World’s First Stable Blockchain-Based Social Casino Games

World’s First Stable Blockchain-Based Social Casino Games

Massive Gaming will offer slot, Texas hold'em poker, and blackjack genres and provide users with a realistic and fair gaming experience.

Massive Gaming, NEOWIZ’s overseas affiliate, plans to launch 3 different series of social casino games; House of Slots, House of Poker and House of Blackjack, with a combination of Web3-based Play and Earn content and blockchain technology within the first half-year of 2023. Before and after launch, token airdrops, and game NFT free minting will be included. This will be the world’s first stable blockchain technology-based social casino game, since it is intended to provide users with an opportunity to experience the game’s Play and Earn ecosystem pre-launch.

Through the aforementioned Play and Earn system, users will be able to unlock rewards in the game’s decentralized economy, which will give users the opportunity to play games that will allow them to own more value in the game.

An update is scheduled pre-launch and expected reward events post-launch. Information regarding airdrops and NFT free minting events can be received via Massive Gaming Homepage, Discord, Twitter, and Telegram. Links to the airdrop page can be found on Users who would like to participate in each event must first install the IntellaX wallet to receive rewards. Users can unlock additional reward benefits by completing missions in games. For example, users who own NFTs will receive more valuable rewards during the “NFT Holder” limited-time event after launching.

The most notable aspect of this project is the adoption of the stable USDC, a coin fixed to the value of the US dollar. Global users can play various social casino games for free and earn USDC with specific goods provided by the game. This will prevent the decline of the game token’s value, which has been the most notable issue with WEB3-based games so far. As for the Play and Earn system, users will be paid USDC as a reward, ensuring stability in reward value.

To date, small and medium-sized game developers have experimented with the combination of Play and Earn games based on blockchain technology, but the in-game economies have not provided a stable structure that produces fair benefits to users. The benefits have only been seen by developers in their token mining profits. However, Massive Gaming provides the world’s first social casino game service based on blockchain technology that applies a Play & Earn structure that can fairly benefit users due to the use of the stable USDC in the game.

Users will be expected to have the opportunity to use various services within the blockchain ecosystem, as well as enjoy social casino games through the world’s first social casino game based on blockchain technology. 

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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