Experience the Future of Cryptocurrency Now: Ryder, the Social Wallet for the Modern Crypto User

Ryder, the Social Wallet for the Modern Crypto User

Crypto still faces various obstacles before the industry is ready for the masses. The next wave of adoption will require a wallet that can support web3 and provides the convenience and ease we are used to with our MacBooks and smartphones.

Today, live in the Bullish Bias Web show, Jorn and Pascal of Flagship were introduced to “Ryder,” a social wallet that integrates web3 platform real-world interaction. This physical wallet can store crypto (or digitable?)-assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and NFTs and looks classy. Users of this wallet can use their NFTs in various ways, including as an access pass for events, a status symbol, to show off digital collections and a component of their healthy lifestyle. This is accomplished by incorporating near-field communication (NFC), also known as short-range wireless technology, into the hardware.

A person who exemplifies the shifting landscape of cryptocurrency would be an ideal user of a Ryder wallet.

Experience the Future of Cryptocurrency Now: Ryder, the Social Wallet for the Modern Crypto User
Source: https://www.ryder.id/

To expand on this, the ideal user of Ryder would have made their initial foray into the realm of cryptocurrencies around 2020, and they acquired their first NFT the following year, in 2021. Although they do not consider themselves a “whale,” they own a modest amount of NFTs, around $3000. They are not interested in decentralized finance, but they are heavily involved in the culture and community of the cryptocurrency space, and they are enthusiastic about the mission-driven aspect of the industry as a whole. If you identify with this description, Ryder is for you.

Furthermore, one thing that a lot of cryptocurrency users crave is social interaction in the real world. There is a major emerging trend in which cryptocurrency, also known as web3, is beginning to adopt a social orientation. Users are beginning to use their NFTs as a form of entry into events and use their NFTs as a status symbol in their everyday lives. The most notable example was the collaboration between CryptoPunks and Tiffany & Co.

After forming a partnership with Tiffany & Co., CryptoPunk NFT sales increase by 248%.
After forming a partnership with Tiffany & Co., CryptoPunk NFT sales increase by 248%.

Users are also beginning to incorporate their NFTs into healthy lifestyles that they already lead. However, none of the currently available wallets are designed to accommodate the use cases described above. Because of this, they came up with the concept of “Ryder,” a social wallet that integrates real-world interaction into web3. Users can easily swap and recover assets, and the potential for end-user adoption online is unlocked due to this feature. In a manner comparable to this, Metamask has made it possible for thousands of startups, including Flagship, to integrate web3 into every facet of our physical lives.

The capability of “Ryder” to embed the user's on-chain identity with NFC technology in hardware is one of the most critical aspects of this cryptocurrency. This gives users the ability to enter a space by using their identity or their NFT. It also allows them to use security features to keep their private keys offline and recover their assets if they lose them. Ryder’s wallet comes with “social recovery” to ensure users won’t lose their private keys and effectively their assets. If the user’s assets are lost, entrusted people like friends and family can work together to retrieve the user’s belongings by combining their piece of the private key.

Experience the Future of Cryptocurrency Now: Ryder, the Social Wallet for the Modern Crypto User

When it comes to the development of wallets, they have a significant point of view to share. When launching a new product, it is essential to properly position it and bring it to market in the most effective manner possible. One strategy involves establishing a connection between the innovation and an existing product category, such as a hardware wallet. One alternative method is to launch it as an entirely new product category, which is precisely what they are doing with the “Ryder” brand.

The “Ryder” wallet is the first wallet of its kind and the first wallet to combine the best features of hardware and software wallets. It provides the same level of safety as a hardware wallet, but at the same time, it is as simple to use as a software wallet. Because of this, it is the ideal cryptocurrency wallet for the next generation of cryptocurrency users searching for a solution that can meet their ever-changing requirements.

Ryder is not merely a wallet; rather, it represents an entirely new category of consumer goods set to transform the web3 industry.

Ryder is not merely a wallet

Ready for the #ryde to the next best thing in web3? Ryder wallets are now available for pre-order!

Get your hands on the first 5,003 Ryder devices by minting a digital collectible now. They sell Ryder wallets on a first-come, first-served basis at the mint price of 299 USD in ETH or STX.

What you’ll get: 

  1. With your Ryder digital collectible, you’ll receive a physical wallet once manufactured in 2023  
  2. You’ll also get a chance to own 1 of the seven digital collectible tiers, each with early backer benefits!

Each Ryder digital collectible is redeemable for the device and comes with early backer benefits, such as 1 to 1 drop of evolving PFP, special trips, free luxury merch collection, domain names, memorabilia, exclusive access, and more.

Take your chance to be the first to get your hands on a Ryder wallet. Pre-order here today!

Ryder wallets are now available for pre-order!
Ryder wallets are now available for pre-order!

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.




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