Illuvium crypto game gameplay review, tokenomics, classes and how to play

Illuvium - The Groundbreaking Crypto Game That's Changing the Future of Gaming!

Illuvium is a revolutionary crypto game that has been making waves in the crypto world. In this article, we will take a closer look at what makes the Illuvium game so special, and explore the many features that have made it one of the most exciting blockchain games to date.

Illuvium (website) is an innovative crypto game that has been gaining significant attention in the crypto world. Built on Ethereum, this game offers a unique gaming experience that combines elements of RPG and collectible card games, allowing players to explore a vast virtual world filled with creatures and other players.

What sets Illuvium apart from other crypto games is its innovative approach to tokenomics, which incentivizes players to hold and trade in-game assets, creating a vibrant ecosystem with real-world value. In this article, we'll dive deeper into the world of Illuvium, exploring its gameplay mechanics, tokenomics, and potential for the future of gaming and blockchain technology.

You can find some more information by watching the livestream I did on Illuvium here:

Illuvium Crypto Game features

Illuvium boasts a range of exciting game features that make it a unique and captivating gaming experience. Here are some of the key features:

  • RPG gameplay: Illuvium is primarily an RPG (role-playing game) that allows players to control their characters and explore a vast virtual world filled with adventure and challenges.
  • Collectible creatures: One of the core features of Illuvium is its collection of creatures, which players can capture and trade in the game's marketplace. These creatures are created through a process called "evolution", where players combine two existing creatures to create a new, more powerful one.
  • Engaging combat system: The game features an engaging and strategic combat system that allows players to battle against other players or AI-controlled creatures. Players can use a range of skills and abilities to defeat their opponents, and the game's combat system rewards players who are skilled at timing and positioning.
  • Dynamic world events: The game's world is constantly changing, with dynamic events that occur randomly and give players the opportunity to earn rewards or face unexpected challenges.
  • Tokenomics and staking: Illuvium has a unique tokenomics system that incentivizes players to hold and trade in-game assets, with the game's native token (ILV) serving as the primary means of exchange. Players can also stake their ILV to earn rewards and participate in the game's governance system.

Overall, Illuvium offers a unique gaming experience that combines elements of RPGs and collectible card games with innovative blockchain technology and tokenomics. The only downside of the game is that, while at a first glance they have amazing graphics and you really want to dive into the game, when you spend a little more time in the game you see they still need to add a lot more features. Even though the game looks fantastic, in its current state it can become boring quite fast.

Illuvium player charter gameplay
Experience a new world of digital collectibles and creature battles with Illuvium's stunning gameplay and immersive mechanics

The team behind the project

Illuvium was founded by Kieran and Aaron Warwick, two brothers from Australia who are also the co-founders of Illuvium's parent company, Kiaraship. Kieran is the CEO and lead developer of Illuvium, while Aaron serves as the COO and oversees the game's business operations.

The team behind Illuvium also includes a group of experienced developers, designers, and advisors who are passionate about blockchain technology and gaming. Some notable team members include Tegan Kline, who serves as the Head of Business Development, and Jason Carver, who is the Head of Marketing.

Illuvium has also received support from prominent investors in the blockchain and gaming space, including Alameda Research, Delphi Digital, and Three Arrows Capital. This strong backing has helped the team to develop and grow the game, with plans to continue expanding and improving the platform in the future.

Illuvium's initial seed round was held in February 2021, and the team raised $5 million from investors including Alameda Research, Delphi Digital, and Three Arrows Capital. The team also held a public sale in April 2021, which raised an additional $5 million from participants who purchased the game's native token (ILV).

In total, Illuvium raised $10 million through its initial fundraising efforts, which has allowed the team to develop and launch the game while continuing to expand and improve its features.

the talented team behind Illuvium game: Kieran and Aaron Warwick, who have a passion for blockchain gaming and a vision for creating the ultimate gaming experience
Get to know the brilliant minds behind Illuvium: Kieran and Aaron Warwick, brothers and co-founders with a shared passion for blockchain gaming and a commitment to excellence

How does Illuvium work?

Illuvium has three modes, including Arena, Zero, and Overworld. Illuvium Overworld, which is currently under construction, is where players would be able to explore the seven alien worlds, gather all sorts of resources, and hunt down Illuvials.

lluvium is built on the Ethereum blockchain and uses a range of smart contracts and decentralized protocols to power its gameplay, tokenomics, and ecosystem.

Here's how it works

  • Gameplay: Illuvium is a role-playing game (RPG) where players control their characters and explore a virtual world filled with creatures, battles, and challenges. Players can capture and evolve creatures, battle against other players or AI-controlled creatures, and participate in dynamic world events.
  • Tokenomics: Illuvium has a unique tokenomics system that incentivizes players to hold and trade in-game assets, creating a vibrant ecosystem with real-world value. The game's native token (ILV) is used as the primary means of exchange, with players earning ILV by winning battles, participating in world events, and trading in-game assets.
  • Staking and Governance: Players can also stake their ILV tokens to earn rewards and participate in the game's governance system, allowing them to vote on key decisions and proposals that affect the game's future development.
  • Decentralization: Illuvium is a decentralized game that uses smart contracts and decentralized protocols to ensure transparency, security, and fairness. The game's assets are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, giving players complete ownership and control over their in-game assets.
Discover the mechanics behind Illuvium, the revolutionary crypto game that combines NFTs, creature battles, and a dynamic economy to create a truly immersive gaming experience
Explore the intricate mechanics of Illuvium, the groundbreaking blockchain game that merges NFT technology, creature battles, and a dynamic economy to create an unparalleled gaming experience

Illuvium NFT’s

Illuvium features a range of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent in-game assets such as creatures, items, and skins. These NFTs are created on the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts and are stored in players' wallets, giving them full ownership and control over their assets.

