Adam Cochran's 2023 Crypto Shopping List: Potential Catalysts for Growth

Adam Cochran's 2023 Crypto Shopping List: Potential Catalysts for Growth

Expert investor shares a pre-researched list of high-potential assets and their driving factors for the upcoming year

Adam Cochran, a crypto-enthusiast and investor, has recently released his 2023 shopping list for assets in the crypto market, detailing the potential catalysts that could drive growth for these assets. According to Cochran, his shopping list strategy is based on the idea that during market downturns, it is crucial to have a pre-researched list of assets to buy quickly to take advantage of buying opportunities.

Cochran’s list includes tokens with fundamental external revenue catalysts, novel infrastructure, and user experience (UX) plays. One asset on the list is Radiant, a protocol that rewards stakers with all fees collected and allows for cross-market borrowing, settling, and paying fees. Cochran highlights that the team behind Radiant is entirely bootstrapped, with no venture capital raise or seed round, and believes there is much room for growth.

Another asset on the list is Yearn, an open-source project that allows users to vote on which vaults receive voting power and $YFI rewards. Cochran notes that the bribing process has just begun, and participation has been low, but he believes that Yearn is a long-term winner.

One more asset on the list is Synthetix, which allows for the creation of synthetic liquidity backed by asset debt. Cochran explains that Synthetix aims to be the liquidity layer underlying all decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, making it easy to launch new DeFi protocols like running a website on WordPress or Shopify.

Additionally, another asset on the list is Conic. This pre-launch project creates “omnipools,” which allow users to deposit their assets into Curve and spread them across different pools to optimize the annual percentage yield (APY) per dollar. Cochran acknowledges that Conic is risky but believes the opportunity is promising compared to other DeFi products with similar market caps.

More assets on the list are CVX and Frax, respectively. CVX is a token that earns more votes per dollar than raw CRV and gets a 24% APY. Frax, which started as an algorithm stablecoin, intends to use its Curve voting power to increase the APY yield on its liquid staking ETH product frxETH.

Cochran also mentions that Curve is expected to release its long-awaited stablecoin “crvUSD” this month and that the Curve DAO will allow users to change the base pair for gauge-eligible stablecoins from $DAI to $crvUSD or even $veCRV instead of $3Pool. Additionally, Cochran highlights the growth of Balancer and Sideshift as projects making significant progress in the DeFi space.

Lastly, Cochran believes that the race for a monolithic blockchain to act as the core settlement layer is over and that many competitors in the appchain space are working on novel solutions to solve the scalability and interoperability issues facing the blockchain industry. It’s worth noting that Cochran owns most of these assets; this is his opinion; readers should do their research before investing.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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