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Cosmos Check-In #7

Welcome to Flagship’s Cosmos Check-ins! Our goal is to provide you with up-to-date and in-depth news about the Cosmos Ecosystem in less than 7 minutes! So grab a coffee, and let’s dive in.

TLDR: New year, new Cosmos?

Welcome to 2023, guys! We hope you guys have had a pleasant holiday season and are ready to kick things off for the new year. Multiple chains on Cosmos have presented their roadmaps for 2023, and many of them are fascinating — we will link them in the extras section.

I am, however, still most excited about Interchain Security, which is coming out soon.

In this edition of the check-in, we will look at all the tangible developments that have happened over the last week of 2022, followed by the non-tangible updates. Let’s dive in!

Tangible upgrades and launches

In this section, we look at some of the tangible updates and launches that we have seen this week, and ones that you can interact with in the next coming days (or now, even depending on when you read this), from the new strategies from various collaborations between Secret Network and Kujira Protocol, and the breakdown of Kujira’s and Umee’s updates.

New pool for BOW on Kujira: SCRT & USK

A picture which shows the new pool for BOW on Kujira

This week, BOW on Kujira added a new pool: the SCRT & USK pool. Until the 31st of January, you can get rewards in both $SCRT and $KUJI for providing liquidity in the pool.

Apart from that, you can now also DCA into $SCRT using Calc Finance, a dApp on Kujira that allows you to DCA into multiple coins.

Source: New pool on BOW, CALC’s DCA for $SCRT

Updates from the Secret Network

A picture which shows Secret Network's roadmap

Before we get into the updates that will happen in Q1/Q2 — I know it’s supposed to be in the other section, but let’s clump it together, so it’s easier to digest — let’s look at SCRT’s University and its new Bridge!

SCRT’s university launched roughly two weeks ago but has not been getting much traction. It is an educational academy dedicated to helping others learn and build on SCRT.

Next, bridging from Cosmos to Shade Protocol is live, allowing one-click generalized IBC transfers from other Cosmos chains to privacy on SCRT via Shade Protocol.

Finally, the most significant development for SCRT in Q1/Q2 will be SCRT 2.0 and the features that come with it, like private voting and much more.

Source: SCRT’s Ecosystem Roadmap, Bridging from Cosmos to Shade, Secret University

Kujira’s update for their swap interfaces

A picture which shows Kujira's new interface

Next, Kujira has added a feature update for the swap tabs on BLUE and BOW, which allows you to create fixed swap prices now instead of having to go to FIN, and alongside that, a search function on these tabs to enables you to quickly search for the tokens that you want to swap between.

Source: Limit Orders, Quick Search

Umee successfully upgrades to v3.3.0

A picture that shows the cover picture for Umee's upgrade to v3.3.0

Umee is going strong into 2023, with their new upgrade to v3.3.0, which introduces updated versions of IBC, Cosmos and Tendermint for Umee. Last but not least, easy withdrawals from Umee have been enabled, allowing for… well, as the name says, easy withdrawals.

Source: Umee's Upgrade to v3.3.0

Leap introduces new features for their mobile wallet

A picture which shows the LEAP wallet upgrades

Leap has introduced new features for their mobile wallet, which allows you to view your assets from your currency of choice, from 8 currencies, and allows you to arrange the chains to your preference.

Source: Leap wallet announcement

Non-tangible upgrades and proposals

Next, we look at the non-tangible upgrades, like the update on Gravity Bridge’s proposal and their integration, the new proposals on Cosmos and dymensionXYZ’s launch coming soon.

Proposals on Cosmos Hub

The picture of Cosmos's economic zone

In the next few weeks, two proposals will be live on-chain. The proposals for replicated security, more commonly known as Interchain Security, and the Game of NFTs, will be live in the next few weeks, marking an excellent start for Cosmos.

While most of you might know what the specifications of Interchain Security are, you might not be familiar with the latter, so here’s a quick summary: The Game of NFTs (GON) is seeking funding for the incentivized testnets for Interchain NFTs.

If you haven’t looked at these proposals, do take a look at them and share your thoughts before they go on-chain.

Source: Interchain Security, Interchain NFTs

Pleiades II and future integrations

A picture showing Pleiades II and future integrations

The proposal that will allow Gravity Bridge to enable fees for bridged tokens so that stakers can get a portion of these fees and adds a security update has been accepted, so we can expect $GRAV stakers to earn fees soon from a more secure bridge. That also means that Gravity Bridge can now focus on integrations and that they did, as they announced their intent for future integrations with Sei, UND, Leap Wallet, and Islamic Coin.

Source: Pleiades II is successful, Gravity Bridge’s Integrations

dYmension’s launch in 2023

A picture showing dYmension’s launch in 2023

In 2022, the vision for blockchains was that modular blockchains would be a thing — which is where dYmension comes in. Now, dYmension has said that they will release the first public testnet for rollups in the first quarter of 2023, in a permissioned way, with the first one being an IBC-enabled version, followed by CosmWasm, EVM, and so on.

Source: What to expect in 2023 for dYmension

Other interesting happenings

  1. The number of active users of Stargaze’s marketplace keeps increasing, how do you guys think that it will look like in 2023?
  2. Injective has had a great year in 2022, with their last update showcasing the integrations with Wormhole, Sommelier Finance and White Whale.
  3. DeFund will be going live with dETFs in 2023, which seems exciting.

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