SBF Describes Harsh Conditions of Bahamian Prison

SBF Describes Harsh Conditions of Bahamian Prison

In a shocking account of his nine-day detention in the Bahamas, cryptocurrency trader and entrepreneur Sam Bankman-Fried describe the harsh conditions of the prison infirmary where he was held

In an interview with a local newspaper, Bankman-Fried recounts the overcrowded and unsanitary conditions of the 20-foot square green and the yellow room he shared with five other prisoners, describing the infirmary as “harsh” and “inadequate.”

Despite the difficult living conditions, Bankman-Fried’s experience in prison was not without its human moments. He formed friendships with the other prisoners, many of whom were detained on drug-related charges, and even discussed risk and reward with them. However, the lack of internet access was a significant source of frustration for Bankman-Fried, who was used to having instant access to information and communication through his smartphone and social media accounts.

The US State Department described the prison as “harsh due to overcrowding, poor nutrition, and inadequate sanitation, ventilation, and sanitation,” according to the Bahamian Commissioner of Correctional Services. The infirmary’s private bathroom had no flushing toilet, just a bucket of water. He used a garden hose to shower with cold water because the moldy shower head in the phone booth-sized bathroom was inoperable. The drying towel from Bankman-Fried measured three by five inches. He described his sleeping arrangement as,

“the worst possible bed you can imagine, made of cardboard and a piece of semi-soft plastic atop stilts.”
SBF Describes Harsh Conditions of Bahamian Prison

Despite the harsh conditions, Bankman-Fried remained optimistic and focused on his legal case. He was only permitted one 30-minute phone call during his entire stay, but his Bahamian lawyers were allowed to pay him daily visits. He used these visits to send inquiries about his case, bail, and cryptocurrency trading platform, FTX, as he had grown accustomed to having all his questions answered with a few keyboard clicks.

However, as the days passed, Bankman-Fried began to feel the strain of being cut off from the outside world. He reports that he was starting to lose his mind after his first week in prison. His primary concern was the possibility of being transferred to New York City’s notorious Metropolitan Correctional Center, where high-profile inmates such as Jeffrey Epstein, El Chapo, and Bernie Madoff have been held.

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