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Welcome to the Metaverse outpost! In here, we will discuss everything Metaverse related - from centralized and decentralized Metaverse projects, to digital real estate strategies, to digital identities.

Open Metaverse Projects

Decentralization Evaluation Framework: A Comprehensive Guide to Critically Assessing Open Metaverse Projects

Unlock the potential of open metaverse projects with this comprehensive decentralization evaluation framework. Critically assess key project areas such as decentralization, vision, technical capabilities, tokenomics, and more to identify projects that align with the principles of openness and decentralization.

Digital Real Estate - How to invest in the metaverse

Digital real estate 101: The why and how of investing in land & properties in the Metaverse

People have gathered in digital worlds since the early Internet’s chat rooms and gaming lobbies. However, the digital world is consuming a larger percentage of our activities and time than ever before — and it’s becoming more and more tangible.

What is MetaFi?

What is MetaFi? DeFi and Metaverse Unite!

After the recent popularity of metaverse projects, there has been a steep increase in interest around the term MetaFi, a combination of the words Meta and Finance. Browsing the internet for a definition of MetaFi, you’ll come across two explanations that generally point in the same direction, but have a slightly different point of view.

centralized vs decentralized metaverse

Welcome to the Metaverse: Exploring Centralized vs Decentralized Metaverse

All you need to know about the next frontier of reality. The metaverse has rapidly become the buzzword in tech, with corporate giants like Facebook (now Meta), Tencent, and Microsoft getting heavily involved. Let's compare centralized vs decentralized metaverse projects.