Bitcoin Economy

Bitcoin Economy

Captain Jack

Bitcoin is the oldest and biggest cryptocurrency, but the underlying technology hasn’t allowed for much innovation. This is changing through new breakthroughs including Ordinals, BRC-20 tokens and Bitcoin layer 2’s. Through this outpost, we will update you on the most promising innovations enabling the Bitcoin Economy.

NFT utility

How NFT Utility is The Key

With the emergence of Bitcoin ordinals many have wondered what the fate of NFTs will be. In this article we will discuss the one thing that NFTs bring to the table that ordinals don't: Utility.

Stacks sbtc crypto bitcoin layer 2 smart contracts

sBTC: What You Need to Know

sBTC enables DeFi on Bitcoin in a trustless manner - read on to learn what this means for Stacks and Bitcoin.

stacks march 2023

Stacks Monthly Report - March 2023

March 2023 was a massive month for the Stacks ecosystem. In this monthly report, we'll review of some of the highlights and milestones achieved, and what this means for this growing Bitcoin layer.

Bitcoin Ordinal NFT, Stacks NFT

A Deep Dive into Stacks NFT's and Bitcoin Ordinals

The differences between Stacks NFT's and Bitcoin ordinals. The takeaways that you need to know.

Gamma io Stacks crypto nft ordinal marketplace on Stacks: Excellence in Action

Gamma is the largest NFT/Ordinal marketplace on Stacks, and for good reason. Gamma sets the bar high for the Stacks ecosystem, read on to learn how they manage to drive adoption in this quickly moving space.

Bitcoin solves this

Bitcoin solves this; the cryptocurrency’s role in a banking crisis

The current world is riddled with financial uncertainty and rapidly changing economic landscapes, a banking crisis can leave even the most seasoned investors feeling vulnerable. Enter Bitcoin, the revolutionary digital currency that's transforming the way we perceive and interact with money.

stacks 2.1 crypto upgrade

The Massive Stacks 2.1 Upgrade: What You Need To Know

An overview of the changes to the Stacks blockchain and what they mean to you as an investor.

The Ordinals Protocol: NFTs on the Bitcoin Blockchain

A Game-Changer for Bitcoin and NFTs: A Look Into The Ordinals Protocol

The integration of NFTs into the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has long been the dream for many crypto investors. But thanks to the launch of the Ordinals protocol, that dream has become a reality. As the most widely used cryptocurrency with millions of users, the introduction of NFT to the Bitcoin blockchain is a significant development for both Bitcoin and the NFT sector. This article will explore all the essential details you need to know about the Ordinals Protocol.

Bitcoin Network NFTs

Bitcoin Network NFTs

The Ordinals protocol enables NFT creation on Bitcoin. It supports various formats, including images, PDFs, videos, and audio. This expands Bitcoin's capabilities and boosts its leadership in the cryptocurrency world.

Understanding Bitcoin Halving: A Comprehensive Guide to the Event That Shapes the Future of Cryptocurrency

Understanding Bitcoin Halving: A Comprehensive Guide to the Event That Shapes the Future of Cryptocurrency

A detailed explanation of the concept of bitcoin halving, including the history and significance of the event, the impact on bitcoin's price and supply, and the role of miners in the process.

As Bitcoin turns 14, here are some developments to keep an eye on for the future of Bitcoin

As Bitcoin turns 14, here are some developments to keep an eye on for the future of Bitcoin

New protocols and technologies will emerge in the Bitcoin ecosystem that will increase the network's scalability, security, and utility.

A Comprehensive Look at the 10 Positive Bitcoin Developments of 2022

A Comprehensive Look at 10 Positive Bitcoin Developments of 2022

Bitcoin has come a long way since its inception in 2008, and 2022 has been a noteworthy year for cryptocurrency.

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