol but is directly linked to the Bitcoin network.