Guide to Flagship’s Portfolio Game

Guide to Flagship’s Portfolio Game

Learn how to earn the most points, unlock special features and get a sneak peek into what the future holds for Flagship on TON and Telegram!

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Welcome to Flagship's Portfolio Game! In this article, we're going to break down the basics of how to play the game, how to earn the most points, and introduce you to all of the game's special features. We'll also shed some light on what the future holds for Flagship, the points, and potential airdrops. So, let's dive in!

The basics of Flagship’s Portfolio Game

You can start playing Flagship’s Portfolio Game directly in Telegram by clicking here. The goal of the game is to earn as many points as possible. You earn points by investing them in Flagship’s Portfolio, which is a collection of the favorite cryptocurrencies of Flagship’s team.

Invest Points Flagship Portfolio Game

You can speculate on the price of the portfolio going up (long) or down (short). The more correct you are, the more points you earn! You can get started with this right away, as we’re giving you a welcome bonus of 100,000 points that you can instantly start investing!

Invest Points Flagship Portfolio Game

Once you have invested your points in the Portfolio, they start generating more points. These new points appear in your Hot Wallet, which is updated every 20 seconds. Claim them quickly to avoid losing them, because changes in the Portfolio value will be reflected in your earned points.

Claim Points Flagship Portfolio Game

As soon as you claim the new points, they are yours forever. They can now be reinvested in the Portfolio to increase your earnings, or be used to unlock and upgrade some awesome boosters!

Boosting the game and your earnings

A really exciting part of the game is the boosters. They are special features you can unlock and upgrade with your points to boost your potential earnings in different ways. There are 4 boosters, and here we're going to walk you through each.

Boosters Points Flagship Portfolio Game

Booster 1: Stability Shield

The points you earn by investing in Flagship's Portfolio are initially stored in your Hot Wallet. If you don't claim these points, you can lose them if the price of the Portfolio moves in the opposite direction. This could result in significant potential lost earnings if you're not consistently claiming.

The Stability Shield booster protects you from losing a portion of your points when the market goes against you. The Shield is active for 24 hours and can be leveled up to increase the percentage of your points that are protected from loss!

Booster 2: Leverage License

In crypto, we embrace risk and leverage, and the Leverage License can be used to rapidly boost your earnings (and losses). It accomplishes this by multiplying the percentage of tokens you earn (and lose) when the Portfolio price changes. For instance, where you'd typically earn 1,000 points when the Portfolio increases, with a 2x leverage you would earn 2,000 points, with 3x you'd earn 3,000 points, and so forth.

To make the most out of this booster, you'll need to claim often, as leverage works both ways. This means that the points you lose when the portfolio price goes down are also amplified by the Leverage License. This booster might work exceptionally well in combination with the Stability Shield...

Booster 3: Hot Wallet Storage

Your Hot Wallet is one of the most important aspects of the game as it's the main way to earn points. As your earnings increase due to the total invested points or purchased boosters, you'll notice that your Hot Wallet will start to hit its storage limit faster and faster. Once you've reached the limit, you can no longer earn more points until you've claimed them.

By purchasing this booster, you increase the total number of points your Hot Wallet can store. This significantly enhances your earnings potential, particularly when you're utilizing high leverage, have already invested a significant number of points, or have invited many friends!

Booster 4: Airdrop Hunter

You can add an exciting surprise element to your game by unlocking and leveling up the Airdrop Farmer. This booster randomly generates airdrops for you, with a wide range of points you can win. The more you level up the Airdrop Farmer, the higher your potential airdrops can become!

Earn more points with your frens!

In addition to investing points and unlocking boosters, there's another way to earn points: inviting your friends! If you do this actively, you'll soon find that this is the quickest way to increase your points stack, and it can also create a significant passive points stream!

For each fren you onboard, you'll receive 10,000 points. This makes it a great way to earn points quickly and buy boosters in the earliest stages of the game.

In addition to this one-time reward, you'll receive 10% of all the points claimed by your referrals! If you invite people who start earning some serious points, this could rapidly become a massive passive point generator for you for the entire duration of the game!

Invite Frens Flagship Portfolio Game

There are two ways to invite your frens. You can click the green button and select the Telegram accounts to which you want to send the invite. Alternatively, you can copy your unique referral link and send it via any social media platform like Telegram, WhatsApp, Twitter, or Instagram! You can also see all your invited frens and the points they're earning for you.

We also have a leaderboard where you can see the top 99 performers and your own ranking. There may or may not be unique rewards for daily, weekly, and periodic top earners…

Just the start of Flagship’s Adventure

You've joined us early in our journey, and this is just Season 1 of the game. New features will be introduced regularly, more seasons will follow with entirely new mechanics and ways to earn points, and later this year, we will release our $FYI token and investment app!

Ultimately, we believe that cryptocurrencies will be adopted globally on a mass scale and that anyone should have easy and responsible access to the crypto economy. We are here to make this possible.

But first, let's play!

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Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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