Federal Reserve Delivers a Rate Hike

Federal Reserve Delivers a Rate Hike

The Federal Reserve increased its target interest rate by 25 bps

The average human spends their afternoon listening to music or going for a walk, me? I listened to the Federal Open Market Committee meeting.

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve increased its target interest rate by 25 bps. This move was made as part of the ongoing effort to combat inflation, which has seen some improvement but remains elevated. In a statement, the Fed acknowledged the progress made in reducing the rate of price increases from the 40-year highs reached last year. However, the central bank promised “ongoing increases” in borrowing costs to maintain its commitment to combat inflation. This action by the Federal Reserve indicates its determination to stabilize the economy and maintain financial stability by keeping inflation under control.


Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, stated in a recent speech that it would take some time for the full effects of the central bank's actions to be realized. He emphasized that the Federal Open Market Committee will continue to make decisions on a meeting-by-meeting basis to assess the progress towards reducing inflation.

Powell acknowledged that shifting to a slower pace of rate hikes allows the FOMC to assess the situation and make informed decisions carefully. He also stated that reducing inflation will likely require below-trend growth, but the central bank still needs to be sufficiently restrictive on interest rates.

However, Powell cautioned that declaring victory on the inflation front would be premature. He stated that the Federal Reserve would likely raise interest rates twice to reach an “appropriately restrictive” stance. He noted that the central bank's primary goal is to maintain financial stability and ensure a healthy and sustainable economy.

Jerome Powell spoke somewhat Hawkish at this event, but the market did not care what he said. Bitcoin soared over 3% from the lows set and looks set to take another leg up. Jerome Powel ended his speech by stating that the Federal Reserve has a different forecast from the financial markets, and based on their outlook, they do not see the need for cutting interest rates this year.

Powell emphasized that the central bank's decision-making process is based on assessing the economic situation, including financial data and forecasts, and the outlook for inflation and employment. He noted that the Federal Reserve would continue to monitor the economic crisis closely and adjust its monetary policy to meet its goals.

The chairman's statement suggests that the Federal Reserve is confident in the current state of the economy and sees no immediate need for further monetary stimulus in the form of lower interest rates. This is a sign that the central bank believes that the economy is on a solid footing and is expected to continue growing shortly.

Overall, Powell's comments indicate that the Federal Reserve is carefully considering its monetary policy decisions and taking a proactive approach to ensuring a strong and stable economy.

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