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Ethena's USDe: The next stablecoin to fail

Ethena is a pioneering DeFi project that offers a stablecoin, USDe, backed by Ethereum and Bitcoin through a strategy known as delta-hedging. This article explores Ethena’s operational mechanics, yield sources, and the potential risks that could impact its stability and profitability in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

How to take profits in crypto

How to take profits in crypto

This article explores essential strategies for taking profits in crypto. It emphasizes the critical balance between capitalizing on market opportunities and safeguarding gains to ensure long-term financial stability.


Project of the Week: Betting on the future of everything with Polymarket

Polymarket stands at the intersection of finance, knowledge, and technology, inviting both the savvy trader and the curious observer to participate in the unfolding narrative of real-world events through the lens of prediction markets.

Topic Market

Deep dive into Topic Market: Trading Hashtags and Trends

Topic Market is a social platform where you can trade hot topics and opinions. From cryptocurrency trends to breaking news, you can not only show your opinion but also seize the opportunity to capitalize on trending topics.

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