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Eight Innovative Projects Shaping Decentralized Science

From democratizing data access to revolutionizing peer review, this article delves into the innovative solutions that are making science more open, equitable, and efficient.


Decentralized science or DeSci allows for more diverse funding sources (from DAOs, quadratic donations to crowdfunding and more), more accessible access data and methods, and by providing incentives for reproducibility. Decentralized science addresses real-world issues in scientific research, such as the difficulties of sharing data and discoveries, the slow pace of peer review, and the lack of openness and accountability in traditional publishing methods. Decentralized science can have real-world influence and widespread adoption by overcoming these issues. If you want to learn more about DeSci you can read our deep dive here.

DeSci stands at the intersection of innovation and tradition, offering a new way to conduct scientific research that is more open, transparent, and collaborative. By tackling key issues like funding, information access, and data reproducibility, DeSci has the potential to change the scientific landscape. It's not just about making science more efficient; it's about making it more equitable and accessible to all. DeSci holds immense promise but also requires thoughtful implementation. We are writing this article to shed light on the top projects in the DeSci space. The Desci space is still growing, the projects highlighted are the projects that we think have potential.

DeSci Projects landscape

Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol is changing the way we unlock and utilize data on a grand scale. Recognized as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, the platform equips developers with the tools they need to build decentralized applications. Using Ocean's JavaScript and Python libraries, developers can create apps that not only use data more efficiently but also reward users for their contributions.

One of its features of Ocean Protocol is its Data NFTs and DataTokens. This innovation simplifies the complex process of publishing and consuming data. By deploying ERC721 data NFTs and ERC20 datatokens, Ocean Protocol effectively turns traditional crypto wallets and exchanges into data-centric platforms. This opens up new avenues for data management and exchange, transforming how we think about data storage and transactions.

Another feature is Compute-to-Data, which addresses the dilemma of using private data without exposing it to risks. This feature allows data to remain on-site while still being accessible for specific computing tasks. It's a game-changer for operations like data averaging or AI model building, as it enables secure, third-party computations without compromising data privacy.

Last but not least, Ocean Protocol offers enhanced Data Marketplaces. These are platforms where users can publish and purchase data securely. Leveraging blockchain technology, these marketplaces allow for the sale and purchase of data as interoperable ERC721 data NFTs and ERC20 datatokens. This not only makes data more accessible but also opens up the possibility for the secure exchange of private data.

Ocean Protool


VitaDAO is a DAO that has carved a niche for itself in the realm of longevity science. Unlike traditional organizations, VitaDAO operates withoutout the need for a centralized governing body. This setup not only minimizes human error but also fosters a community of diverse professionals, from anthropologists to software engineers, all united by the mission to advance longevity research.

VitaDAO's unique approach to governance offers a fresh perspective on scientific funding. Traditional funding often comes with strings attached, prioritizing investor interests and potentially narrowing research scope. VitaDAO, however, empowers more innovative, albeit riskier, projects. It has even introduced intellectual property non-fungible tokens (IP NFTs) to monetize completed research, thereby generating additional funds for future initiatives.

VitaDAO has deployed over $4 million in funding and has backed 19 research projects. Among these are cutting-edge ventures like Matrix Bio, which received $300,000 for research on the anti-cancer and pro-longevity effects of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Another notable project is BE Therapeutics, which focuses on brain tissue replacement and has raised $100,000.

The organization's community-driven approach, combined with its innovative funding mechanisms, positions it as a leader in the longevity science space. With a community of over 9,000 members and liquid funds exceeding $6 million.

VitaDAO how it works

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Cerebrum DAO

CerebrumDAO is a initiative aimed at advancing brain health research. With a mission to fund projects in this critical area, the organization is filling a gap that traditional funding often overlooks. Brain health is a complex field that requires substantial investment for meaningful progress. Yet, it often doesn't receive the attention or resources it deserves. This is where CerebrumDAO steps in, offering a decentralized approach to funding that prioritizes the community's needs.

The funding process is designed to be transparent and democratic. Unlike traditional models where a few stakeholders make all the decisions, CerebrumDAO allows for community involvement. The organization plans to introduce a governance token, which will serve a dual purpose. First, the sale of these tokens will generate revenue for the CerebrumDAO treasury. This treasury will then be used to fund various projects in brain health. Second, token holders will have the power to vote on which projects should receive funding, ensuring that community interests are at the forefront.

