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This article explores a range of innovative Telegram bots within the TON blockchain ecosystem, each designed to enhance user engagement and streamline operations.


The TON ecosystem is rapidly expanding its reach and functionality through a series of innovative Telegram bots designed to enhance user engagement and streamline cryptocurrency management. These bots offer a variety of services from trading and investment management to security audits and real-time account tracking.

As this ecosystem continues to grow, we anticipate the introduction of additional sophisticated tools that will further enhance the blockchain experience for users. This article explores several key bots currently shaping the TON ecosystem, highlighting their features and the potential impact on the community.

TON Ecosystem


The Draguna Telegram trading bot draws inspiration from the precision of the Dragunov sniper rifle and is touted as an expert tool for executing market moves with exceptional accuracy and speed. It's specifically designed for seasoned cryptocurrency traders degens looking to make quick moves.

The bot functions as a trading tool within the TON ecosystem, enabling users to make market moves swiftly and accurately. Additionally, the bot is linked to a token named NOVA, which shares its inspiration with the Dragunov sniper rifle's precision. In essence, the Draguna Telegram bot is marketed as a trading-focused tool within the TON ecosystem and features its own native token, NOVA.

Dragunova Teleram  Crypto Trading Bot


Navigating the TON network through Crypton involves several specialized tools designed to enhance the user experience:

  1. Ton Deploys by Crypton: This feature allows users to be among the first to witness the deployment of new token pairs. It offers real-time information about token activities, guiding users to either the Superbot or Cryptonite Scanner for further actions.
  2. Cryptonite Scanner: This tool is essential for conducting thorough scans of projects. It helps identify potential scams and provides detailed information about the deployer’s history, transaction records, and smart contract specifics. Once users feel confident about a project, they can proceed to make trades using the Superbot.
  3. Superbot: Designed for swift and efficient trading on the TON blockchain, the Superbot enhances trading experiences by offering features such as liquidity sniping, limit orders, and the capability to trade newly launched projects faster than competitors.
  4. DevSellingBot: This bot provides insights into the holder list and top wallets, highlighting any suspicious selling activities by the team or early investors, helping users prepare for unexpected market moves.

Crypton is more than just a platform; it aims to build a community hub for TON enthusiasts to share insights, discover hidden gems, and enjoy their crypto journey. The integrated bots ensure that users can explore, discuss, and trade TON projects effortlessly.

Crypton Telegram Trading Bot


The sTONks Telegram bot is a key component within the TON blockchain ecosystem, offered entirely for free and developed by the sTONks community. This bot is tailored for use on Telegram and is designed to enhance trading and sniping activities for its users.

Although specific details about the mechanics and functionality of the sTONks bot within the TON network are not extensively documented, the bot is primarily described as a trading and sniping tool. This suggests that it equips users with capabilities to execute cryptocurrency trades efficiently and possibly explore arbitrage opportunities, taking advantage of price discrepancies across different markets on the TON blockchain.

The sTONks bot serves as a valuable tool for traders looking to leverage the capabilities of the TON ecosystem, facilitating enhanced transaction speed and precision in trading operations directly from Telegram.

Stonks sniper trading bot telegram

Ton Sniper

TonSniper is a trading bot in the Ton blockchain that is currently in its beta phase. Designed to provide advanced functionalities, TonSniper caters to both experienced traders and newcomers, ensuring maximum efficiency in blockchain interactions. The bot offers a range of features that will enhance your trading experience, including buying and selling tokens, sniping tokens, and the upcoming addition of placing limit orders.

While subscription tiers are planned, they have not yet been implemented and will be introduced in the near future. TonSniper is supported by its own native token, with straightforward and community-focused tokenomics. The token, named TONSniper and tickered as $TONS. The liquidity setup for $TONS is robust, with 890 million tokens (89% of the total supply) dedicated to liquidity. Additionally, 100 million tokens (10%) are allocated for LP farming rewards, and 10 million tokens (1%) are set aside for airdrop events to foster community engagement and reward participation.

TON Sniper Crypto Trading Bot

Crypto Bot

CryptoBot is a versatile cryptocurrency management tool, designed to simplify the buying, selling, storing, and payment processes within the app. It acts as a comprehensive platform that caters to various needs of crypto users, from novices to seasoned traders.

One of the standout features of CryptoBot is its multicurrency wallet, which supports a range of cryptocurrencies including TON, BTC, ETH, USDT, BUSD, USDC, and BNB. This internal wallet allows users to store, send, and receive these coins seamlessly within Telegram.

The bot also features a P2P Market where users can buy and sell coins using local payment methods. It offers a competitive edge with zero fees for buyers and a modest 1% fee for sellers, making it an attractive option for trading cryptocurrencies.

The bot also includes a unique feature called Checks, which lets users send coins to any Telegram user using virtual checks. These can be created simply by typing CryptoBot in any chat, followed by entering the necessary details in the message input field.

Lastly, CryptoBot integrates with the Crypto Pay system, which is designed for easy integration with other Telegram bots and services, enhancing the utility of Telegram as a platform for cryptocurrency transactions.

TON Crypto Bot

SnoopyBabe TON Tools

SnoopyBabe TON Tools is an innovative new bot designed to enhance the investment experience within the TON network. This tool is tailored to meet the needs of all investors, from novices to seasoned traders, by providing them with sophisticated functionalities that streamline their investment decisions.

The cornerstone feature of SnoopyBabe TON Tools is its customizable price change alerts. Investors can set up these alerts to receive timely notifications about significant price movements, enabling them to make informed decisions on whether to buy or sell quickly. This feature is particularly valuable in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency trading, where timing can significantly impact investment returns.

Another critical aspect of the bot is the Security Check (Audit) function, which includes checks for LP Lock and scrutinizes other essential contract functions. This feature aims to enhance the security and transparency of transactions on the TON network, giving investors additional peace of mind by verifying the integrity of their investments.

Looking ahead, the developers plan to introduce the SnoopyBabe Sniper TON Bot feature, which will aid investors in quickly identifying and capitalizing on new projects within the TON network. This feature is designed to help investors make profitable deals at the early stages of project launches.

SnoopyBabe TON Tools

eCard Bot

TonECardBot is a specialized Telegram bot designed to enhance the convenience of managing TON cryptocurrency addresses. Its primary function is to monitor and track the balances of TON addresses, providing users with an innovative way to keep tabs on their cryptocurrency assets directly from their mobile devices.

One of the unique features of TonECardBot is its ability to create Apple Passes that display the actual balance of a linked TON address. These passes are designed to update automatically, offering a snapshot of the address balance every 15 minutes. This feature ensures that users can access up-to-date balance information conveniently through their Apple Wallet, making it easy to monitor their cryptocurrency holdings on the go.

Currently, the bot does not support Google Pay passes due to the absence of push notifications for updates, which has made this feature a lower priority for development.

Users of TonECardBot are allocated three 'credits' upon joining, where each credit allows them to track one TON address for one month. While the pricing model is still being finalized, it is anticipated that approximately 1 TON coin will purchase twelve credits, equating to one year of service for a single address.

ecard Bbot


As the TON blockchain ecosystem evolves, these Telegram bots play a crucial role in enhancing user interaction, security, and investment opportunities. With continuous updates and the introduction of new features and bots, the ecosystem is set to offer even more robust tools.

We will keep a close eye on these developments, ensuring we are well-informed about the latest innovations and integrations within this ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates as we track the expansion and refinement of TON's growing arsenal of bots.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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