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Captain GregSchneider

Cardano, an open-source blockchain, was created due to peer-reviewed academic research, with several academic articles serving as the project’s foundation. This outpost describes the Cardano ecosystem’s history, plans, and current state.

Hydra cardano

Hydra Upgrade Launched on Cardano: Is 1M TPS Achievable?

We look at what the Hydra upgrade means for Cardano, and whether the 1 million transactions per second is a realistic aim.

Cardano Oracle Feed Integration Charlie3  collaboration Liqwid Finance

Charli3 & Liqwid Finance giving Cardano its first Oracle Feed Integration

Liqwid Finance becomes the first Cardano project to integrate an oracle feed through its partnership with Charlie3.

Milkomeda Crypto Cardano Upgrade EVM

Milkomeda Crypto Upgrade - Ethereum dApps are coming to Cardano

This article will look at the major Milkomeda Crypto upgrade that will allow Ethereum dApps to be accessed by Cardano wallets. We discuss what this could mean for the Cardano ecosystem.

Cardano's Stablecoins Compared

Cardano's Stablecoins Compared

With the influx of 3 new stablecoins to Cardano, we look at what makes these three offerings different.