December CPI Report

December CPI Report

On the 13th of December, they released the latest CPI data - adding some volatility to the end of the year.

Here we are again, yet another inflation metric. You ask yourself why does the Consumer Price Index matter? But there you were, refreshing your Twitter feed and waiting for CPI to be released to see how it affected your precious coins.

It has been days since we have had a smidgen of volatility; you get a couple of hours of volatility, and then poof, no more volatility.


Well, here we are. The CPI report was just released. Usually, I put little weight on these metrics as they are skewed. But this CPI report is a little different from the rest.

  • First, it happens right after the PPI report; usually, CPI is released first, then PPI.
  • Second, tomorrow we have an FOMC meeting where the FED will decide how much they will raise interest rates.
  • Last, there are no more inflation talks for the rest of the year, so we can all relax a little.
feels good

The CPI report for December was expected to be 7.3% on a year-on-year basis. In actuality, it came in at 7.1%, which is a 0.6% decrease based on the previous report. The last CPI data came in at 7.7%.

Well, the CPI report came in better/ just as expected. What does this mean for tomorrow's FOMC meeting? Very little, the FED will most probably raise interest rates with 50bps. I don't see a scenario where they can only raise interest rates with 25 bps because inflation is still rampant.

looks good

You'll need to stay tuned for tomorrow's Jerome Powell and the Federal reserves decision. We will see nothing out of the ordinary tomorrow, but you never know with these central bankers. The only person who knows what will happen tomorrow is Jerome himself.


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