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Revolutionizing Gaming: Myria's Ethereum Blockchain-Based Platform

Myria is a gaming platform built on the Ethereum blockchain using zero-knowledge roll-up technology, providing users with fast, cost-effective, and secure transactions. Myria has its ecosystem of nodes, a marketplace, and a wallet, making it a decentralized and user-friendly solution for blockchain-based gaming. By leveraging the power of Ethereum, Myria has created a crypto platform that can support the growing demands of the gaming industry while providing a unique and valuable user experience.


Myria is an innovative gaming platform built on the Ethereum blockchain using a zero-knowledge roll-up. It provides a robust infrastructure that can fully support gaming needs and enables the creation of Myria games and a gaming ecosystem that runs on top of the Ethereum infrastructure.

One of the key benefits of Myria is its real-world utility for blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrency. Players can own tokens and NFTs, which can be transferred to anyone worldwide. This provides players with real ownership of assets, a major gaming advancement. In traditional games, players often purchase items that become worthless once they are done playing them. But with Myria, players can sell their items after they are done with them or transfer ownership to someone else.

Interoperability is another important aspect of Myria. Once a player stops playing a particular game, they can still use the character or skin they have used in other games. This means that items previously worthless to the player in a traditional game are now valuable, increasing the player's overall gaming experience.

Myria's focus on real ownership and interoperability places the player at the centre of the gaming ecosystem, rather than the company that developed the games. This is a significant shift in the gaming industry, as players have traditionally been at the mercy of game developers and publishers regarding ownership and transferability of assets.

To understand Myria better, it can be compared to Unity and Steam in the PC gaming world. Steam is a platform that enables players to discover and interact with games. At the same time, Unity is the technology on which those games are built. Myria, on the other hand, is a platform that enables players to discover and interact with games and provides the technology for those games to run on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Myria Crypto - Layer 2 Solution

Myria is a crypto gaming platform built on top of Ethereum. It has several reasons for choosing Ethereum as its underlying blockchain:

  1. Ethereum is the largest L1 blockchain in the world. It has the most extensive community and infrastructure, making it easier for Myria to tap into those resources and multiply.
  2. Ethereum is one of the most secure blockchains, with years of proven secure operation, making it a reliable gaming platform choice.
  3. Ethereum has the most significant number of wallets and users of any smart blockchain, which gives Myria a ready-made user base to tap into.
  4. Much capital is on the Ethereum network, including tokens and NFTs, which Myria can use to support its ecosystem and grow.

One of the most significant issues that Ethereum has faced is slow transactions and high transaction costs, which have affected the user experience. To solve these problems, Myria has developed its own Layer 2 blockchain, built on Ethereum, using zero-knowledge roll-up technology. This allows Myria to process up to 9,000 transactions per second, making it a fast and cost-effective solution for users. The zero-knowledge roll-up technology enables the blockchain to compress many transactions into a single transaction, reducing transaction fees and speeding up the processing time.

The Myria ecosystem is designed to be decentralized. It uses Myria Nodes to provide support, data, governance, and decentralization for the network. Myria Nodes are responsible for validating transactions and ensuring the network's security. They are incentivized to do so through rewards. The Myria ecosystem is also designed to be scalable and flexible, accommodating many users and transactions.

A crucial aspect of any blockchain-based gaming platform is the marketplace and wallet, enabling players to buy, sell, and store their in-game items and assets. Myria has already launched its marketplace and wallet, which provides a hub for all players to connect and transfer assets easily. The Myria marketplace and wallet are designed to be user-friendly and seamless. They automatically connect to all the players' wallets and games for easy asset transfer. Players also have the option to use other marketplaces there, making it more convenient for them to find the assets they need.

Myria's Ethereum-Based Crypto Blockchain Platform


To understand how Myria's L2 operates, it is essential to comprehend zk-rollup technology. A zero-knowledge roll-up is a Layer 2 solution that works by bundling multiple transactions into a single transaction on the main blockchain, thereby reducing the computational load on the network. This bundling method is performed off-chain in a secure environment. The computation results are then sent back to the main chain.

This process provides several benefits. Firstly, it significantly reduces the cost of transactions on the main blockchain since multiple transactions are processed in a single batch, making it more efficient. This reduces the burden on the Ethereum network and makes it easier for users to participate in blockchain-based games and applications affordably.

