Bitcoin Economy

Bitcoin Economy

Bitcoin is the oldest and biggest cryptocurrency, but the underlying technology hasn’t allowed for much innovation. This is changing through new breakthroughs including Ordinals, BRC-20 tokens and Bitcoin layer 2’s. Through this outpost, we will update you on the most promising innovations enabling the Bitcoin Economy.

How to get started with Runes

How to get started with Runes

This article explores the Runes Protocol, a new token standard on the Bitcoin network designed for the efficient creation of fungible tokens. Additionally, the article reviews essential tools like, Runes Terminal, and SatScreener that enhance user interaction with Bitcoin-based assets.

Runes Airdrops Ecosystem

Airdrops in the Runes Ecosystem

This article explores the integration of various projects with the newly launched Runes Protocol, highlighting the strategic airdrops planned to engage and reward communities within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Bitcoin-based Layer 2 Botanix Labs

Botanix Labs and the Vision for a Bitcoin-based Layer 2

This article examines the core technology and innovations being introduced by Botanix Labs, the company’s progress over the past several months, and future potential.

Babylon Chain Bitcoin BTC crypto  Staking

Babylon Chain: The Bitcoin Staking Pioneer

In this article, we explore Babylon Chain, the brainchild of engineers David Tse and Fisher Yu, who seek to promote greater decentralization, utility, and security for Bitcoin and Proof-of-Stake chains.

Bitcoin-based Layer 2 : Bitcoin Virtual Machine BVM

Bitcoin Virtual Machine: One L2 Metaprotocol to Power Them All

Bitcoin Virtual Machine, an ambitious project announced in February 2024, might have an answer: a meta protocol fit with all the tools developers need to build their own Bitcoin L2s. This must sound familiar, given the popularity of the Ethereum Virtual Machine. In this article, we’ll explore how BVM works and the particular challenges it is solving in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Merlin chain EVM compatible Layer 2 Bitcoin Network

Merlin Chain and the Making of a Bitcoin-Native Layer 2 Network

It was officially announced in January 2024, and a testnet bridge was launched soon after. In February, the mainnet was rolled out with a fair launch event tagged Merlin’s Seal that achieved a TVL of over $3.5 billion. Merlin Chain recently secured seed round funding from 24 investors, led by OKX Ventures, ABCDE, Foresight Ventures, and Arkstream CapLike. Like other Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions, Merlin aims to unlock greater utility for Bitcoin, boosting its adoption and enhancing its user base.

Bitcoin staking & projects

How Bitcoin staking works and the leading projects

This article explores Bitcoin's transition into the DeFi sector, emphasizing its role in staking mechanisms through Layer 2 networks. It highlights the potential of Bitcoin DeFi to redefine economic structures with a community-driven interest rate model, contrasting traditional financial systems' shortcomings.

Digital matter theory

Understanding Digital Matter Theory

You scroll Twitter for hours. You see NAT, UNAT, DMT and other cool-sounding three-letter acronyms. Are they much ado about nothing or a truly innovative breakthrough in Ordinals? Let’s try to understand this novel idea from the first principles.


Everything you need to know about Runestones

Runestones on Ordinals were significant airdrop within the Bitcoin NFT community, specifically targeting the Ordinals ecosystem. The project distributed over 112,000 Runestones to Bitcoin wallets that held three or more non-text Ordinals.

Top best Bitcoin economy projects

Top 10 Projects in the Bitcoin Economy

For Bitcoin to establish itself as a major global asset, it requires a vibrant ecosystem of financial applications that enhance its functionality. This article highlights ten promising projects contributing to the future of Bitcoin's ecosystem.

Runes Protocol

How to play the launch of Runes protocol

The Runes Protocol introduces a UTXO-based tokenization model to the Bitcoin network, offering a simpler, more efficient alternative to traditional protocols. Developed by Casey Rodarmor, Runes aims to enhance Bitcoin's functionality while minimizing its on-chain footprint. With its launch set for late April, the protocol has already inspired a range of projects and initiatives, signaling a vibrant future for Bitcoin's evolving ecosystem.

Bitmap Bitcoin Metaverse

Bitmap - Where Bitcoin greets Metaverse

What is Bitmap? Its whitepaper states that “Bitmap is a consensus standard that allows anybody to claim the geospatial digital real estate of a Bitcoin Block.” It is a lot of words that sound smart, but unfortunately don’t clarify the concept. This piece of writing is my attempt to throw some light on what Bitmap is.

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