Top 6 Upcoming DeSci crypto tokens

Pioneering the Future: Top 6 Upcoming Decentralized Science Tokens Transforming Industries

Explore the latest developments in DeSci with six pioneering projects, leading breakthroughs in healthcare and science through innovative technology applications.


In the upcoming Sora Summit, a notable event in the Decentralized Science (DeSci) projects space, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong is set to headline the DeSci sessions. This summit, organized by Sora Ventures, will focus on various aspects of Web3, with a particular emphasis on DeSci. Armstrong, co-founder of ResearchHub, is actively involved in promoting DeSci, which aims to open-source funding for scientific research and development.

This prominent event sets a meaningful context for exploring innovative DeSci tokens / projects like GenomesDAO, Hélice Prosthesis, and Geometric Energy Corporation. Each project, with its distinct approach from genomic data management to revolutionizing prosthetic solutions, embodies the transformative potential of DeSci. Their integration of blockchain and AI heralds a new era in diverse sectors such as healthcare and science, poised to reshape industry landscapes significantly.

GenomesDAO - Desci Crypto Tokens

GenomesDAO is a pioneering project in the DeSci sector, focused on genomic data security and ownership. Founded in 2018 in London by Dr. Mark Hahnel and Aldo de Pape, it stands out as a significant player in the emerging Web3 healthcare landscape.

Core Features and Technologies

  • Advanced Genome Sequencing: Offering 30x whole genome sequencing, it covers an individual’s entire genome, providing a more comprehensive analysis than typical genomic companies.
  • Blockchain Technology: Utilizes blockchain for a transparent and immutable audit log, ensuring secure and consent-based access to genomic data.
  • Encrypted Data Storage: Genomes are securely stored in an encrypted electronic vault, protecting user privacy.
  • Custom Genetic Reports: Users can receive a variety of reports based on their genetic data, encompassing ancestry, disease carrier status, and more.
  • User-Centric Research Participation: Enables users to partake in research studies, with query matching done within the secure data vault.
  • Innovative Revenue Model: Through its $GENE token, rewards users for sharing genomic information and contributing to the platform’s growth. In terms of revenue generation, GenomesDAO has already made significant strides, with almost $500,000 in revenue this year.
  • Commitment to Expansion: Aims to become the world’s largest user-owned genomic database, empowering individuals with control over their health information for research or consultations.

The company has established key partnerships, including with AMD and ConsenSys, and has won awards such as the Deloitte Tech Fast 50 Challenge Award for the most innovative and disruptive Web3 tech in healthcare. GenomesDAO also acquired GeneLook, enhancing its capacity to offer detailed genetic reports to users.

GenomesDAO's approach to genomic data represents a significant shift in how personal health data is managed, emphasizing user empowerment, privacy, and the potential for individuals to directly contribute to scientific research.

Data Lake

Data Lake - decentralized science tokens

Data Lake is an innovative project in the DeSci sector, focusing on revolutionizing how medical data is utilized in research. The platform is designed to connect researchers with the right patients, facilitating access to crucial medical data while ensuring privacy and consent through blockchain technology.

Founded by two medical doctors, Wojciech Sierocki and Ligia Kornowska, who are also recognized as Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneurs, Data Lake stands out for its expertise in cybersecurity and data privacy laws. The platform has already gained significant traction, having worked with two of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies and delivered data for multiple AI development projects.

Core Features and Technologies

  1. Blockchain for Privacy and Consent: Implements blockchain to manage patient data securely, maintaining privacy and user consent.
  2. Connecting Researchers and Patients: Bridges the gap between researchers and patients, enabling access to crucial medical data for research.
  3. Expertise in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy: Adheres to stringent data privacy laws and cybersecurity standards.
  4. Native Cryptocurrency ($LAKE Token): Facilitates incentives for healthcare providers and patients, ensuring fair compensation for data access.
  5. Decentralization in Scientific Research: Addresses issues like biased funding and publication processes in traditional science.
  6. Transparent Data Management: Focuses on ethical handling and use of medical data.
  7. Enabling Secure Data Contributions: Allows individuals to contribute to scientific research securely and under controlled conditions.

