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MetaOne - "The ultimate web3 gaming store"

Let's explore MetaOne, which aims to be the world’s leading GameFi, guild management, and analytics platform.

MetaOne is a comprehensive enabler and force multiplier for the Gamefi space, integrating analytics, guild management, asset management, and investments. MetaOne, created by gamers, offers unparalleled transparency and functionality to add value to all the key stakeholders in the Gamefi space.

Their smart contracts for cross-chain investments are designed to allow players to trade and swap native tokens and NFT Game Assets between separate ecosystems. Leasing and lending contracts are executed with owners’ NFT assets kept secure in their wallets whilst gamers obtain the NFT access rights for in-game usage, reducing the fraud risk happening in blockchains.

MetaOne's 'Big Data Analytics Tools for Gamers' provide insight into the current and overall yield across each GameFi, their in-game duration, and understanding the subsequent potential gain by comparing the next gamers in front. Gamers could choose to indulge in games that yield the best return on their investment and monitor their own performance.

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MetaOne, the one platform that commits to “Gaming Guilds As A Service”, is the largest SAAS to onboard massive games and guilds onto blockchain gaming. The platform’s single interface makes the transition from traditional gaming to blockchain effortless. It integrates into games’ architecture to mine relevant data for guilds analytics, is equipped with guild management tools, offers asset management to empower stakeholders in generating their revenue, and designed smart contracts for cross-chain investments to be performed safely with transparency.

WEB3.0 Gaming

The platform offers several minigames which makes them act a bit like the steam store from Valve. If this is what they are looking to compete with, it will have to add some more serious games to rule the market. They do present themselves as another project that aims to bridge web2 gamers into web3 gamers, but I did not see any serious web2 partnerships from their side.

On their website, you can see they are onboarding guilds, which states that they currently have over 230 guilds and 69.000 gamers onboarded. They are also partnering with studios, which is the right direction to go! However, they are still missing some notable names from the web2 industry to bridge the gap between web2 and web3.


This seems a bit disappointing currently - as the project looks promising, and with all the great stuff they present on their website, the activity is rather low. As of today, they have 165 transactions listed, 6.390 NFT’s and a total volume of 87,12USDT and today's growth shows 0.23 USDT. This is something that still needs to kick off, but it's hard to understand that if you have onboarded 230 guilds and a total of 69.000 gamers, this is the total activity on their NFT hub.

Work to do! They do have quite some projects still listed as coming soon, so it might just be a little bit too early to judge this section. But if they want to be the bridge between web2 and web3 gaming this will be something that they have to look into.

MetaOne minigames launched

Project funding

MetaOne has recently announced Arcane ( as their leading partner for its first private round, with a total of $ 4.2 million raised for the development of their platform's guild analytical tools and smart contracts for NFT management.

Arcane Group is a multi-stage venture capital firm with an interest in blockchain technologies across the whole spectrum. Since their inception in the early part of 2022, they have been investing in ideas and people who can unlock the true potential of web3 infrastructure.

According to Neil Su, partner at Arcane Group, "We are incredibly excited to announce our investment in MetaOne. By easing the onboarding process for many gamers to web3, a pain-point for current web3 games, and providing valuable analytics for the gaming ecosystem, it has shown the ability to create lasting synergies between the various participants in the gaming space. We look forward to lending our expertise and charting a course for the next era of web3 gaming platforms.

Looking at the bigger picture, our thesis has remained unchanged despite market conditions. We believe that the Metaverse and Web3 gaming represents the path of least resistance for non-crypto natives to interact with blockchain technologies and has the potential to foster mass adoption at an accelerated rate."

Closing thoughts

The idea of the project is great! By the looks of what they've currently listed, they are focused on the Asian region right now - which perfectly makes sense as Asia has a massive gaming audience.

Looking at the overall picture, they still have a lot of work to do. For example, the staking function that's listed on their website still has to be released, and their NFT hub looks rather inactive. If they want to be the bridge between web2 and web3 and become the ultimate web3 gaming store, they will have to go outside of Asia and partner with some bigger guilds and studios compared to what they have today.

“Be a part of the Flagship community revolutionizing the economy; our captains are the map makers.”

MetaOne welcomes new guild

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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