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Exploring Web3 games on Myria

In this article, we will give you an overview of some of the games offered on the Web3 gaming platform Myria.

As we have covered in this article, Myria is a scaling solution for Ethereum Layer 2 (“L2”) that is designed specifically to handle blockchain gaming, NFTs, and other functions. Created in collaboration with StarkWare, Myria’s L2 scaling solution enables instant confirmation of trades, 0 gas fees for NFT minting and trading, and ensures the security of users’ assets.

Myria Wallet & Myria Marketplace

The Myria L2 wallet addresses the common issue that many scaling solutions have faced in recent years, which is that as the underlying technology becomes more advanced, the user experience tends to become more complex. Myria’s solution offers a streamlined user experience that makes it easy for users to interact with the platform.

At the same time, Myria’s NFT marketplace provides users with a convenient way to purchase NFTs produced by Myria Studios and other developers. Users can buy NFTs directly from the Myria listing, as well as from other marketplaces connected through Myria’s universal order book. This enables users to access a wider range of NFTs and provides developers with additional avenues to sell their creations.

myria wallet & marketplace for NFT and Games

The MYRIA token is coming soon

With the upcoming launch of its native token, Myria is a step closer to building the ultimate Web3 gaming ecosystem. The MYRIA token will bring in-game utility and numerous benefits to its holders, empowering the growth of Web3 gaming.

  • Node purchase and rewards - Myria’s nodes are these nodes are integral to the protocol’s infrastructure and security. Node owners secure the network, assist in the governance and decentralization of the Myria ecosystem, and receive MYRIA token rewards for doing so.
  • Staking - Rewards in MYRIA are paid to anyone who chooses to stake their MYRIA tokens.
  • Protocol Fee - A proportion of protocol fees on every Myria transaction will be paid with the MYRIA token for all trades executed.
  • Governance - Believers in Myria’s ambition and vision to bring real economies and genuine ownership to the world of Web3 gaming, who stake MYRIA, secure voting rights. This allows participants to decide on the strategic direction of Myria’s evolving ecosystem in a democratic way.
  • Additional in-game utility - Myria has already partnered with hundreds of high-quality games. With selected titles, the MYRIA token will provide an added in-game utility that will further drive demand for MYRIA.
  • Exclusive NFT purchases - After the launch of MYRIA, exclusive NFT collections created by Myria Studios will only be purchasable with MYRIA tokens
myria crypto game games

Myria Games


Metakart is an upcoming lawless kart racing game where players compete with each other in karts and do whatever it takes to reach the finish line before anyone else. Under development by Myria on the Myria blockchain, Metakart is powered by $MKART tokens which you can earn by holding NFTs (rewards distributed every month), customizing your racer, and joining exclusive races and winning.

You need a racer NFT and kart NFT to take place in the races; the game will be available to play on the Web, iOS, and Android in 2023. The game is under development by Myria Games.

There are 10,000 unique racers and kart NFTs that you can buy now to play the game when it’s out. In the pre-sale, each NFT will cost 0.05 ETH, while the public sale will increase the price to 0.07 ETH.

Block Royale

Block Royale is an upcoming fast-paced, action-packed battle royale survival game where only the last man (or team) standing wins the game. Under development by Myria on the Myria blockchain, Block Royale will be powered by an unannounced cryptocurrency which you can earn by eliminating your opponents in the Battle Arena and stealing their loot.

Block Royale will be free to play and will be available to play on Mac, PC, Android, and iOS. The release date is yet to be announced. The information about the game’s token will also be released later.

Isekaiverse – Bonus Game

Isekaiverse is a next-generation decentralized anime metaverse that includes an upcoming anime series and, of course, a play-to-earn ecosystem. The Isekai Battle Game will be a real-time, fast-paced, and mana-based game in which players compete in fights. The winner of each battle will earn rewards such as experience points.

Each player can hold up to 5 cards, which are used by deploying them to the battlefield for mana. Players can use various skills, items, and shards to defeat opponents on the battlefield. Once a card or an item is defeated, the card is added to the bottom of the deck, allowing players to play till a victor is crowned.

Xandar Myria crypto games

Closing thoughts:

I believe the Myria ecosystem has potential for the future. They seem to largely be building the infrastructure for future success and have ways to go. One important thing for the developers to figure out is how to deliver successful game launches. If Myria can deliver quality crypto games that are fun to play, then they shouldn’t have a problem onboarding new users to their platform.

Once onboarded, it makes it easy for users to try additional games on the platform.

“Be a part of the Flagship community revolutionizing the economy; our captains are the map makers.”

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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