The battle gates are open, and glory awaits in Kryptoria

The battle gates are open, and glory awaits in Kryptoria

With Fight functionality thoroughly tested on the site and in the Unity world, the Kryptoria game launched on December 7, 2022, at 22:50.

The leading 4X/RTS game on Web3 is being developed by the creative, long-term company Kryptoria.

In a sophisticated ecosystem that connects Web2 and Web3, where ownership is decentralized, and control is democratized, players who use NFTs have the actual right to all in-game assets.

They can play an immersive RTS game with intricate gameplay mechanics.

long-term company Kryptoria.

Fight enables you to engage in brutal combat and plunder other players' resources.

Together, the first two gameplay components—Build, which entails the passive accumulation of resources through staking your assets, and Trade, which entails the cooperative trading of resources with other players—make up this combination.

Ten thousand map tiles make up the 10,000-person, 10,000-weapon world of Kryptoria, which was created in Unity.

long-term company Kryptoria.

The location and management of resources are the focus of the 4X/RTS game Kryptoria. High-level planning, logistics, and resource administration all reap the rewards.

Kryptoria's gameplay is divided into three categories: Build, Trade, and Fight. Each component obtains valuable in-game resources, which can then be applied to upgrading your dynamic Kryptoria NFT or broadening your exposure to our cutting-edge ecosystem.

A special Kryptoria dynamic NFT is a marker for ownership of land, Alpha citizens, and weapons. You will possess all the resources required to expand your Kryptorian empire once you stake your Alpha Citizen, Land, and Weapons into the ecosystem and assign them to one another.

An in-game plot called Your Land. With the help of your Citizen character, you can explore, defend, and pillage that land. In the hands of your citizen, your weapon multiplies deadly force.

While assigning is a holder's signal that they want to play the game, staking indicates a holder's desire to join the Kryptoria ecosystem.

long-term company Kryptoria.

According to a Kryptoria team member,

"The Dev team worked until the early morning hours where they are based, and the Unity team worked nonstop all day, so massive credit to them. Only the browser version of the game is currently available. They're working on several significant updates for the downloadable version, including auto-updates, a new launcher, and interoperability with other game marketplaces - keep an eye out for more information."

Go to and connect your wallet.

The ability to raid other players will be available both on the site in the 'Fight' tab and in Unity after clicking 'Launch Game.'

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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