Guild of Guardians - Top Free-To-Play Mobile Crypto Game!

Guild of Guardians - Top Free-To-Play Mobile Crypto Game!

The only thing they seem to have wrong is how to write esports

Guild of Guardians is a mobile multiplayer blockchain RPG that is a blend of fantasy and action, inspired by the likes of Diablo and Dungeons and Dragons.

Players can build their dream team of “Guardians” and adventure with their guild to earn rewards, defeat foes, and loot.

Their vision is to build the world’s most popular RPG where millions of players can turn their passion for gaming into tangible assets. We are on a journey to disrupt the gaming industry and to build the future of play-and-earn - a world where gamers can play a game they enjoy while simultaneously earning and trading as part of a massive, open-world economy.


What will the game have to offer?

  • Fun mobile RPG gameplay: Guild of Guardians will be entertaining and compelling. They plan to combine action RPG, deep strategy, a dynamic trading economy metagame, and socially focused gameplay to keep players engaged for years.
  • Play-and-earn mechanics: Guild of Guardians will have a deep and sustainable economy where players can play for free and earn NFTs and tokens. Like the real-world economy, you can choose how you want to specialize or play within the Guild of Guardians Economy.
  • Community-driven incentives: They understand the value a community brings to the game. Guild of Guardians will involve and reward the community for contributing to the growth of the overall ecosystem and empower creators to build long-term businesses in the Guild of Guardians metaverse.
  • Highly accessible: Guild of Guardians will be available on iOS and Android, making it hyper-accessible to everyone. The underlying technology will be based on Immutable X, allowing players to eventually enjoy instant and gas-free trading without even knowing they are using the blockchain.

They will also have different Heroes in their games:

  • Helia, Princess of Flames
  • Lia, Priestess of Illumination
  • Cyrus, Infernal Swordsman
  • Freia, Bastion of Defense

Business Model

Guild of Guardians is a free-to-play mobile game that operates the game as a service. However, the potential continues beyond there. Many businesses can sit on top of the core game, which we expect will be developed over time (by the community or us). Here is our universe:

  • NFT trading marketplace
  • Lending and 'sponsorship' platforms
  • Community guides, newsletters, and analysis
  • Esports tournaments and competitions
  • Social hub and gathering for like-minded players
  • Metaverse expansions into worlds such as Sandbox or Decentraland, 3rd party-developed games, and more

Revenue Model

There are three primary revenue drivers for Guild of Guardians as a game.

  • Primary Sales: Guild of Guardians sells seasonal content as NFTs. These are limited editions and will be usable in the mobile game. Examples include heroes, pets, guilds, and energy boosters
  • Secondary Sales (trading fees): Guild of Guardians takes a % fee from all secondary transactions of NFTs. This is our primary driver of revenue long-term, as we aim to create a billion-dollar economy
  • In-app purchases: Guild of Guardians will have some in-app purchases for players. These will likely be minimal but will allow us to build a strong relationship with app store developers and appeal to mainstream users

Their business model looks pretty solid; the only part that worries me a bit is that they mention esports and competitions, but in the esports world, they don’t write it as eSports or e-sports, so it seems that there will be some real esports experience needed to get that to a decent level as most long-lasting popular games depend on their fun factor and esports eco-system behind it.

guild of guardians in game

How to Get Started with Guild of Guardians

The first thing you will need to do is pre-register on the main page of the website. After confirming the subscription, the user will have the opportunity to enter personal data, which will be required once the game is fully released.

Next thing you will need to do is connect your MetaMask browser extension wallet.

Then from there, you will just follow the prompts in the window that opens to complete the connection of your crypto wallet. Once MetaMask is connected, you will have to connect it to the ImmutableX blockchain. To accomplish that, go to the “mint” tab and click the “LINK A WALLET TO X” button.

Final thoughts

With still being a bit skeptical on their esports ecosystem, the game does look pretty solid overall.

And with everything that has gone into this project, the growth of the blockchain gaming, NFT, and crypto sectors, I feel that this game could be a smash hit in adoption and success. From the early release gameplay footage and scouring through the whitepaper, this game looks really fun with countless hours of playability. I would not be surprised at all to see Guild of Guardians become one of the top 10 blockchain games once interest returns to the overall crypto space.

“Be a part of the Flagship community revolutionizing the economy; our captains are the mapmakers.”

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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