RTFKT generated over $185 million in NFT revenue in 2022

RTFKT generated over $185 million in NFT revenue in 2022

RTFKT is a creative organization specializing in using game engines, NFTs, blockchain authentication, and augmented reality to create unique experiences in the form of phygital fashion, sneakers, and digital artifacts.

The company was formed at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in January 2020 by three friends and has since gained a reputation for being ahead of the curve in using cutting-edge technology. Despite this, RTFKT has denied rumors of using a rogue AI to create their next-generation designs, as there has been no evidence or legal action to support these claims. With that unpleasantness out of the way, here are the latest developments and all you need to know.

RTFKT's History and Expansion

Before forming an entity and expanding its services to the public metamarket in 2020, RTFKT operated as an undefined collective, providing designs and concepts to game companies and select fashion brands. Since their expansion, RTFKT has seen tremendous growth and has partnered with Takashi Murakami to release their 20,000 Clone X avatar collection. The Clone X community has since held meet-ups in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Paris, South Korea, Tokyo, and London, among others. The community has also empowered each other to learn 3D tools, such as Blender, and use their collective knowledge to create interactive experiences.

RTFKT's Philosophy and Drops

At the core of RTFKT's philosophy is educating, empowering, and motivating the community to create their projects in 3D art, music, fashion, film, gaming, virtual spaces, and more. RTFKT aims to be a blueprint for a future brand, merging the digital and physical worlds through craftsmanship powered by a creative community, groundbreaking collaborations, and non-stop innovation. The Clone X community, in particular, has gained a reputation for being one of the most creative, collaborative, and innovative in Web3.

Release of Alpha Clone X 3D Files

As part of their utility roadmap, RTFKT released the Alpha Clone X 3D files to all owners and unlocked commercial rights for non-Murakami DNA and Murakami Traits Clones, allowing users to create and connect with collectors around the world. However, those who hold Murakami DNA or Murakami Traits Clones are not allowed to use the 3D files for commercial purposes. The release of the 3D files opens up new possibilities for 3D artists, with the files available in .max, .blend, .c4d, .gltf, and .fbx formats for use in Unity and Unreal Engine. Blender users may need to adapt the files with some tips and tricks, as the software has more limited capabilities than Maya.

Project Animus

Project Animus is an upcoming project from RTFKT, an organization known for using the latest in game engines, NFTs, blockchain authentication, and augmented reality to create unique experiences with phygital fashion, sneakers, and digital artifacts. In addition, project Animus introduces unique creatures, known as Animi, with special powers and capacities that can help Clones (characters in the RTFKT universe) in their adventures and even create their own. The project is set to launch publicly in 2023 through a public sale, with Clone X owners getting early access via an Animus EGG Claim that started December 1st, 2022.

To participate in Project Animus, individuals can purchase an EGG through the public sale or on secondary markets or claim an EGG for free if they already own a Clone. EGGs can be protected and cared for until Incubation Systems go live in 2023. The total supply of Animi has yet to be defined, but Clones's initial EGG supply claimable is capped at 20,000, and the final total supply will be at most 40,000. The rarity of Animi is determined by their Species, Design features, and Elements rather than trait-based rarity systems.

Participants in the EGG Incubation program can unlock rewards and access exclusive experiences by taking good care of their EGGs as the Clones go on their adventures. The reveal of the Animi is set for 2023 after the public sale. Those interested in purchasing a Clone can use the Private Mint Checker on the RTFKT website to verify whether the Clone has already claimed an EGG. The snapshot for Mint Vial holders will happen after the conclusion of the Clone EGG claim period, but individuals can also reveal their Clone to claim their EGG earlier. Protecting and caring for the EGG is essential to ensure the best chance of success in Project Animus.

Redeem limited made-to-order physical products through Forging

Forging is when holders of eligible non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can redeem limited made-to-order physical products from RTFKT's NFTs. This allows RTFKT to bring its digital Artifacts and 3D creations into the physical world. To forge a product, such as a sneaker or other apparel, eligible NFT holders can visit the RTFKT website, connect their wallet, choose their size, and enter their shipping information. Delivery of the forged product can take 8-12 weeks due to the made-to-order design and production process.

NFTs from the secondary market can also be forged in RTFKT's forging events. Still, it is essential to check if the NFT has already been forged using the Redemption Checker tool available on the website during forging events. The pre-forged NTF ERC-1155 token will be burned, and the holder will receive a forged NFT ERC-721 in return, which should be kept as it will be needed to link to the physical item's NFC tag. RTFKT's latest phygital drops come with NFC tags embedded in the physical item, which can be connected to the corresponding NFT to prove provenance and allow easy access and verification of the product and its details. Not all RTFKT's NFTs have a forging event, as utility can come in other forms beyond forging.

It's Secure

One way they do this is through blockchain technology, which allows them to provide their customers with several unique benefits. One key benefit of using blockchain for digital collectibles is the ability to provide proof of ownership and provenance. By using blockchain to track the ownership of their collectibles, they can provide their customers with a clear and indisputable record of who owns a particular item. This can be especially important for collectors looking to purchase rare and valuable items from other collectors.

In addition to providing proof of ownership, blockchain also allows them to ensure the immutability of their collectibles. This means that once an item has been created and added to the blockchain, it cannot be altered or tampered with. This level of security can be significant for collectors, who may be concerned about the authenticity of the items they purchase.

Finally, the use of blockchain in their digital collectibles also enables their customers to buy and sell items with one another. By using a decentralized marketplace, collectors can trade and exchange items with one another without having to go through a central authority. This allows for a greater level of freedom and flexibility when it comes to buying and selling collectibles.

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