Account Abstraction

Blockchain innovations that will pave the way for mass adoption

Blockchain innovations that will pave the way for mass adoption

The essence of these innovations is to lower the entry barriers, making the leap into the blockchain sphere less daunting for individuals. By embedding blockchain functionalities into familiar platforms and simplifying complex interactions, these innovations are essentially extending an invitation to the masses to partake in future.

Account Abstraction EIP ERC-4337

Account Abstraction: Ethereum's Gateway to Widespread Adoption

Public and private keys, bridging, selecting which chain to be on, it's all too complex for most people and is blocking us from reaching mass adoption. We now have a solution called Account Abstraction! In this article, we take a good look at the possibilities of this new innovation and explore the leading projects.

Intents meaning in crypto and blockchain

Navigating Intents, Unveiling a User-centric Pathway in Blockchain Transactions

The emergence of intents is not technical a technical advancement; it's a step closer to making blockchain a realm where users can express their desires with the assurance that the system will orchestrate the best possible path to fulfillment. This shift towards a more user-centric paradigm is driving us towards a future where interacting with blockchain networks is no longer an issue, but a user-friendly experience.

crypto venture capital firms

Crypto Venture Capital Slows down: Here’s the top 10

In March 2023, 60 crypto projects raised capital from crypto venture capital, down 25% Month-over-Month. Even the total value raised was down ($756.85 million), with a focus on Pre-Seed, Seed rounds and Series A; the top 10 projects raised are listed.

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