Looking ahead, the introduction of a governance token is a significant milestone for CerebrumDAO. Not only will it provide the necessary funds to support vital research, but it will also give the community a voice in shaping the future of brain health. This token-based approach ensures that the projects receiving funding align with what the community deems most important, making CerebrumDAO a truly democratic and effective platform for advancing brain health.



AthenaDAO is a decentralized community focused on advancing women's health research, education, and funding. The organization serves as a hub for researchers, funders, and advocates, aiming to make a meaningful impact in the field of women's health.

What sets AthenaDAO apart is its unique approach to funding and collaboration. It employs on-chain technology to create transparent and community-driven funding mechanisms. This allows for early-stage research and biotech startups to receive the financial support they need. The community collaboratively decides on capital allocation.

AthenaDAO is not just about funding; it's also about empowerment and education. The organization is a global female-led movement that focuses on providing women with education, resources, and incentives that directly benefit them. It offers a platform for women to interact with the scientific community and influence the direction of research.

One of the recent projects funded by AthenaDAO is led by Dr. Mario Cordero, Principal Investigator at Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla. The project aims to address the issue of Diminished Ovarian Reserve (DOR), a condition that currently lacks effective treatment. Another initiative is the AthenaDAO Reproductive Health Report, which explores topics like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and Endometriosis, aiming to fill the gaps in reproductive health knowledge.

Athena DAO

Ants Review

Ants Review is a project designed to decentralize the traditional peer-review system in scientific publishing. Developed during the ETH Turin 2020 Hackathon, it aims to address the inefficiencies and limitations of the current peer-review process. The project's mission is to create a more democratic and transparent system that rewards contributors for their efforts, something that has been largely overlooked in the academic community.

At its core, Ants Review operates on a blockchain-based incentive protocol. When authors submit a draft paper to an open-access journal or preprint, they can issue a call for paper reviews. This call, also known as "bounty issuance," is governed by a smart contract. The contract sets the rules for fulfilling the review, allowing anyone to participate as a reviewer or editor. Reviews that meet the smart contract's criteria are then audited by external editors who validate the content. If the reviews are accepted, reviewers are awarded in ANT. The platform is not just about incentivizing reviews; it's also about preserving anonymity and ensuring ethical conduct.

Ants Review


Sci2sci is not just a platform for data sharing; it's a comprehensive solution for researchers and data scientists. Its mission is to make knowledge production and sharing as transparent and accessible as possible. One of its features is the ability to search for data by structural similarity. For example, if you're a machine learning researcher, who has developed a COVID-19 prediction model, you can upload your dataset and find similar ones to validate your model across different regions.

But Sci2sci goes beyond just search functionality. It offers an API that allows users to build custom pipelines, automating routine tasks and extending the platform's basic capabilities. A cybersecurity researcher can use this feature to automate the updating of external datasets for her machine learning models.

The platform also keeps you updated on new research and datasets relevant to your field. Moreover, Sci2sci encourages data sharing by notifying you when your data is cited in other works.



BeakerDAO is a decentralized organization focused on advancing scientific research. Its mission is to bridge the gap between the scientific community and blockchain technology. By leveraging the power of decentralized finance (DeFi), BeakerDAO aims to fund research that might otherwise struggle to find support. The organization believes it fills a critical need in today's research landscape, where traditional funding can be limited and bureaucratic.

BeakerDAO offers a unique approach to research funding. It allows scientists to tokenize their research projects, turning them into tradeable assets. This not only democratizes the funding process but also gives scientists a new avenue to raise capital. Investors, in turn, can support projects they believe in and potentially earn returns, creating a win-win situation for both parties.

BeakerDAO sees itself as a catalyst for change. It aims to disrupt the traditional models of research funding, making it more accessible and efficient.


Final Thoughts

In the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized science, these eight projects stand out for their innovative approaches to tackling some of the most pressing challenges in scientific research today. From democratizing data access to revolutionizing peer review, each project brings something unique to the table. However, it's important to note that these are just a handful of examples. The DeSci space is teeming with creativity, and there are at least 75 other projects that are equally groundbreaking.

While we've highlighted projects that we believe have immense potential, the field is wide open for new ideas and solutions. The common thread among all these initiatives is their commitment to making science more open, equitable, and efficient. As the DeSci community continues to grow, we can expect to see even more exciting developments that will push the boundaries of what's possible in scientific research. The next big thing in decentralized science could be just around the corner, and it might be something we haven't even imagined yet.

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