What is DeSci

A Comprehensive Guide to Decentralized Science (DeSci)

Decentralized science (DeSci) is a way to make science more open and frictionless, from publishing to funding. Decentralized science represents a way in which scientific research is conducted collaboratively and openly, without the traditional gatekeepers of academia and industry. Decentralized science can transform modern science by making it more accessible, transparent, and effective.

What is DeSci

Decentralized science or DeSci is a movement that aims to build public infrastructure for funding, creating, reviewing, crediting, storing, and disseminating scientific knowledge fairly and equitably using the Web3 stack. DeSci is striving to establish an environment where everyone can easily share their scientific work, as well as accessing and contributing to the research of other members.

Decentralized science allows for more diverse funding sources (from DAOs, quadratic donations to crowdfunding and more), more accessible access data and methods, and by providing incentives for reproducibility. Decentralized science addresses real-world issues in scientific research, such as the difficulties of sharing data and discoveries, the slow pace of peer review, and the lack of openness and accountability in traditional publishing methods. Decentralized science can have real-world influence and widespread adoption by overcoming these issues.

We wrote this article to shed light on the potential of DeSci in addressing some of the most pressing challenges in the scientific community today. From funding woes and information access barriers to issues of transparency and collaboration. By leveraging blockchain technology, DeSci is not only democratizing science but also making it more efficient and accountable. However, it's essential to recognize that while DeSci holds immense promise, it also faces several challenges that need to be addressed for widespread adoption. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of DeSci's benefits and hurdles, offering insights into its current projects and future potential.

Decentralized Science

How DeSci is Paving The Way

DeSci aims to solve several pressing issues in the scientific community. One major problem is funding. Scientists often spend half their time writing grant proposals, and success is tied to metrics like the h-index. This culture skews research towards headline-grabbing topics, contributing to issues like the replication crisis. DeSci addresses this by using blockchain to connect researchers with diverse funding sources, including DAOs. This provides a more sustainable and unbiased funding model.

Another issue is information access. Much of scientific knowledge is locked behind paywalls. While the Open Science movement has made strides, its impact is debated. For instance, open-access mandates have led to costly pay-to-publish models. DeSci tackles this by using smart contracts to link authors and reviewers directly, compensating reviewers with tokens. It also uses tokens and NFTs to encourage data sharing, improving the quality of preprints, especially seen during the COVID pandemic.

DeSci also leverages blockchain's "permaweb" feature to ensure data is permanently accessible, safeguarding against censorship. It's redefining scientific reputation by allowing scientists to earn NFTs for valuable activities like peer review and mentoring. This not only encourages more contributions but also allows for collective reputations in decentralized labs.

In education, DeSci offers an online platform where students can earn digital reputations, democratizing access and reducing historical elitism. It also prevents a single platform from monopolizing scientific knowledge by allowing specialized communities to govern different aspects. Communities can even become "shareholders" of scientific knowledge through IP-NFTs, reinvesting profits into new research. Several DeSci projects like Molecule, VitaDAO, SCINET, LabDAO, and AntidoteDAO are already making significant strides in transforming the scientific landscape. Each has a unique approach but shares the common goal of advancing scientific innovation through decentralization.

DeSci Landscape

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The Potential of DeSci

DeSci offers an approach to scientific research by fostering global collaboration, enhancing transparency, and democratizing access. It uses blockchain technology to connect researchers with stakeholders and funders worldwide. This decentralized system addresses the "Valley of Death" in funding and opens doors for unconventional research. It also diversifies funding sources and incentivizes data reproducibility. Moreover, DeSci levels the playing field by allowing researchers from developing countries to collaborate globally. It also minimizes scientific misconduct like plagiarism by making the research process more transparent.

However, DeSci faces several challenges. One major concern is ensuring scientific quality. Non-scientists may struggle to distinguish good projects from bad ones, making robust reputation and governance systems essential. Traditional funders could help by endorsing high-quality projects they can't support themselves. Another challenge is ensuring diverse participation, as both the crypto and science spaces are currently male-dominated. This imbalance can lead to gaps in research, such as the historical neglect of women's health issues.

Additionally, DeSci needs to learn from past decentralization efforts to build effective protocols. Experimentation with different blockchain technologies, especially those with low fees and minimal environmental impact, is crucial. Lastly, the focus should be on empowering scientists rather than on the tools themselves. For DeSci to truly change science, these new tools should integrate seamlessly into scientists' daily work.

DeSci Challenges and Benefits

Final Thoughts

DeSci stands at the intersection of innovation and tradition, offering a new way to conduct scientific research that is more open, transparent, and collaborative. By tackling key issues like funding, information access, and data reproducibility, DeSci has the potential to change the scientific landscape. It's not just about making science more efficient; it's about making it more equitable and accessible to all.

However, the road ahead is not without challenges. Ensuring scientific quality and fostering diverse participation are critical hurdles that need to be addressed. Learning from past efforts and experimenting with different technologies will also be key to DeSci's success. The focus should remain on empowering scientists and making these new tools a seamless part of their daily work.

DeSci holds immense promise but also requires thoughtful implementation. As projects like Molecule, VitaDAO, SCINET, LabDAO, and AntidoteDAO continue to make strides, the future of scientific research looks increasingly decentralized and inclusive.

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