10 Tools NFT Tools Every Investor Should Know

10 Tools NFT Tools Every Investor Should Know

Familiarizing yourself with and learning how to use NFT trading tools can improve your portfolio's performance and is a skill worth acquiring.

It can be hard to keep up with everything happening in the NFT Market these days, since there are so many projects to keep track off. I have been actively investing in NFTs for over 18 months, and I've learned that there are certain tools that the pros use that many people (especially newcomers into the space) often don't know of.

I have personally used these tools, and without a doubt, they have been beneficial to me. By becoming better informed and analyzing the best data available, I've been able to make smarter purchases. That's why I've put together a list of the top 10 tools that every NFT investor should have. These tools will help you scan, analyze, and trade NFTs better. Oh, and here's the disclaimer. We are not affiliated or sponsored by any of the tools mentioned in this list. This is not financial advice.

Top 10 NFT Tools

Top NFT Analytics Tools - Degen Finance
Degen Finance
  1. degenz.finance - This is an all-in-one analytics tool, which will give you a full market overview through simple-to-use charts and a daily summary of the market. They have a free version and a paid subscription which gives you you access to specific project reports written by the team. They have an active discord community where you can interact and network with other NFT enthusiasts.
Top NFT Analytics Tools - NFTgo

2. NFTgo.io Analytics - This is a tool that I check weekly to get a general market sentiment. They recently released their NFT Market Yearly Report, which is a must-read for anyone investing in the NFT market.

Additionally, the platform has extremely useful analytic tools, to name a few. You can track top traders' wallets, which allows you to identify trending collections bought, sold, and minted by whales. If you are someone that is a daily trader and is constantly looking out for new upcoming projects, their 'hot-mints' section could be a great tool to implement into your investing strategy.

Top NFT Analytics Tools - Etherscan

3. etherscan.io - If you are an Ethereum holder, you might be already familiar with the blockchain explorer, Etherscan. Learning to use a blockchain explorer is extremely useful. This tool allows you to scan and search through transactions, wallet addresses, smart contracts, and other on-chain information. It will give you live updates about your transaction. Learning to use Etherscan can help you have a clear overview of how you interact with the ethereum network.

Top NFT Analytics Tools - Nansen

4. Nansen.ai is an excellent tool that allows you to keep track of gas fees and monitor the trades of crypto whales. Their NFT dashboard is especially useful for scaning the NFT market by collection. Additionally, it shows leaderboards of profits from minting and trading. This free tool is perfect for following the flow of money. Advanced traders can benefit from the additional features that are available through a paid subscription.

Top NFT Analytics Tools - Rarity Tools
Top NFT Analytics Tools - Rarity Tools

5. Rarity.tools is a very popular tool in the NFT community. It has a calendar that lists upcoming NFT collections on Ethereum with great detail. One of the best features of this platform is the ability to rank specific NFTs within a collection using various filters, and. This feature is useful for collectors looking for specific types of NFTs. Traders use this tool to identify rare NFTs which are undervalued. This is possible through their rarity ranking system.

Top NFT Analytics Tools - Parsec

6. Parec.finance - This tool is one of the most accurate analytics tools that will give you a full live market overview through charts and graphs. This tool is recommended for experienced investors, but even a beginner could learn how to use it. Here's a YouTube tutorial that I used when I first heard about this tool, which made everything much simpler and helped me understand how to use their charts and analytics.

Top NFT Analytics Tools - Moby

7. Moby.gg is a wallet tracker that enables you to make custom lists of specific wallets and monitor their activity. For instance, if a top trader you follow invests in a new NFT project, you'll receive an instant notification. This may provide you with the opportunity to invest in a potentially profitable NFT collection early. However, this feature is only available to users with a pro account.

Top NFT Analytics Tools - Nexus

8. NexusTool - The Nexus tool offers real-time monitoring of NFT mints, making it an indispensable resource for NFT traders who need swift and accurate data. By utilizing this tool, you can gain a competitive advantage over other traders and minter, as it provides valuable analytics, wallet management, NFT marketplace listing, and even a discord portfolio bot.

Moreover, it can help you discover under-the-radar releases (paid and free mints) that most people often miss. To access this tool, you need to purchase a Nexus Tools Pass on OpenSea, which is currently priced at 0.03 ETH (around $50). I recommend this tool to anyone serious about NFT mining and trading daily.

Top NFT Analytics Tools - OSM Tools
OSM Tools by HordeAI

9. HordeAI - Using a private node is like driving on a private lane in a heavily congested highway. HordeAI provides private node services for retail investors. A node is a point on a blockchain network that forwards and passes data; however, public nodes are significantly slower than private nodes. A private node is fast, and essential for securing high-value NFT releases.

Horde provides access to a private node, which, owning and running a private node by yourself, could be very expensive. To access this tool, you need to own a Horde Pass, which will also give you access to their ecosystem on Discord. It works for Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon. Their passes come in seasons, and you can get them on OpenSea. All official links are on their Twitter page.

Top NFT Analytics Tools - OnChain Buccaneers
OnChain Buccaneers

10. OnChain Buccaneers - If you are serious about investing early into NFT projects, you need access to a group of "Alpha callers" or people that specialize in detecting valuable projects earlier than most traders. One of the best ones I can personally recommend is OnChain Buccaneers. Although it is quite a premium community, as you'll need a pass that costs about 0.7 ETH or $1200, they are one of the best alpha callers, and they often share their profit results on Twitter.

Other valuable sources

Newsletters: Being a good investor requires staying up to date with daily/weekly market movements. Below is a list of four newsletters that you should definitely follow to stay up to date with the crypto and NFT market. All of them are free.

  • ApeLike - This newsletter provides a daily chart update on the top NFT collections, along with a brief summary of the current market conditions. What's great about this page is that they often recommend three upcoming projects to watch on a weekly basis.
  • Flagship.fyi- Flagship newsletter provides exposure to early investment opportunities in the crypto market and NFTs. It's easy to read and covers valuable information from every sector of crypto.
  • The Milk Road - This is one of the biggest newsletters in crypto. They bring daily news in a fun, informal writing style, making it simple to follow and understand. It covers the whole crypto market, including NFTs.
  • Degen.Finance: This newsletter provides a daily update on Macro news, Crypto news, and NFT market news. It's one of my personal favorites as it is quite simple to read.
  • Bobrowsky's- This one covers updates on NFTs, Finance & Life. It's a great, simple way to stay updated with the latest developments in finances and Web3.
  • Zeneca - Zeneca is a Web3 educator and a well-known personality on Twitter. His newsletter has a large following and provides a great overview of the NFT market.
Top NFT Analytics Tools - Newsletters

That's all for this article! I hope this list of tools will help you navigate your way through the world of NFT investments better! Thank you and remember, always invest responsibly and do your own research. Stay Safe!

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Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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