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Discover the Top 12 Best Web3 Games of 2024 - Handpicked by Flagship

The article lists the top 12 best Web3 games of 2024 handpicked by Flagship, including a brief description of each game, their unique features, and the blockchain technology they use. The list includes games like Treeverse, Kryptoria, Guild of Guardians, Shrapnel, Parallel TCG, EV.IO, Axie Infinity, and more.

Number 12: Off the Grid

Gunzilla Games' "Off The Grid" offers a fresh take on the battle royale genre by merging PvP action with a compelling narrative, all developed on Unreal Engine 5 for a dystopian cyberpunk setting. It features both player-versus-player and environment gameplay, where up to 150 participants can influence the storyline and world through their choices, adding moral complexity to their roles. Directed by Neill Blomkamp and scripted by Richard K. Morgan, the game integrates a deep storyline affecting gameplay, alongside customization and item trading for a dynamic experience where no two sessions are the same.

The game prioritizes player freedom, blending multiplayer combat with real-time story missions, enabling players to undertake varied tasks that shape the ongoing narrative. Set for a 2024 release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, "Off The Grid" aims to be a landmark in web3 and blockchain gaming, promising to blend traditional gaming elements with new technologies for an innovative shooter experience.

Number 11: MetaDOS

MetaDOS is a next-generation battle royale game set in the esports and metaverse, introducing a unique time-as-currency system. It's inspired by "Apex Legends" and the "In Time" movie, blending action, strategy, and survival elements with high-quality graphics. The game stands out for its innovative approach, where managing time is key to success, alongside traditional battle royale mechanics. MetaDOS supports NFTs and incorporates a play-to-earn model, allowing players to gain rewards through gameplay​​​​​​​​​​.

The game's development team is composed of experts in blockchain and esports gaming, aiming to bring fresh concepts to the gaming industry. Their roadmap details plans for both open and closed beta versions, new character and weapon skins, and a mobile version, indicating an expansive vision for the game's future​​​​.

Number 10: Treeverse

A mobile-friendly MMORPG called Treeverse places a strong emphasis on cooperative gameplay and social features. Players begin their journey in Elderwall and partake in a variety of fun gameplay activities, such as quests, explorations, forging special items, and more.

With ROOT and SEED, Treeverse adopts a dual-token economy. However, the in-game utility token is SEED, while ROOT is the governance token. Three different NFT types are additionally available to draw users into the Treeverse ecosystem. Treeverse is designed for mobile platforms and most likely will be available on Android and iOS.

Treeverse head image, treeverse logo
Treeverse logo hanging over a bridge in the treeverse world

Number 9: Kryptoria

Kryptoria is a blockchain-powered strategy game, centerpiece of a sophisticated commercial ecosystem connecting brands, businesses, and Web3 communities.

Inspired by sci-fi greats from Star Wars to Dune, and with gameplay modeled on the likes of Civilization and Age of Empires, Kryptoria is an immersive experience at the forefront of the global GameFi revolution. The story of Kryptoria starts with the Alpha Citizens, the united people of Web3 as they escape the control of Web2 Earth into a new land. Their upcoming evolution into the Alpha Heroes is the pinnacle of a new, decentralized civilization.

Since launching on 19th August 2022, Kryptoria has set a new standard for roadmap ambition and execution in Web3. A far broader and more scalable project than most, Kryptoria is defined by a long-term commitment to building and the application of Web2 professionalism to Web3 opportunities. At its core, there are 4 elements to Kryptoria, each connected by Ellerium, the upcoming ERC-20 ecosystem token.

Kryptoria header
Kryptoria space soldier holding gun ready to go on an adventure

Number 8: Guild Of Guardians

The goal of Guild of Guardians is to create the most well-liked RPG on the planet. The Guild of Guardians was founded in early 2020, before the popularity of NFTs. It released a pre-alpha demo of the game to our community, which received overwhelmingly positive feedback. It has a community and pre-registration list of approximately 400,000 players. This Web 3 game has shared its vision with the world by selling $20 million in NFTs and tokens. It has issued a token worth $200 million at the time of writing.