One of the most unique aspects of Illuvium's NFTs is the game's "evolution" system, which allows players to combine two creatures to create a new, more powerful creature. Each creature has its own set of attributes and abilities, making them unique and valuable in their own way. As players evolve their creatures, they can create rare and powerful NFTs that can be traded on the game's marketplace or used in battles.

Illuvium also features a range of other NFTs, including items and skins that can be used to customize players' characters and creatures. These NFTs can be earned through gameplay, purchased on the game's marketplace, or obtained through community events and promotions.

Illuvium socials and community

As you know by now, looking into their community growth and activity is something I do in every project, as of today we can see the following numbers:

  • Twitter: 382.100 Followers
  • Discord: 193.539 Members
  • Youtube: 48.100 Subscribers
  • Twitch: 18.700 Followers
  • Facebook: 15.000 Followers
  • Instagram: 23.700 Followers
  • Tiktok: 10.000 Followers
  • Telegram: 20.969 Members

Overall, these are very decent stats and they seem to be able to cover each social media platform with succes, not an easy thing do! The difference between discord, twitter compared to the others is pretty big, but they are also one of the biggest platforms for gamers so it is understandable. They also have a medium/blog where you can learn more about the game.

Discover the exciting world of Illuvium NFTs, where stunning digital creatures come to life and collectors can own a piece of the game's vibrant universe. Explore the possibilities of blockchain-based gaming and collectibles with Illuvium's innovative NFT technology.
Experience the beauty and power of Illuvium's NFTs, which bring the game's captivating creatures to life in stunning detail. Explore the vast possibilities of blockchain-based collectibles and immerse yourself in the world of Illuvium.

How to play Illuvium

First of all you have to get accepted into the beta testing, you can’t just go register and play - once you are accepted, you need to do the following:

  1. Get an Ethereum Wallet: You will need an Ethereum wallet that supports ERC-721 tokens to store and manage your in-game assets. Some popular wallets include MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, and Trust Wallet.
  2. Acquire ILV tokens: You will need to acquire the game's native token (ILV) to participate in the game's ecosystem. You can purchase ILV on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Uniswap, Binance, and KuCoin.
  3. Connect to the Illuvium crypto Game: Once you have an Ethereum wallet and ILV tokens, you can connect to the Illuvium game by visiting the official website ( and clicking on "Connect Wallet". This will prompt you to connect your Ethereum wallet to the game.
  4. Create a Character: Once you are connected to the game, you can create a character by choosing a name and avatar. You can also customize your character's appearance by selecting different skins and items.
  5. Capture and Evolve Creatures: In Illuvium, you can capture and evolve creatures by participating in battles and exploring the game's world. Each creature has unique attributes and abilities, and can be evolved by combining two creatures to create a more powerful one.
  6. Participate in Battles and Events: Illuvium features a range of battles and events that allow you to test your creatures against other players or AI-controlled creatures. You can earn ILV and other in-game rewards by participating in these battles and events.
  7. Trade and Sell In-Game Assets: You can trade and sell your in-game assets, including creatures, items, and skins, on the game's marketplace. This allows you to earn ILV and other cryptocurrencies by participating in the game's economy.


Illuvium features a range of different classes, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Here is an overview of the four main classes in Illuvium:

  • Guardian: Guardians are tough, defensive creatures that excel at protecting their allies and absorbing damage. They have high defense and health stats, making them ideal for tanking in battles.
  • Ranger: Rangers are agile creatures that excel at ranged combat and dealing damage from a distance. They have high speed and ranged attack stats, making them ideal for taking out enemies from afar.
  • Sorcerer: Sorcerers are magical creatures that excel at casting spells and dealing elemental damage. They have high magic and elemental attack stats, making them ideal for dealing damage to enemies with magic.
  • Sentinel: Sentinels are versatile creatures that excel at supporting their allies and disrupting enemy strategies. They have a mix of defensive and offensive abilities, making them ideal for filling a variety of roles in battles.

Each class has its own unique set of abilities and attributes, allowing players to choose a class that suits their style of playing and strategy. In addition to the main classes, there are also hybrid classes that can be created by evolving certain creatures, adding even more variety and depth to the game. Overall, the class system in Illuvium is an important part of the game's strategy and gameplay, allowing players to create a diverse and powerful team of creatures.

Discover the diverse array of classes available in Illuvium, the innovative crypto game where players can train and battle digital creatures. From powerful mages to fearsome warriors, explore the unique abilities and playstyles of each class in this immersive gaming experience
Choose your path in Illuvium with a diverse range of classes, each with its own unique abilities and playstyles. Master the art of battle with powerful warriors, sorcerers, and more, and discover the endless possibilities of this dynamic blockchain game.

Closing thoughts

Illuvium is by far the best project I have seen in the web3 space - lots of web3 projects have the right vision, but are lacking the graphical aspect that this crypto game provides. Looking at trailers and in-game footage of the actual game, it is just amazing. The only downside is that there has been put a lot of time and effort into this game but just collecting Illuvials will become boring pretty fast - so we have to wait a bit until the game develop further for a more dynamic gameplay. However, you can already start building and collecting if you get accepted into the beta. I'm quite convinced this game could be a pillar for web3 gaming if they continue to develop it correctly!

“Be a part of the Flagship community revolutionizing the economy; our captains are the map makers.”

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