Proof of Play

Decentralizing Play: Proof of Play’s $33 Million Leap into the Future of Gaming

A closer look at Proof of Play's promising gaming ecosystem and its aspiration to shape the future of decentralized gaming experiences.

Proof of Play, a brand-new game studio and technology company, is at the frontier of converging playful creativity with decentralization’s boundless potential. With its monumental $33 million funding, led by notable entities such as a16z and Greenoaks, and renowned investors such as Naval Ravikant & Balaji Srinivasan, Proof of Play is poised to redefine the fabric of the gaming industry.

$33 million raised Proof of Play

Focus on Fun, Discover the Tech Later

Most of all, gamers just want to have a good time. Most of them don't mind whether their games run on AWS or Ethereum. But right now, many view blockchain games as complex and costly.

Proof of Play's mission is to build fun, easy-to-play games where the tech works quietly in the background. It's goal is to let players first enjoy their game, and then, as they dive deeper, realize the perks of on-chain gaming.

They are starting off this ambition with Pirate Nation, their flagship game. It's an on-chain RPG where players gather pirate teams, battle creatures, and aim for the leaderboard's top spots. Pirate Nation is a free-to-play game, aiming to let the players get familiar with Proof of Play & the world of on-chain games. They will be using it as a testing ground, to learn and solve the challenges that will make on-chain gaming universal.

Pirate Nation
Pirate Nation - Proof of Play's first on-chain RPG game

The Unseen Potential of On-Chain Games

On-chain games are transformative, operating entirely on decentralized blockchains as opposed to centralized servers. A network of independent nodes maintains the game's logic and history, assuring the validity of players' moves. On-chain games are thus secure, enduring, and infinitely extendable by anyone, promising a future where games are not just played but evolved by their communities.

It’s pivotal to differentiate on-chain games from other blockchain games which are essentially regular games that allow purchases with NFTs but are still controlled by centralized entities. On-chain games, however, empower players with ownership and control, marking a paradigm shift in the gaming landscape.

Empowering Modifications

Since the inception of PC games, players have enjoyed modifying games to enhance their experience. This modification culture has led to the development of remarkable games, with many deriving from an impulse to revamp and innovate. But as games evolved into services, the modification process became more centralized, compromising user creativity and interaction.

With on-chain gaming, the landscape is changing again, promising an open-source, decentralized approach where anyone can build, modify, and innovate. This shift allows unprecedented user-generated content, reminiscent of the early days of the web—open, collaborative, and expansive.

On-chain games

Crafting Autonomous Worlds

Intricate games are evolving into ecosystems resembling societies, with their economies, governance, and intricate dynamics. Such digital universes are abundant, limitless, and rich in user-driven content, offering a glimpse into a world of endless possibilities. On-chain games are the precursor to these autonomous worlds, bringing forth an explosion of user-driven content and enabling the creation of self-sufficient digital universes.

Proof of Play

Future of Proof of Play

Proof of Play is changing the game, literally! They are ushering a new era where players have more say and games are more interactive and open. The journey into on-chain gaming is all about building a space where everyone can join in and create. They have some tough problems to solve, but are on their way to build self-sustaining digital universes where the possibilities are endless.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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