Data Lake's approach represents a significant shift in the management of medical data, emphasizing transparency, user consent, and the potential for individuals to contribute to scientific research in a secure and controlled manner. This not only advances medical research but also ensures that the data providers maintain control over their personal information.


RejuveAI -decentralized science tokens

RejuveAI is a DeSci project focusing on longevity and wellness through cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI). It represents a significant step forward in the use of technology for health and aging research.

Founded as part of the SingularityNET Foundation, RejuveAI is a decentralized platform that unites researchers, clinics, and health enthusiasts. Its mission is to achieve revolutionary insights into combating aging, ensuring that the results are affordable and accessible to all.

Core Features and Technologies

  1. Decentralized Longevity Research: RejuveAI provides a platform where members can actively contribute to longevity research, democratizing wellness and providing affordable access to the latest therapies and products.
  2. AI-Driven Analysis: At the core of RejuveAI's approach is a suite of sophisticated AI models. These tools process large volumes of medical and biological data to derive actionable insights and develop effective therapies.
  3. RJV Tokens: Members are rewarded with $RJV tokens for their contributions, such as sharing health data or connecting wearables. These tokens can unlock exclusive benefits like discounts on medical tests and longevity therapies.
  4. Longevity App: This app allows users to monitor their health metrics, accumulate $RJV tokens, and gain access to valuable insights for enhancing lifespan.
  5. Key AI Tools:
    • Bayesian Network: Used for modeling complex relationships in data and predicting potential health outcomes.
    • Generative Cooperative Network (GCN): A blend of generative and cooperative models, aiding in creating accurate and diverse datasets for health solutions.
    • OpenCog Hyperon AGI Engine: An open-source platform integrating various AI techniques, crucial for comprehensive AGI development.

RejuveAI's team includes experts like Dr. Deborah Duong, specializing in neural networks and intelligent simulation modeling, and Dr. Ben Goertzel, a leading figure in artificial general intelligence. The project collaborates with various organizations, including Rejuve Biotech, to pioneer experimental therapies and bring them to the market.

RejuveAI's decentralized approach, combining AI with blockchain technology, offers a new paradigm in health data management and research, emphasizing user empowerment and data ownership. This project is a prime example of how technology can be harnessed to drive significant advancements in healthcare and wellness.


Helice Prosthesis - decentralized science coins

Hélice Prosthesis, founded by Héloïse Ravaz, is an innovative project in the DeSci field, focusing on significantly reducing the cost of high-end prostheses and artificial organs using blockchain technology. This project represents a substantial advancement in the biotechnology sector, particularly in the realm of high-tech reconstructive medicine.

Core Features and Technologies

  1. Affordable Prosthetic Solutions: Hélice aims to make high-end prostheses, such as bionic arms, retinal implants, heart implant prostheses, or exoskeletons, more affordable. These technologies are known for their high costs due to the need for individual customization and the lengthy time required for implantation and adaptation.
  2. Blockchain and Crypto Integration: The introduction of the Hélice token ($H́), a feature based on cryptocurrency technology, is central to the project. This token is designed to act as a financial lever to lower prices, break the current cost cycle, and encourage investment in prosthetic technology development.
  3. Research and Development Goals: Looking ahead, Hélice plans to establish an R&D laboratory with partners by 2025/2026. This lab will focus on advancing prosthetic and artificial organ technologies.
  4. Team Expertise: The team behind Hélice Prosthesis includes various experts with Ph.Ds. in various fields like biology, medicine, economics, neurosciences, financial engineering, biomedical engineering, and quantum physics, indicating a strong foundation in both the scientific and financial aspects of the project.
  5. Global Expansion Plans: Hélice is actively seeking partner companies in the United States, especially in California, to expand its reach and impact in the field of reconstructive medicine.

Helice Prosthesis is set to transform the landscape of prosthetic and artificial organ technologies by making these life-changing medical devices more accessible and affordable. By leveraging blockchain technology, Hélice is addressing the financial barriers that often prevent individuals from accessing high-quality prosthetic solutions. The project's success could mark a significant step forward in improving the quality of life for amputees, disabled individuals, and those requiring artificial organs.

