Fragsy: A Platform for Upgradable NFTs

Fragsy: A Platform for Upgradable NFTs

Fragsy announced the launching of the first no-code upgradeable NFTs (NFT 2.0) platform. This new platform sets the standard for digital living assets, providing more flexibility and freedom for creators and brands in NFTs.

Founded in late 2021 by Romà Llambés (CEO) and Román Via-Dufresne (CTO), two 21-year-old college drop-outs from Barcelona, Fragsy is a tool that enables anyone to create upgradable NFTs for free just by completing a 2 minutes form. The solution aims to be widely adopted by mainstream users based on being super easy to use, enabling NFT purchases with fiat money and not making it compulsory to connect a crypto wallet.

“Until now standard NFTs have been limited to certain use-cases, and that's where Fragsy comes in. Our platform allows everyone to create, buy and sell NFTs that are upgradable” said CEO Romà Llambés.
Fragsy: A Platform for Upgradable NFTs

According to Fragsy upgradable NFTs are the evolution of NFTs. While standard NFTs stay static and rigid, Upgradable NFTs can evolve or level up depending on real-world events (off-chain & on-chain data). This opens up endless possibilities for creators to generate value.

Fragsy has solved the main challenge of the upgradable NFTs by simplifying the creation and management processes. The solution is based on a points system that creators set within each NFT to encourage user interaction. These interactions are made between the NFT holders and the platforms Fragsy has integrated (currently Twitter, Spotify and the custom Fragsy API). The more the NFT holder interacts, the more the NFT will upgrade its appearance, attributes and utilities.

Currently, Fragsy is focused on applying upgradable NFTs to community building, loyalty programs and ticketing, with the possibility to expand to many other purposes like supply chain management, real estate…

“We have built a team of 12 like-minded entrepreneurs who want to improve the NFT industry by giving creators more freedom and simplifying the upgradable NFT creation process. With our focus on solving the current NFT restrictions, we have seen extensive growth in our community in the web3 space,” said CTO Román Via-Dufresne.

Fragsy has raised money from investors in Europe and is committed to making upgradable NFTs accessible worldwide.

The platform is already open and a basic version of Fragsy is available here. They are currently working on expanding the number of platforms integrated and features.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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