Best telegram memes on ton

Top Telegram Memes on TON

As the TON network grows, so too will the opportunities for new and existing memecoins to thrive


Memecoins have emerged as some of the best-performing assets in this cycle, consistently outperforming various infrastructure projects. According to CoinGecko, meme coins recorded an average return of 1,312.6% in Q1 2024, eclipsing gains in Bitcoin and altcoins. Notable examples include BRETT, which saw a staggering return of 7,727.6%, and Dogwifhat (WIF), which grew by 2,721.2% year-to-date. This impressive performance has driven significant investor interest and transaction volumes. The sector's total market capitalization at the top reached $60.93 billion, reflecting a 176.9% increase quarter-on-quarter. This growth underscores the increasing popularity and financial potential of memecoins, making them a standout asset class in the current crypto landscape.

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The TON ecosystem has seen significant growth, driven by Telegram's popularity. Memecoins have outperformed other tokens within the network, capturing the attention of investors and enthusiasts alike. Telegram has fostered a flourishing ecosystem, with memecoins emerging as the strongest assets within various blockchain ecosystems. This article will explore the top memecoins in the TON ecosystem.

Wif Memes

Resistance Dog

Resistance Dog ($REDO) is the biggest meme in the TON (The Open Network) ecosystem. Founded as a homage to Pavel Durov, the creator of TON and Telegram, $REDO embodies the fight against censorship and the push for digital freedom. Since its creation in 2018 by Durov, the Resistance Dog logo has become the unofficial mascot of Telegram, symbolizing the platform's ongoing battle against governmental and corporate attempts to restrict free expression in digital media.

$REDO aims to build a robust decentralized community at the forefront of this digital resistance, aligning with TON, Telegram, and millions of individuals fighting for the same cause. The token's mission is to foster the growth and adoption of TON by integrating like-minded individuals through community efforts and memes. This collective goal is to create opportunities and drive engagement on the TON network. The tokenomics of $REDO are straightforward and community-focused. With a total supply of 100,000,000, the community manages the liquidity, and the contract has been renounced, ensuring no central control. There are no taxes on transactions, making it easier for community members to trade and engage with the token.

This approach has propelled $REDO to new heights within the TON ecosystem, making it the network's current flagship meme. Resistance Dog has created a vibrant and resilient community dedicated to promoting and expanding the TON network by harnessing the power of decentralisation, memes, and a strong anti-censorship stance.

REDO the best of telegram memes

Povel Durev

Povel Durev is Telegram's visionary CEO and TON's president (The Open Network). His mission is to generate billions of TONs, while the community's mission is to create billions of memes about him. The $durev token honours Povel Durev's relentless battle against the Russian KGB, the SEC, and other global adversaries. Now, the community rallies behind him by embracing $durev, a token for strong and good people. By purchasing $durev, members join a movement dedicated to producing countless memes in his honor.

The roadmap for $durev is filled with exciting milestones for Q2-Q3 2024. It begins with launching the $durev token, introducing NFT collections and engaging in push-up challenges. Listings on centralized exchanges (CEX) will expand its reach, and a secret event is planned to surprise and delight the community. The development of the Durev Game and the launch of the Meme Launchpad are also key highlights.

The ultimate goal of the $durev project is ambitious: to earn substantial funds to buy major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and WeChat and present them to Povel Durev as a gift. This reflects the community's dedication to supporting Durev and celebrating his legacy through the power of memes and collective effort.

Povel Durev


$FISH, known as TON FISH, is the first non-foundation social meme coin in the TON (The Open Network) ecosystem. It aims to create opportunities for users to experience the TON ecosystem before large-scale liquidity arrives. With a unique approach, TON FISH encourages engagement and participation through its innovative projects and community-driven initiatives.

The TON FISH ecosystem offers several exciting features and products. Among them is the TON FISH BOX, an NFT collection consisting of 9,999 pieces. Early contributors are given whitelist spots, allowing them to experience the upgrade system first. Another notable product is TON ROCK, the first on-chain rock created within the TON ecosystem, showcasing the creative potential of the network.

Users can actively participate in the ecosystem by buying $FISH, adding $FISH/$TON liquidity pairs, and joining Ton Pet: Tik Ton. $FISH is available for trading on multiple platforms, including Ston, Dedust, Bitget, Ascendex, and XT. Additionally, the ecosystem supports activities like borrowing TON through Daolama and participating in raffles via Tonraffles.



Notcoin (NOT) is a project that began as a viral Telegram game aimed at onboarding users into Web3 on the Telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain. Its unique distribution model allows users to earn NOT tokens through a "tap-to-earn" mining mechanic, where they discover Web3 products, participate in games, and contribute to the ecosystem.

Since its inception, Notcoin has rapidly grown into a viral phenomenon, amassing nearly millions of members in its Telegram group and almost 2 million followers on Twitter. This explosive growth is driven by memes and word-of-mouth, showcasing the project's ability to capture the public's imagination.

A standout feature of Notcoin is its gamification approach. The project introduced a clicking game called "Notcoin Explore," where users can explore new Web3 products and earn NOT tokens. This gamified experience engages users and incentivizes them to delve deeper into the Web3 ecosystem.

Positioning itself as a community-driven token, Notcoin has announced plans to burn tokens from the total supply once the project goes live on-chain. This deflationary model is designed to be driven by community participation, enhancing the token's value over time.

Adding to its memecoin appeal, Notcoin's whitepaper is a white paper sheet. The first page contains only the title, with the remaining eight pages left blank. This unconventional approach underscores the project's playful and irreverent nature.

Overall, Notcoin combines viral marketing, gamification, and community engagement to create a unique and absolutely thrilling presence in the cryptocurrency space. Its innovative distribution model and deflationary mechanics position it as a project to watch on the TON blockchain.

Not Coin

The Next Memecoin

The TON ecosystem is still in its nascent stages, yet to experience a significant influx of liquidity. This presents a unique opportunity, as the biggest meme winner within the TON ecosystem may not have emerged yet. It could be any of the memecoins mentioned earlier, or it might be a new contender waiting to take the spotlight. However, it's crucial to remember that the nature of memes is ever-changing and cyclical.

Trading memes is all about capturing attention and gaining likability. Unlike traditional investments, meme tokens rely heavily on community engagement and sentiment. Buying a memetoken right at its initial launch is usually not advisable due to the potential influence of developers and insiders. Instead, it's better to observe the community forming around the token. How does the community react during a price drawdown? If they panic, the token might not be a long-term winner. But if they remain unfazed, it could indicate a resilient and committed community, which is a positive sign.

Another critical factor to consider is the community's behavior when the token's price appreciates. Are people selling off quickly to take profits, or are they buying more because they genuinely like the meme? A community that continues to buy and support the token despite price fluctuations will likely sustain its momentum and drive its success.


In conclusion, the TON ecosystem, still in its early stages, holds immense potential for the next big memecoin winner. With memecoins demonstrating extraordinary returns, as seen with Resistance Dog, Povel Durev, TON FISH, and Notcoin, the landscape is ripe for new and innovative meme tokens to emerge and capture the attention of the crypto community. The success of these tokens hinges not only on their initial hype but also on the resilience and commitment of their communities.

As the ecosystem evolves and liquidity begins to flow in, the real winners will be those that manage to sustain community engagement and adapt to the ever-changing nature of memes. Investors should focus on how these communities react to market fluctuations and their overall sentiment towards the token. A dedicated and supportive community can drive a token’s success, even amid volatility.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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