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Why Gold is Up. A prelude for Bitcoin?

The financial market's dynamics are intricate, and preferences for assets like gold and Bitcoin are swayed by various factors, including geopolitical tensions, economic forecasts, and other asset classes' performance, like equities.


The appeal of assets that can weather storms of uncertainty are ever-growing. Gold, with its long-standing history as a safe haven, continues to be a preferred choice for investors, especially amid geopolitical tensions and economic shivers. The recent spate of conflicts, notably the Israel-Palestine discord, and global uncertainties have propelled gold prices, underscoring its status as a traditional refuge for investors.

On a parallel stride, Bitcoin, the digital currency often touted as 'digital gold', is carving its niche as an alternative safe-haven asset. The endorsement from financial moguls like Paul Tudor Jones and Larry Fink further amplifies the narrative of Bitcoin as a potential stabilizer in turbulent times, much akin to gold. As we delve into the dynamics of gold’s price surge and Bitcoin’s budding stature, we also touch upon speculative murmurs, knitting a story of two worlds - the traditional and the digital, converging on the common ground of investor security.

Bitcoin and Gold

Gold the TradFi Safe Haven

The recent uptick in gold prices is attributed to several factors including the Israel-Palestine conflict, global uncertainty, and fiat currency debasement. The ongoing strife between Israel and Palestine, marked by military clashes and geopolitical tensions, has spurred investors to turn to safe-haven assets like gold, resulting in a noticeable price increase. For instance, the conflict led to a significant one-day jump in international gold prices, reaching a near one-month high.

Aside from this conflict, escalating tensions in the Middle East and other geopolitical uncertainties have pushed the demand for gold upwards. Investors are gravitating towards gold to preserve capital during these turbulent times. Recent shifts in US fiscal policy, accentuated by a surge in US bond yields, have also steered investors towards gold as a safeguard against economic instability.

Furthermore, the debasement of fiat currencies, primarily driven by increased credit, has significantly impacted gold prices. This situation often triggers a reversion of gold prices to historically high levels compared to money supply indicators like M2, making gold an appealing asset for those aiming to maintain value amidst fiat currency devaluation.

The amalgamation of these elements contributes to gold's allure as a stable store of value, driving its price up in the international market. The traditional role of gold as a safe-haven asset becomes more pronounced during times of geopolitical tension and economic uncertainty.

Gold m2

Bitcoin to Follow?

Recently, notable figures like hedge fund billionaire Paul Tudor Jones and BlackRock CEO Larry Fink have shared views that place Bitcoin alongside gold, especially as safe-haven assets amid turbulent times. Paul Tudor Jones has shown favor towards both Bitcoin and gold in anticipation of economic challenges. In a CNBC interview, he talked about these assets occupying a larger share of portfolios due to the US's challenging political climate and ongoing global geopolitical issues. He speculated that with a looming recession, investors might channel at least $40 billion into gold, and Bitcoin could also find a place in cautious portfolios during such times.

On the other hand, Larry Fink, heading the investment giant BlackRock, has likened Bitcoin to a "flight to safety" asset class, similar to gold and US Treasuries, underlining its growing significance in uncertain times. Contrary to some rumors about his fund's spot ETF application driving Bitcoin's recent rally, Fink pointed towards a broader demand for cryptocurrency as a safer asset class.

The comparison between Bitcoin and gold isn't new, particularly during market volatility or geopolitical unrest. Both are perceived as value stores that offer a hedge against inflation and economic instability. Recent price trends of Bitcoin, resembling those of gold during financial market disruptions or bank failures, indicate a budding perception of Bitcoin as digital gold.

Speaking of bank failures, I believe there's a potential silent struggle among lower-tier banks, drawing a parallel to the scenario when SVB bank failed in March. This is pure speculation; while there's no public evidence of such failures at the moment, the price action in gold and Bitcoin might be signaling underlying financial instability. This aligns with the narrative that in times of financial uncertainty, investors gravitate towards what are considered safe-haven assets like gold and, increasingly, Bitcoin.


Final Thoughts

The confluence of geopolitical unrest, economic tremors, and the quest for financial safety is painting a compelling picture for both gold and Bitcoin. Gold continues to be the quintessential safe haven, its price ebbs and flows resonating with the heartbeat of global events. The narrative of Bitcoin as a burgeoning safe haven is still in a nascent stage, yet the endorsements from financial stalwarts lend it a robust credence. As Bitcoin continues to echo the price trends of gold, especially during times of financial disquiet, the digital currency is edging closer to being recognized as a viable alternative for risk-averse investors.

While the legacy of gold remains untarnished, the emergence of Bitcoin heralds a fusion of traditional and digital finance realms. This fusion is not without its share of skepticism and challenges, yet the potential it holds is immense.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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