Guild of Guardians is on a mission to upend the gaming industry. However, it also wants to create the play-and-earn of the future. It’s a setting where players can take part in a game they like while earning money and trading in a sizable open-world economy.

Guild of Guardians header image
Two clans ready to battle eachother with Guild Of Guardians logo in the middle

Number 7: Shrapnel

Shrapnel, a much-anticipated Web3 FPS game, delivers AAA-quality gameplay and blockchain tech in a dystopian 2044 setting. The narrative unfolds on an Earth reshaped by meteor crashes, offering a compelling cinematic experience. Players embark on high-stakes extraction missions, facing strategic survival challenges, enemy combat, and loot management.

The game promotes deep customization and strategy through gear crafting and NFTs, enabling player-made skins and maps, thus enhancing community engagement. Crafted by veterans in AAA gaming and blockchain, Shrapnel elevates the FPS genre with its focus on survival, strategy, and player-generated content.

Set in a "Sacrifice Zone" post-asteroid collision, the game immerses players in exploration and conflict, supported by diverse game modes, clan wars, and a dynamic player economy. Shrapnel transcends traditional gaming through its $SHRAP token, embedding play-to-earn aspects, rewarding creativity and in-game success.

Number 6: Parallel TCG

Parallel TCG is a Web3 competitive trading card game set in a sci-fi universe, where players lead factions with unique strategies to outmaneuver opponents in tactical card battles. It incorporates blockchain technology, allowing for NFT integration which adds ownership and complexity to the gaming experience. The game's mechanics focus on strategic card play and deck customization, with each faction offering distinct cards and abilities that cater to various playstyles​​​​.

The lore of Parallel TCG, centered around a post-cataclysmic rebirth of civilization, adds depth to its engaging gameplay. Players are rewarded through gameplay progression, enhancing player engagement and strategic exploration of the game's universe. Despite its complexity, Parallel stands out for its innovative approach to traditional TCG elements and blockchain integration, making it a notable addition to the Web3 gaming space​​​​.

Number 5: EV.IO

Addicting Games Inc. created the instant-play blockchain game is a first-person shooter game available on ev-io, an online gaming platform. EV.IO, a Solana-based blockchain first-person shooter game, offers players instant access to seven different game modes, including team deathmatch, battle royal, capture the flag, and more, with the added feature of custom map creation. The game follows a Halo-esque battle style where players start with one gun and a sword and can find additional guns throughout the map, while also customizing their character's abilities.

With a PVP style that levels the playing field for all players and NFTs that have no impact on gameplay, EV.IO offers simple yet engaging gameplay, and the project's focus on creating a fun game with potential earnings has the potential for massive growth within the blockchain gaming industry. is a browser-based FPS game that transports players into a futuristic world filled with laser rifles, rocket launchers, and grenades. The game features a variety of weapons on the map that players can pick up, each with different reload times and unique characteristics. To navigate the environment, players can use a triple jump mechanic, which allows them to jump higher and further than standard jumps. Game modes in include team deathmatch, where players team up to defeat the opposing team, and standard deathmatch, where players compete to earn game points.

EV.IO header image from ingame pov
Person holding a gun aiming at the window

Number 4: Axie Infinity

It did not make it into my top 3 web3 games, but it is still a very good game and also a bit of personal taste of course.

Axie Infinity describes itself as a Pokemon and Tamagotchi-inspired game that utilizes Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to represent unique creatures, abilities, land plots, and other in-game assets.

Players can earn two tokens, Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Small Love Potions (SLP), by playing Axie Infinity in either Adventure or Arena modes. AXS serves as a governance token, allowing token holders to vote on the future development of the gaming experience. SLP is the in-game token used to breed Axies.

