The New Kannada Movie to Be Released in the Metaverse

A New Kannada Movie to Be Released in the Metaverse

Those who enjoy watching Kannada films can now talk with their favorite actors and actresses in the metaverse. In addition, they can test their knowledge with a film quiz.

Kannada movie “Made in Bengaluru”
Kannada movie “Made in Bengaluru”

The virtual set of the Kannada movie “Made in Bengaluru” will soon be accessible to users. Interality, a firm focused on mixed reality, announced the development. Pradeep Sastry did the screenplay and direction of Made in Bengaluru. Madhusudan Govind leads a talented cast that includes Anant Nag, Saikumar, and Prakash Belawadi, among others. The story centers on three starry-eyed middle-class boys as they embark on a start-up journey.

The cast of a new Kannada film is offering moviegoers the chance to interact with them in the metaverse through a quiz and drone-taken selfies. Winners of the quiz will be invited to the December 29 premiere of the film in Bengaluru. Made in Bengaluru, with its unique and immersive viewing experience, it promises to combine the thrill of traditional film with the nearly infinite possibilities of virtual reality.

The Kannada film industry can celebrate this tremendous success.

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