Medical Veda

Medical Veda - desci crypto

Medical Veda is a Canada-based medical-tech company that is at the forefront of integrating decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain technology into the healthcare sector. Their mission is to revolutionize the healthcare industry by addressing critical challenges such as data accessibility, data ownership, and funding for medical treatment.

Core Features and Technologies

  1. Blockchain and AI Integration: Medical Veda utilizes a variety of modern technologies including Blockchain, AI, Big Data, Cryptography, and Smart Contracts. This integration aims to streamline patients' access to their medical records while empowering them to have ownership and control over their data.
  2. Data Accessibility and Ownership: The platform focuses on providing patients with authority over their medical records. It encourages patients to manage and potentially monetize their data by trading it in a specialized medical Veda data marketplace.
  3. Decentralized Health Records: Medical Veda's approach addresses the limitations of existing healthcare platforms in managing multi-institutional, lifetime medical records. By leveraging blockchain technology, it ensures compatibility with current healthcare models and Electronic Health Records (EHRs), while promoting interoperability with other blockchain networks.
  4. Security and Transparency: Utilizing blockchain-based consensus mechanisms, Medical Veda emphasizes the security of medical data. This system ensures that only authorized transactions are executed and that only approved individuals have access to specific information.
  5. MVEDA Token: The $MVEDA token is a crucial aspect of the Medical Veda ecosystem. It serves as a medium for value exchange, granting holders access to Medical Veda’s products and services. The token also facilitates DeFi-based peer-to-peer lending, enabling patients and medical practitioners to acquire capital for medical procedures and ventures.
  6. Global Vision and Mission: Medical Veda's vision is to contribute to global health and medical industry by creating an ecosystem where patient health data is decentralized and accessible. Their mission is to become a leading open-source health ecosystem, enabling decentralized ownership of patient data with secure and instant access for industry players.

Medical Veda represents a significant shift in the management of healthcare data, highlighting the potential of blockchain and AI technologies to enhance patient empowerment, data security, and accessibility in the healthcare industry.

Geometric Energy Corporation

Geometric Energy Corporation - desci crypto tokens

Geometric Energy Corporation ($GEC) is a multifaceted intellectual property, manufacturing, and logistics firm with a diverse range of activities spanning several industries. Originally founded with a focus on inventing renewable energy technologies, GEC has expanded its reach into energy, space, software, medical industries, gaming and now blockchain technology. This broad scope of operations underlines GEC's commitment to facilitating positive social change through next-generation technologies.

Core Features and Technologies

  1. Energy Systems: GEC initially focused on renewable energy technologies and has continued to contribute significantly in this area.
  2. Space Industry: One of GEC's notable endeavors in the space industry is its collaboration with CubeSat Mission Integration & Logistics. They provide payload launching services to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and the Moon.
  3. Medical Technologies: GEC's Geometric Medical division is involved in non-invasive medical diagnostic sensing, particularly in retinal and nasal capnography.
  4. Software Development: Under Geometric Labs, GEC engages in computer hardware engineering and software development.
  5. Gaming Industry: Geometric Gaming focuses on the development, production, and marketing of games and gaming software solutions.
  6. Blockchain and Cybersecurity: $GEC incorporates modern technologies such as Blockchain, AI, and smart contracts in its operations, particularly in the medical and health sector, emphasizing data accessibility and security.

The team at GEC is led by Samuel Reid, CEO and Co-Founder, a mathematician and advanced technology entrepreneur with a vision for disruptive innovation. Other key team members include Timothy Bjorndahl, COO, Dr. Vamsee Reddy, CTO, and several other experts across various fields.

GEC’s approach to integrating advanced technologies across multiple industries demonstrates a commitment to driving innovation and addressing complex challenges in today's world. The company's diversification into various sectors indicates its ability to adapt and contribute meaningfully to different fields, leveraging the potential of modern technology for societal advancement.


The advancements in DeSci projects such as the crypto tokens mentioned above signal a significant transformation in data management and scientific research. It exemplifies a new wave of innovation, blending cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and AI with ethical, transparent, and user-centric approaches.

These innovations open up a future where science is not only more inclusive and participatory but also deeply integrated with technological advances, offering new possibilities for societal and medical breakthroughs. In essence, DeSci is paving the way for a more connected and empowered approach to scientific discovery and application.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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