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Wrapped BTC comes to Cardano

In a major development for the Cardano ecosystem a wrapped version of BTC (cBTC) is set to launch on the L1 blockchain

Cardano has recently made a historic milestone by launching its first-ever wrapped Bitcoin token called cBTC. Wrapped Bitcoin tokens are nothing new, with Ethereum having its own version called wBTC since 2019. Wrapped tokens serve as a bridge between two different cryptocurrencies but offer little additional functionality. These tokens are 'wrapped' before they get onto the blockchain ecosystem, blocked for the original network and released for use on the new network.

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The cBTC protocol, developed by AnetaBTC, is fully on-chain and decentralized, allowing Bitcoin to be directly wrapped on the Ergo and Cardano blockchains. Unlike the wrapped BTC DAO, which acts as a centralized custodian of all wrapped BTC for Ethereum, cBTC eschews third-party custody through smart contracts and a vault. The AnetaBTC team has unveiled a cBTC demo that showcases the minting of wrapped BTC on Cardano. This development marks a significant milestone for the Cardano network, which can now leverage the half-trillion-dollar Bitcoin market for its DeFi ecosystem.

The cBTC development is expected to significantly boost Cardano's total value locked, which stands at around $169.79 million. By offering Bitcoin liquidity to the Cardano network, cBTC can help unlock liquidity from the $585 billion BTC market. AnetaBTC has announced several updates in its journey to bring wrapped BTC to Cardano, including mobile app development and open-sourcing its Cardano smart contracts. The team is also conducting a security audit for its wrapping protocol, an important milestone for launching its mainnet protocol on Cardano.

However, it is essential to exercise caution when using token bridges like wrapped tokens, as they pose significant security risks. The cBTC project is still in its early stages and must overcome technical challenges, including smart contract vulnerabilities and program or update errors. Nevertheless, AnetaBTC has vowed to discover and amend security concerns through two independent auditors.

The cBTC launch on the Cardano network is a significant development for the crypto industry as a whole, as it showcases the power of cross-chain bridging and the potential for decentralized finance to transform traditional finance. The Cardano ecosystem can now leverage the Bitcoin market to build decentralized applications that can benefit from BTC's adoption.

Flagship Thought

cBTC on the Cardano network presents a tremendous opportunity to transform DeFi in a truly decentralized way, opening up new possibilities for both digital assets. It remains to be seen whether the project will progress, but the potential benefits for Cardano and the crypto industry as a whole are undeniable.

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