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Cardano, an open-source blockchain, was created due to peer-reviewed academic research, with several academic articles serving as the project’s foundation. This outpost describes the Cardano ecosystem’s history, plans, and current state.

Project Catalyst Relaunches with Fund 10

Project Catalyst Relaunches with Fund 10

Cardano's Project Catalyst unveils Fund 10 with a massive 50 million ADA allocation, signaling a significant commitment to the development and decentralization of the Cardano ecosystem.

Indigo Protocol

Indigo Protocol: Unlocking the World of Synthetic Assets on Cardano Blockchain

The article delves into the innovative Indigo Protocol, a decentralized and non-custodial platform operating on the Cardano blockchain.


Nucast: Revolutionizing Content Distribution and Empowering Creators

The article explores Nucast, a groundbreaking platform that leverages blockchain technology to revolutionize content distribution and ownership.

Cardano Vodafone

A Massive Partnership Incoming for Cardano and Vodafone? Industry Giant Tweets About ADA NFTs

We look at the recent announcement of Vodacom's NFT mint on the Cardano blockchain.

Cardano Community on Alert as Robinhood and Celsius Prepare for ADA Sell-Off

Cardano Community on Alert as Robinhood and Celsius Prepare for ADA Sell-Off

Recent discussions within the Cardano community have raised concerns over the potential large-scale sell-off of Cardano's native token, ADA, by major platforms Robinhood and Celsius. While opinions within the community vary, with some dismissing the sell-off as insignificant and already priced into the market, others remain wary of the impact. This article explores the differing views and analyzes the potential consequences of the impending ADA dump.

Cardano EVM: Is Cardano EVM compatible?

An update on EVMs and Cardano

Is Cardano EVM compatible? We look at the latest EVM developments within the Cardano ecosystem

ADA flash crash

What caused the ADA flash crash?

We look at what caused the sudden ADA sell-off

Cardano (ADA) Ruled A Security in Latest SEC Filing

Cardano (ADA) Ruled A Security in Latest SEC Filing

We look at ruling by the SEC claiming ADA is a security during their recent filing against Binance and Coinbase

cip1694 cip

CIP-1694 and Its Significance for Decentralization on Cardano

We look at the latest CIP-1694 proposal for Cardano and what it will mean for decentralisation in the ecosystem

Muesliswap Cardano Dex

MuesliSwap: A Game-Changing Governance Platform from Cardano's third largest DEX

MuesliSwap's governance platform has been eagerly anticipated by the community, and its recent update signifies a significant milestone. In this article, we will delve into the recent developments of MuesliSwap's governance platform and its role as the first DEX on Cardano.

Cardano TVL ada 400m

DeFi's Rising Star Cardano: TVL blasts through $400m in ADA

In this article, we'll have a look at what is causing the TVL in Cardano's DeFi ecosystem to explode.

djed binance smart chain BSC ethereum

🤯Cardano's stablecoin DJED expanding to Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum

Coti the team behind the algorithmic stablecoin DJED just launched that the token will be expanding to the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum