Bank of England solicits CBDC proof-of-concept proposals

Bank of England solicits CBDC proof-of-concept proposals

Until December 23, the Bank of England will accept applications for a proof-of-concept wallet for its Central Bank digital currency.

With this solicitation, the bank intends to look into the “end-to-end user journey as a method to sharpen functional needs for both the banking and private sector” to “make the CBDC product more concrete for external and internal stakeholders.”

Bank of England solicits CBDC proof-of-concept proposals

The Bank of England asserts that it never created a wallet

The financial institution asserted that it had never created a CBDC wallet prototype. We can set aside a budget of up to £200,000 ($245,200) for the first five months. A digital version of the pound was one of the thirty regulatory changes for UK financial services that Director of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt announced on Friday. This information is timely, given the ongoing bidding process. Following Brexit, Edinburgh's Reforms seek to promote innovation and economic growth.

It's possible that a UK CBDC would make it easier for companies and people to conduct safe, quick financial transactions. It might encourage competition and creativity.

Additionally, it might increase the number of payment options for consumers. For instance, purchasing goods and services using two different types of currency is now possible. Coins and bills are available as forms of currency. And some of your money is being held as a deposit by your bank.


Between the two, there is no value distinction. You can turn your payments into cash by withdrawing money from a cash machine (ATM). One day, the Bank of England's digital currency, CBDC, may be traded for your money.

CBDC may be a crucial tool

As the use of hard currency declines, CBDC may become increasingly important for preserving public trust in monetary transactions as they move online.

We at the Bank of Britain are to ensure that the UK's financial system remains viable through both good and bad economic times. When that happens, a CBDC is useful.

Bank of England solicits CBDC proof-of-concept proposals

A secure, additional payment method could improve the UK's financial system. This may offer customers an alternative if the traditional banking or payment systems are disrupted.

There could be one or more advantages. A well-designed CBDC has the potential to eliminate participation barriers.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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