Everything you need to know about Runestones

Runestones on Ordinals were significant airdrop within the Bitcoin NFT community, specifically targeting the Ordinals ecosystem. The project distributed over 112,000 Runestones to Bitcoin wallets that held three or more non-text Ordinals.


Runestones have turned into a top NFT collection in the Ordinals ecosystem, representing a unique NFT collection that has made a notable impact. These Runestones were airdropped to Ordinals holders who held at least three inscriptions.

Unlike traditional NFT approaches, Runestones are distinct for their historical significance, large file size, and inclusion in Bitcoin block 832,947. The Runestone collection aims to redefine the standard NFT framework by supporting open-source algorithms, community-driven projects, equitable airdrops, and rewarding initial supporters. Furthermore, Runestones are part of a broader initiative to enhance the Ordinals ecosystem and introduce innovative elements like the Runes protocol, which offers a UTXO-based alternative to existing token standards, aligning seamlessly with Bitcoin's infrastructure. In this article we will cover everything you need to know about Runestones.


Runestone's Vision and Innovation

The main goal of Runestones is to transform the traditional NFT framework, making NFTs more transparent, accessible, and community-engaged. It offers a novel experience to Bitcoin users by merging art, technology, and the inherent value of Bitcoin into an NFT format. Shortly after its airdrop, Runestone quickly rose to prominence. On the eve of its launch, protocols like Merlin announced comprehensive support for the Runestone protocol, including cross-chain bridges, DEX, indexers, minting services, and more incentives. This support is not just a nod from the BTC community but also signifies the broader cryptocurrency community's collective move towards innovation and progress.

Runestone introduces several innovative approaches to redefine the traditional NFT landscape:

  • Open-source algorithm: This facilitates project verification and further development by the community.
  • Community-driven projects: Runestone emphasizes giving control and ownership back to the community, ensuring fair participation.
  • Fair airdrop: The tokens are distributed evenly among Bitcoin holders, crediting early backers and incentivizing community involvement.
  • Historical significance: Each Runestone NFT is tied to significant moments in Bitcoin's history, with larger data capacities allowing for more intricate multimedia content.

The Hype surrounding Runestones

Runestone NFTs have quickly emerged as a leading force in the multi-chain NFT marketplace, captivating the digital art and crypto community alike. This collection has distinguished itself by becoming the most sought-after NFT compilation across key marketplaces, with its total airdropped value reaching over $300 million. As of mid-March, ata shows that Runestone’s NFT compilation holds the top spot in sales on the OKX and Magic Eden marketplaces. Magic Eden has seen Runestones generate a trading volume of 173.1 BTC.

The Runestone NFT collection owes its inception to Leonidas, a notable figure and NFT historian who founded With approximately 112,400 NFTs issued, Runestone boasts a substantial market valuation, propelling it to the forefront of the Bitcoin NFT space. This collection has not only achieved top spots in sales across major NFT marketplaces but has also cultivated a vibrant community of 91,300 distinct holders.

The remarkable success of Runestone underscores a significant shift towards multi-chain NFT marketplaces, reflecting the evolving landscape of digital collectibles and the increasing appetite for Bitcoin-based NFTs. Runestone's innovative approach, characterized by an open-source algorithm and a fair airdrop mechanism, has changed the way NFT's and their communities are created. This project has paved the way for future innovations within the Bitcoin NFT ecosystem.


Runestones are the new kid on the block in the Bitcoin world. They're special to holders because they carry important moments from Bitcoin's history and were airdropped. Runestones have changed the NFT communities opperate, they are fair, open to everyone, and involve everyone in their creation and use.

The project got a lot of support from the broader Bitcoin economy, including intigrations with different networks. This shows that a lot of people are excited about what Runestones are trying to do. They're not just digital art; they're trying to use Bitcoin's technology in new and interesting ways.

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