In addition, the roll-up ensures that the security of the transactions remains high, as the calculations of the transactions are done in a secure off-chain environment. The blockchain verifies these calculations to ensure the transactions are authentic, making the process secure and trustworthy.

Myria has taken this concept of zk-rollups further by incorporating NFT-specific proof logic. This advanced protocol enhances the integrity and privacy of computations on blockchains. This allows Myria to offer a highly secure and efficient platform for gaming, where users can participate in games with confidence that their assets are safe and their transactions are secure.

Myria's commitment to creating a seamless, engaging, and financially stress-free gaming experience for its users is central to its development philosophy. By utilizing ZK-STARKs as its ZK-Rollup, the platform can offer zero transaction fees and fast finality, making it an ideal environment for studio partners to build games and engage with communities.

The decision to use ZK-STARKs was made because they are faster than other ZK-Rollup technologies, allowing for more efficient transactions and seamless gameplay. Furthermore, publicly verifiable zero-knowledge proofs add a layer of security to Myria's L2, providing users with greater confidence and peace of mind when transacting on the platform.

One of the most significant advantages of Myria's zero-transaction-fee model is that it eliminates the financial burden that often comes with playing and transacting within traditional gaming ecosystems. Instead of paying steep fees to mint NFTs or transfer digital assets via Ethereum, gamers can enjoy a free Myria experience. This encourages greater participation from users, who can feel secure knowing that their in-game assets hold real-world value.

By prioritizing the end-user experience and empowering gamers with true ownership of in-game assets, Myria has positioned itself as a leader in the gaming industry. With its zero-transaction fee model and fast finality, the platform is uniquely suited to the needs of gamers and studio partners, making it an attractive choice for those looking to engage with the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

Myria Token - Tokenomics

$MYRIA is the native utility token of the Myria blockchain, which is built on the ERC-20 protocol. The token is designed to be a core part of the Myria ecosystem, enabling transactions, staking, governance, and other utilities. The Myria development team has created a circular economy between users, node operators, and ecosystem participants to drive the platform's growth.

One of the primary use cases for $MYRIA is facilitating transactions on the Myria Layer 2 scaling protocol. As a result, a portion of the protocol fees associated with each Myria transaction will be paid in $MYRIA. This ensures that the Myria token is an integral part of the platform's functionality and incentivizes ecosystem players to use and hold the token.

Another use case for $MYRIA is to purchase Myria Nodes. These nodes provide support, data, governance, and decentralization for the Myria network. Purchasing nodes with $MYRIA helps secure and maintain the network while providing rewards for those who own nodes.

Staking is another way to use $MYRIA. As protocol fees are implemented, staking rewards will be introduced. A dedicated staking reward pool allows those who meet the MYRIA token staking requirements to receive dividends from this pool. This incentivizes holders to stake their $MYRIA, which will help to secure the network and distribute rewards to participants.

$MYRIA holders also have governance power within the Myria ecosystem. They can vote for decisions regarding the ecosystem's future development and strategic direction. This gives $MYRIA holders a say in the platform's future, which helps to align the interests of all ecosystem participants.

In addition, $MYRIA will be used to purchase exclusive NFT collections from Myria Studios. These NFTs will be interoperable, meaning that they can be used anywhere in the Myriaverse, regardless of the game being played. This adds value and functionality for players, and node operators will receive NFT drops and tokens depending on their reputational score as node owners and general community members.

Myria token Ethereum-Based Platform


Myria is a Layer 2 scaling crypto protocol built on top of the Ethereum blockchain using zero-knowledge rollups. Its unique NFT-specific proof logic and use of ZK-STARKs make it one of the most advanced NFT trading protocols, allowing for faster transaction speeds and lower gas fees. In addition, Myria's decentralized ecosystem supports a circular economy between users, node operators, and other participants through its utility token, $MYRIA.

The Myria marketplace and wallet make it easy for players to transfer assets and buy and sell NFTs. At the same time, the interoperability of Myria NFTs offers excellent functionality and value for players. Moreover, the governance model of Myria allows $MYRIA token holders to participate in the decision-making process of the platform's future development and strategic direction.

Overall, Myria offers a promising solution to the scalability and cost issues hindering the growth of blockchain-based games and NFT trading. With its innovative use of zero-knowledge rollups and the power of $MYRIA, Myria has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry and the NFT market. However, as with any new project, it remains to be seen how successful Myria will be and whether it will be able to compete with other established players in the market.

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