MEMAG Presale Crosses $3 Million As Investors See Future Growth In P2E

MEMAG Presale Crosses $3 Million As Investors See Future Growth In P2E

After recently crossing the $3 million fundraising milestone in its presale, Meta Masters Guild is well on the way to becoming the fastest-growing play-to-earn gaming guild of 2023.

MEMAG Presale Crosses $3 Million As Investors See Future Growth In P2E

The presale for the MEMAG token managed to raise $320,000 in just 26 days since going live, showing the overwhelming interest in the project that seeks to morph the concept of play-to-earn into play-and-earn instead.

Investors are quickly rushing to this presale because they see the team’s vision behind the project. In a nutshell, Meta Masters Guild wants to create a sustainable rewards ecosystem by putting the fun back at the heart of the Web3 games. So instead of playing for earnings, players on MEMAG will be there for fun and will be able to earn rewards for their effort in the games.

Memag Crosses $3 Million Fundraising Milestone in Under 1 Month

The Meta Masters Guild presale has crossed the $3 million milestone and is selling each MEMAG token for $0.019. In total, the presale has now raised an average of $120,000 per day since starting on January 11th – showing the increased traction behind the project as it progresses through its presale.

As with most presales, the price for the token will increase as it progresses through each stage. For example, the MEMAG presale is currently in the fifth stage, and there are just a few days before the next stage of the presale, where the price will increase to $0.021.

Once the presale has ended, investors will be able to claim their tokens, and MEMAG will then list on centralized exchanges at a price of $0.023 – meaning early-stage investors will already be in profits.

Possibly the World’s Largest Mobile Gaming Guild

Meta Masters Guild is set to become the largest mobile gaming guild in the Web3 ecosystem. The entire idea behind the project is to create fun and addictive games with playable NFTs that allow players to earn rewards, stake, and trade.

Instead of becoming another gaming guild, Meta Masters Guild aims to be the future of Web3 gaming. They want to develop high-quality, blockchain-based mobile games to form a decentralized gaming ecosystem that allows members to earn sustainable rewards in exchange for their contributions to the ecosystem.

What’s great about Meta Masters Guild is that it is actually one of the only Web3 gaming projects with approval on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Because Web3 play-to-earn games are often considered (decentralized) gambling through the cryptocurrencies incorporated into the game, MEMGA has taken a different approach to its reward system.

In each of the gaming titles, players can earn GEMs according to their performance in the game. These GEMs can be swapped into MEMAG to be cashed out as earnings. Furthermore, all of the games in the ecosystem will incorporate the GEMs reward model. This system has allowed MEMAG to be approved for mobile application stores.

Three Titles Already In Development

Meta Masters Guild is already well on its way to developing its first set of Web3 mobile-based games – even before the presale has been completed. This shows that the team is committed to the success of its project rather than being another presale platform that withers away into nothingness.

Three Titles Already In Development

The team has partnered with a Web3 gaming studio called Gamearound, which has already started developing three titles in various stages of development.

The flagship title that will be the first to drop in the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem is called Meta Kart Racers. This is a player-vs-player racing game built for mobile devices in which players compete with one another in the Meta Kard Championship while simultaneously escaping the evil Meta Overlords. Similar to the famous Mario Kart games, players in Meta Kart Racers will need to select their avatar and racing kart and compete on the track. In addition, players can earn GEMs in the game for their performance on the track, and the earning mechanics are skill-based, meaning the best players will always earn the most.

Another title in development is Raid NFT, a turn-based fantasy fighting game in which players must choose between several warrior classes to battle in hostile environments. Players can earn GEMs and in-game NFTs by completing the challenges and beating competition opponents.

The last of three titles already in development is Meta Masters World, an open-world exploration metaverse with a loose structure that allows players to create their own stories. In the metaverse, players can explore, collect resources, socialize, and enter competitions to earn GEMs and NFTs.

Overall, these are the first three titles from the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem and provide enough options for a broad player base to enjoy.

Play-AND-Earn: Fun Comes First. Earnings Come Second

So, why are investors quickly rushing to this presale?

Well, the answer is directly related to the principles behind the ecosystem – which puts fun at the heart of it. Creating fun games is the team’s number one goal, and they have pledged not to let tokenization get in the way of creating an interactive and fun gameplay experience.

The team understands that creating sustainable rewards requires a stable player base. Therefore, the games will need to provide enough fun for the players to return. They know the economy cannot be sustained if everybody plays to earn an income. Therefore, instead of play-to-earn – which the team believes is an inherently flawed model – Meta Masters Guild prefers the label Play-and-Earn.

In the play-and-earn model, players can play the games for free and start earning for the time spent on the game. However, instead of playing to earn, the players will be there to play for fun while slowly earning from their performance and effort.

Furthermore, members in the Meta Masters Guild can also earn from the ecosystem through the following;

  • Building games for the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem.
  • Winning top-tier in-game assets by being the best players.
  • Developing esports teams to compete in the MEMAG series of games.
  • Creating content to cover the community and the MEMAG games.
  • Participating in community giveaways and events.

Overall, Meta Masters Guild has taken a different approach from the typical P2E ecosystems that tend to lose their player base once the earnings dry up. Instead, Meta Masters Guild wants to create an environment where the profits are sustainable, and players are there because they genuinely enjoy playing the games.

MEMAG Presale Crosses $3 Million As Investors See Future Growth In P2E

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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