Bitcoin Economy

Bitcoin Economy

Bitcoin is the oldest and biggest cryptocurrency, but the underlying technology hasn’t allowed for much innovation. This is changing through new breakthroughs including Ordinals, BRC-20 tokens and Bitcoin layer 2’s. Through this outpost, we will update you on the most promising innovations enabling the Bitcoin Economy.

Bitflow Finance - The Decentralized Exchange for Bitcoiners

Bitflow Finance - The Decentralized Exchange for Bitcoiners

Bitflow Finance is a Bitcoin-native decentralized exchange where you can trade & earn yield on Bitcoin and other Bitcoin-related digital assets.

Arkadiko Finance DeFi Stacks Flagship

Exploring Arkadiko’s self-repaying loans on Stacks

Arkadiko is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform on the Stacks blockchain. It allows users to take loans against their Stacks and Bitcoin holdings and offers unique "self-repaying loans" with gradual interest payment. Arkadiko could have a promising future in the Bitcoin Economy.

ALEX Stacks Bitcoin DeFi

5 Major Milestones of ALEX, the Finance Layer of Bitcoin

ALEX, the DeFi hub on Stacks and Bitcoin, has launched a series of new products over the year. This includes a bridge, BRC-20 token products, aBTC, releasing the Bitcoin Oracle and starting the Bitcoin Fund to catalyze the growth of Bitcoin DeFi. In this article, we’ll go through the project’s milestones and what they mean.

Stacks DeFi projects

Top DeFi Projects on Stacks and the Bitcoin Economy

Adding functionality to Bitcoin is one of the biggest opportunities in crypto right now. DeFi projects on the Stacks blockchain seem best positioned to capitalize on this. Here's an overview of the more promising ones!

What if the ETF doesnt get approved

What if the ETF doesnt get approved

While the approval of a Bitcoin Spot ETF would be a significant step for the cryptocurrency, its existence and long-term prospects are not solely reliant on this single event. The market might need to adjust and realign its narrative if the ETF is not approved.

top best bitcoin ordinals projects banner

From Satoshis to Masterpieces: Exploring the Top 10 Creative Frontiers of Bitcoin Ordinals Projects

Bitcoin Ordinals are on the map again and we have curated an article about 10 unique and innovative projects. From the medieval-themed Battle of BTC to the whimsical Pixel Bobos and the futuristic BTC Machines, this article delves into a diverse range of digital collections.

Deep dive into RSK Infrastructure Framework ($RIF)

Deep dive into RSK Infrastructure Framework ($RIF)

RIF is a robust toolkit of protocols and interfaces that help create products and services that cater to a user's everyday financial needs.

Microvisionchain mvc

A New Bitcoin Sidechain, A DeepDive into Microvision

Microvisionchain is a layer 1 blockchain, that emphasizes on scalability, user-centricity, and cross-chain operability.

Lumerin Protocol Crypto

The Lumerin Protocol : A Vision for an Inclusive Mining Future

The Lumerin Hashpower Marketplace offers peer-to-peer exchanges without intermediaries, trustless transactions validated by Lumerin Nodes, and transparent smart contracts that serve as decentralized escrow. It's a global platform that ensures instant, secure, and anonymous trading, providing unique benefits for buyers, sellers, and the broader community.

Stacks Nakamoto upgrade

Everything you need to know about Stacks' Nakamoto Upgrade

The Stacks Nakamoto upgrade emerges as a significant milestone, introducing a suite of enhancements that promise to elevate the blockchain's performance and integration with Bitcoin. This upgrade is a game-changer, ensuring fast and secure transactions, and fortifying the connection between Stacks and Bitcoin, ultimately enriching the user experience and expanding the blockchain's capabilities.

New Bitcoin City NBC

An introduction to New Bitcoin City

New Bitcoin City is a transformative ecosystem on the Bitcoin network, with the DeFi District as its financial hub. Because of New Bitcoin City you can create smart contracts and dApps, enabling governance and utilities for BRC-20 tokens, making them Smart BRC-20 tokens.

Runes Bitcoin

Runes, a New Bitcoin Innovation

The inventor of Bitcoin Ordinals is proposing a new Bitcoin-based fungible token protocol as a potential alternative to the BRC-20 token standard.

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