Axie Infinity’s core gameplay focuses on battling and breeding Axies, the unique creatures at the heart of the Axie Infinity experience. Axies are defined by specific characteristics, such as class and body parts, used to differentiate them from other Axies and determine their level of rarity.

Axie infinity creatures ready to play
Axies ready to play with cards you can select from

Number 3: Ember Sword

Ember Sword is aWeb3 MMORPG game that allows players to play in a highly socialized and community-driven game. Players get ownership of digital assets like skins and avatars, which can also be sold or traded in-game. The game also allows players to earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies when a quest is completed, for participating in in-game activities, or for owning land. Ember Sword is one of the first blockchain-based games whose trailer was released a few years ago and is enjoyed by many even today. The game also introduces NFTs that can be collected and used to track land ownership through the Ethereum blockchain.

Bright Star Studios is a global independent games development studio led by a team of award-winning venture founders, former world champion pro-players, and entertainment professionals who come with decades of game industry experience. We are aiming to carve a new path forward for MMORPGs across PC, browser, and mobile platforms. The studio’s mission is to rewrite the games industry with a business model that favours the community through exciting competitive gameplay, instant playability, and a leading platform that supports the player economy.

Ember Sword gameplay picture
Character swinging his sword in Ember Sword

Number 2: Illuvium

Graphic wise it should be on number 1, but I feel in order to reach the number one position they still have to work out some concepts in the game, which I elaborate on in our Illuvium review. llluvium is a project with really high potential.

Illuvium is a decentralized collection game set in a post-spaceship crash on an alien world. Players can travel through seven extraordinary landscapes while collecting unusual creatures and finding obelisks. These creatures can be trained and upgraded to increase their value and can also be traded on the marketplace along with other NFT items. The game has impressive graphics and allows players to earn cryptocurrencies in the form of in-game tokens called ILV. Players can earn tokens through rewards by playing the game, participating in in-game tournaments and events, completing missions, etc.

Illuvium creature
Dangerous looking create standing ready to be selected

Number 1: Blankos Block Party

From all the games I tested out this is the one where I come back for! The only thing missing that would make the experience a lot better is more people actually playing this game!

Blankos Block Party allows players to create, build, play and socialize in game. Not only that, it provides a laid back experience with a heavy focus on fun and engaging gameplay with your friends on the weekend, giving off Fall Guys-vibes.

Blankos Block Party gives players a blank canvas to show off their creations and invite players to experience their own designs and build all sorts of party games for everyone to enjoy.

Each Blanko character is an NFT that can be bought and sold on the in-game marketplace, with some of them designed by the world’s most talented artists, designers, and creators for limited releases as well. This includes the likes of deadmau5, Burberry, and world-famous vinyl toy designers including Pete Fowler, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Junko Mizuno and Tara McPherson.

After exploring the Blankos Block Party website and downloading and playing their game, I can confidently say that I am not disappointed. The game delivers on its promises and even offers a little bit more. It's fun, competitive, and easy to understand. While the tutorial could benefit from more visual explanations, the game itself is straightforward and accessible to all.

The game has a thriving Discord community and active engagement on Facebook, even if not all reactions are positive. This level of activity is encouraging and shows that the game has a dedicated fan base.

One of the best things about Blankos Block Party, compared to many other web3 games, is that you don't have to spend any money to start playing. The sign-up and download process is simple and easy, allowing you to dive into the action right away.

Blankos NFT's fighting eachother - the number one in the top 10 list of best web3 games in 2023
Blankos NFT creatures shooting eachother in the web3 world

Closing thoughts on the top web3 games

In conclusion, web3 gaming has come a long way since its inception, and the future looks even brighter. The top 12 games listed above showcase the diversity and creativity of developers in this space. With blockchain technology providing a decentralized and secure platform, players can enjoy a new level of ownership and control over their in-game assets. As the industry continues to evolve and mature, we can expect to see more innovative games and features. The intersection of gaming and blockchain technology is truly exciting, and it's worth keeping an eye on this space in the coming years.

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