Restaking is a relatively new approach that aims to make staked tokens more versatile and productive by allowing individuals to stake the same tokens on multiple protocols. As such, staked tokens are no longer idle; their potentials as liquid staking tokens (LTSs) are unlocked for more rewards.

Why opportunity of LSDfi crypto

Exploring The Case for LSDfi: The Next Big Thing in Crypto

From staking to acquiring LSD tokens and the subsequent integration into the dynamic realm of DeFi. LSDfi has a Total Addressable Market valued at $154 billion, discover why LSDfi awaits immense opportunities in this data-driven article.

LSDfi ecosystem and LST projects & protocols

From Staking to Freedom: Discover the LSDfi Landscape and its Projects

In this ever-evolving landscape, staying informed and understanding these new developments becomes crucial. This is why we have penned this comprehensive article on LSDfi. The primary aim of this piece is to provide our readers with a thorough understanding of liquid staking tokens (LSTs), the potential, benefits and challenges, and the top projects in this space.

Pendle Finance  crypto yield trading

Deep Dive into Pendle Finance: Redefining DeFi with Future Yield Trading

Pendle Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that enables the trading of tokenized yield. The platform allows users to tokenize the interest they make from staking a token and sell these future yields. Pendle offers a wide range of supported crypto assets, cross-chain compatibility, and a core technology called Yield Tokenization. The protocol also features a Pendle AMM designed for yield trading with concentrated liquidity, dual fee structure, and negligible impermanent loss concerns.

Eigenlayer: Restaking Your Ethereum

Eigenlayer: Restaking Your Ethereum

EigenLayer is a protocol built on Ethereum that introduces "restaking", a new way for users to re-use their staked ETH to extend security to additional applications on the Ethereum. It allows for the rehypothecation of ETH on the consensus layer and the aggregation of security through restaking.

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