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NFT Monthly Report - November 2022

A monthly recap of the NFT market, covering the most important news, developments, and statistics in the NFT sector.

By: Khristian Flohr

In this Report:

  • SuperRare Disrupts Digital Art
  • Ape Coin Staking is Here
  • Binance & Cristiano Ronaldo Partnership
  • Magic Eden Supports Polygon NFTs
  • Marketplaces Compete for Market Share
  • Marketplaces Enforce Creator's Royalties
  • NFT Charts & Statistics


November has been one of the most eventful months in crypto history! The NFT market suffered as a result of FTX's downfall. The entire Web3 industry has been hit by it, and most NFT collections have decreased in value since the beginning of the month. But there's light at the end of the tunnel! Despite most market's being down, we continue to see growth and development in Web3 and NFTs. Builders are here to build during the bear market!

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Let's dive in!

Top NFT News of the Month:

  • SuperRare Launches RarePass. SuperRare is looking into revolutionizing the way digital art is collected. The collection was released in the form of a dutch auction with a price of 17.25 ETH. Currently, the RarePass has a floor price of 37 ETH. That's 2X in a month! The most attractive benefit of owning a RarePass is the valuable airdrops sent to token owners. SuperRare will airdrop selected art pieces to 250 owners. Read more about it here.
  • Yuga Labs & Bored Ape Yacht Club Updates
    • New Marketplace: The community-led DAO has launched its marketplace for selling and buying Bored Apes and other NFT collections owned by Yuga Labs.
    • ApeCoin Staking: $APE staking is coming out on December 12, and it's taking place at The company in charge is Horizon Labs, which recently announced via Twitter that pre-deposits will begin on December 5. As of now, it will not be available for Canada, Russia, and the USA, which are geo-blocked, and some users are not happy about it. Read more about it here.
    • Price Increase: In the last two weeks of November, we saw an increase in the price of the Yuga Labs ecosystem. Bored Apes 22%, Mutants 23%, Otherdeed 9%, Kennel Club 32%. Additionally, this somebody purchased a Bored Ape (Bored Ape Yacht Club #232) for roughly $1 Million.
Ape Coin Staking
Ape Coin Staking
  • Binance & Cristiano Ronaldo Partnership. The Fifa World Cup has a large audience & Binance has recently partnered with Cristiano Ronaldo to onboard new users into Web3 and NFTs. They released an NFT collection on November 18, targeted exclusively to new users. New users can claim their token until December 18.
Cristiano Ronaldo NFT Collection
Cristiano Ronaldo NFT Collection

  • MagicEden Supports Polygon NFTs. Solana's largest platform recently announced its integration of Polygon-based NFTs. Over the year, Polygon has done strategic partnerships such as Adobe, Starbucks, Nike, Adidas, Stripe, and Reddit. Polygon is well known for its large community of gaming developers. MagicEden's goal with this partnership is to bring web3 games to the masses when this is a step forward. Polygon is already home to many relevant Web3 gaming projects, including Atari, Skyweaver, Sandbox, Midnight Society, and Metalcore to name a few. Read the full announcement here.
Polygon NFTs
Polygon NFTs
  • The Marketplace's Competition is Heating up! Being early played a massive role in the success of, the largest NFT marketplace. In 2021, NFTs gave us a glimpse of the potential of NFTs and Web3 assets. As a result, we saw dozens of new marketplaces developing creative strategies to earn a piece of the cake! Since the second half of 2022, we have seen how OpenSea's market share has been reduced as competitors gain popularity. It's been an exciting competition to watch. The market is now starting to be divided among competing marketplaces such as, which offers statistics tools, bulk buying, and portfolio tracking, among other features. is another marketplace that seems to grow in popularity by the day. Will 2023 be a battle of the marketplaces?
NFT Marketplace
NFT Marketplace
  • NFT Marketplaces Enforce Royalties. Creator Royalties are a big motivator to attract creators into the NFT sector. The collection creator receives a 5-10% commission on each secondary sale. We have seen many artists, creators, and brands benefit from royalties. Lately, some marketplaces have attracted traders by making creator royalties optional (similar to a tip). As a result, traders save a small monetary amount on each sale. Recently OpenSea stated that they plan to enforce creator royalties on their platform. Last week we saw a similar announcement by the popular NFT Marketplace, X2Y2. This has been an ongoing discussion in the NFT community, and seems like most marketplaces are standing in favor of creators by enforcing royalties on NFTs listed on marketplaces.

NFT Market Statistics

  • Monthly change: Bitcoin $16.821 (-18%) | Ethereum $1.264 (-20%) | Solana $13 (-58%)
Daily NFT Transaction Count
Daily NFT Transaction Count

The market has remained on the quiet side for the last couple of months, and November was no exception. Looking at the chart below, we can see a clear representation of the bear market, where the total sales remain quite low. Blue-chip collections like The Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, and top generative art collections hold their value quite well compared to other collections (and the rest of the crypto market).

NFT Charts & Statistics

Ethereum NFT Collections
Ethereum NFT Top 25 Collections
  • In the second part of the month, we saw BAYC increase in price from 50 ETH to 74 ETH. The whole BAYC ecosystem has appreciated since the recent announcement of ApeCoin staking on December 12. We saw the sales of two Bored Apes for a price of $1M each.
  • Valhalla was the biggest release of the month. The team behind the collection is Stacked Studios, a start-up based in Los Angeles formed by a team of people with backgrounds. The project aims to create a Web3 alternative version of Twitch. Earlier this year, Stacked Studios raised $12.9 million in its funding round.
  • Tyler Hobbs is an artist who is best known as the creator of Fidenza, one of the largest NFT collections in generative art. The collection appreciated 16% this month, currently at a floor price of 96 ETH.

That's all for this month's report! We'll see you again next week for the weekly report!

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