ThunderCore Blockchain Partners With Huobi, MyCointainer In Node Expansion

ThunderCore Blockchain Partners With Huobi, MyCointainer In Node Expansion

The Top 5 blockchain ThunderCore is making an ecosystem-development push, partnering with a host of new validators as the chain rolls out its new cryptocurrency staking model. At the same time, ThunderCore is leveraging these promising developments to expand its presence in decentralized finance (DeFi), making overtures to leading protocols.

The newest ThunderCore validators include the famous virtual asset exchange Huobi and one of the earliest staking platforms in the space, MyCointainer. Users of both will now be able to stake ThunderCore’s native asset TT to earn rewards.

Unlike proof-of-work (PoW) blockchains like Bitcoin, ThunderCore is an environmentally friendly proof-of-stake (PoS) chain, which means that its consensus mechanism for validating transactions is based on incentivized crypto staking.

ThunderCore’s new PoS staking model, also known as ThunderCore 2.0, will dramatically increase both user staking and validator nodes. Such decentralization is crucial to secure PoSchains like ThunderCore, which must withstand coordinated attacks by malicious actors seeking to control two-thirds of the network, while adding more trustworthy validators also improves scalability and accelerates user growth.

Validator expansion

As a new partner, Huobi will implement and maintain a ThunderCore node, further securing the ThunderCore ecosystem. Additionally, Huobi's tens of millions of users will have access to ThunderCore PoS staking, while TT will be available to stake on Huobi Earn.

On top of operating a node, MyCointainer will allow for deposits and withdrawals on the platform. MyCointainer users will have access to TT trading pairs against BTC, USDT, and other major cryptos and fiat pairs.

The expansion of the validator network represents a significant step forward for ThunderCore, solidifying its position as a leading blockchain.

DeFi outreach

With the new ThunderCore 2.0 PoS staking model, the popular blockchain has overhauled its tokenomics, aiming to become an even bigger DeFi player in the years to come. Having already nurtured its native DeFi ecosystem, the ThunderCore developers are now seeking to court top DeFi protocols such as Curve Finance, AAVE, SushiSwap, Stargate and many others.

The ThunderCore team has begun this effort with making approaches to the leading DeFi projects. Here’s one proposal from the developers presenting their case as to why the protocol should deploy on ThunderCore. Diversifying ThunderCore’s native DeFi ecosystem allows the team to build a brighter future with the support of the project’s multi-chain feature, decentralization, and community-driven economics.

The team offers ThunderCore's user-retention and mass-adoption strategy (over 400K monthly active users), one-stop-shop TT Wallet, high levels of interoperability, extensive partnerships, and range of developer incentives and tools, among other points.

Corresponding proposals are in the works for the other major DeFi protocols.

Future expectations

ThunderCore will continue to welcome new validators to its PoS network. This aligns with the team’s commitment to providing a secure and decentralized platform for its users. Adding new, reputable organizations to the validator network enhances the security of the blockchain, making it a top choice for decentralized applications. Meanwhile, increased staking rewards under the new tokenomics are a tangible benefit to the community that furthers the same goals.

ThunderCore will also be encouraging more DeFi projects to open up shop. The high-performance chain offers many benefits for DeFi, including sub-second transactions, gas fees at a fraction of a cent, and massive scalability. These features make ThunderCore an ideal home for DeFi developers looking to build and grow on a reliable and secure network.

ThunderCore for developers

ThunderCore is among the most hospitable homes for developers in the Web3 industry. The company has long believed that if you attract the best developers, then the users will follow. To that end, they have made various efforts to nurture their developer community:

ThunderGene API Tool

ThunderCore’s groundbreaking API tool allows for the easy integration of Web3 features into Web2 apps. With ThunderGene, it’s possible to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and fungible tokens inside a Web2 app while outsourcing the burden of wallet security to the cutting-edge TT Wallet.

$100M Web3 Fund

Along with partners 886 Studios and Outliers Fund, ThunderCore maintains a $100M fund to assist those who would like to build decentralized applications on its chain.

Developer Growth Fund

In addition to the $100M Web3 Fund, ThunderCore also operates a Developer Growth Fund, which is about to undergo a major update. The fund guides projects to completion with technical, promotional, financial, and operational assistance.

Stay tuned over at the ThunderCore blog for the latest on the fund and other news.

About ThunderCore

ThunderCore is among the world’s top 5 blockchains and the only platform growing DApp users organically through ecosystem retention, which will be the key driving force behind the real mass adoption of blockchain. Its proof-of-stake (PoS) architecture, EVM compatibility, entertainment-first ethos, and deep developer support provide a battle-tested home for the next generation of crypto innovators across Web3, DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, and the metaverse.

Thanks to its unique PaLa consensus mechanism, ThunderCore can handle 4,000+ TPS with sub-second confirmation times and ultra-low gas fees kept at a fraction of a cent.

ThunderCore Token (TT), the chain’s popular native asset, can be stored in the feature-rich TT Wallet, together with other supported ecosystem assets.

Created in 2017 by Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur Chris Wang to help solve Ethereum’s scalability issues, ThunderCore was able to reach such an achievement in ecosystem retention because of the proven, stable, scalable, and secure blockchain technology built over the last five years.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only.

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