Cosmos Check-In #11

Cosmos Check-In #11

Welcome to Flagship’s Cosmos Check-ins! Our goal is to provide you with up-to-date and in-depth news about the Cosmos Ecosystem in less than 10 minutes! So grab a coffee, and let’s dive in.

TLDR; 2nd February to 9th February

The past week has been a back-and-forth rotation of liquidity between AI projects, infrastructure projects, and back-to-AI projects. On our grounds, Akash was probably one of the few projects that saw an indirect advantage from the hype in AI projects because of Akash AI… but what about the rest of the Cosmos projects in the ecosystem?

In this edition of the check-in, we will look at the biggest news of the week, followed by the tangible developments and the non-tangible updates that have happened over the past week — With that, let’s dive in!

Earthquake Situation in Turkey and Syria

A picture which shows the cover page for Turkey and Syria getting supported by the Cosmos Ecosystem

Before we dive in, I wanted to touch on this topic personally for a while.

For those who aren’t caught up with the news yet, this week, a massive magnitude earthquake rocked Turkey and Syria, and it’s one of the most devastating tragedies in modern times.

In that regard, the Cosmos-community efforts are ramping up to support Turkey and Syria in these times of crisis. If you want to support the rescue missions by donating or sharing the links provided by the people from the Cosmos ecosystem, you can find them below.

  1. List Provided by Cosmos
  2. List Provided by Cosmoverse
  3. List Provided by Axelar

Biggest news of the week

The biggest news of this week has to be the fact that Cosmos is starting to fundamentally shift, after the introduction of Babylon, Skip and Interchain NFTs — all of which are coming soon.

It’s not exactly a one-time off from the news per se, but all of these combined, in my opinion, are bringing a really exciting future to the Cosmos ecosystem.

Interchain NFTs on-track with Incentivized Testnet

A picture which shows the cover page for Game of NFTs on the Cosmos Ecosystem

After passing Proposal 94 to fund 20k ATOM for the Game of NFTs, which is the incentivized testnet for Interchain NFTs, multiple stakeholders are now outlining the game's rules. This includes the task, timelines, and point system — more on this as we receive information.

Source: Game of NFTs: Outline

Babylon’s testnet is now live and connected with 8 Cosmos zones

A picture which shows the cover page for Babylon on the Cosmos Ecosystem

Babylon’s testnet is now live after the creation of their Genesis block, and they are already connected to 8 Cosmos zones! Just a primer, Babylon aims to bring Bitcoin security to Cosmos, meaning that the added layer of security will reduce unbonding periods.

Sources: Babylon Docs, Babylon Testnet

Skip integrates with Injective for MEV resistance

A picture which shows the cover page for Injective on the Cosmos Ecosystem

Injective is integrating with Skip to make its blockchain more MEV-resistant and increase staking rewards for users. In addition, skip will add value to the Injective network by running an auction process at the start of each block to capture opportunities for arbitrage and liquidation. The integration has already been completed on the testnet and is ready to be rolled out to all validators.

Source: Skip <> Injective

Tangible upgrades and launches

In this section, we look at some tangible updates and launches that we have seen this week, and ones that you can interact with in the next coming days (or now, even depending on when you read this).

Osmosis’ Stableswap is live

A picture which shows the cover page for Osmosis on the Cosmos Ecosystem

The Osmosis Stableswap is now live, powered by the Core 3pool with incentives.

It is a cross-chain liquidity hub with $BUSD, $USDT, and $USDC as the core tokens. This gives users lower-risk investments, safer options, and modest yields with increased capital efficiency and liquidity for traders.

Source: Osmosis Stableswap

Kava’s new Strategic Vault

A picture which shows the cover page for Kava on the Cosmos Ecosystem

Kava introduces a secure, auditable, transparent vault owned by the Kava community.

In 2022, over 70 protocols joined the Kava Rise initiative, allowing Kava to become one of the fastest-growing blockchains. With these strategic vaults, Kava is also pioneering technology to enable the community to control funding initiatives.

Source: Kava's Strategic Vault

Umee’s Historacle

A picture which shows the cover page for Umee on the Cosmos Ecosystem

With the v4.0.0 upgrade in the back seat, Umee has released the Historacle, a tool to prevent price manipulation. The Historacle takes stamps of time and volume-weighted average prices and uses customized algorithms to manage prices for borrowing, lending, collateralization, and liquidation.

Source: Umee's Historacle

Non-tangible upgrades and proposals

Next, we look at the non-tangible upgrades, which includes some exciting proposals that are either already on-chain and in the voting process, or will be up for voting in the upcoming days.

Evmos’ 2023 roadmap

A picture which shows the cover page for Evmos on the Cosmos Ecosystem

With the release of the Evmos manifesto, Evmos just released their 2023 roadmap, which emphasizes creating groundbreaking tools that give developers the freedom to develop cross-chain applications.

These tools include EVM Extensions and the Evmos SDK, which offer unprecedented customization for developers to create EVM chains that are interoperable with other Cosmos and Ethermint chains. So what do you think about it?

Source: Evmos 2023 Roadmap

Kava 12 set to launch on 15th February

A picture which shows the cover page for Kava 12 on the Cosmos Ecosystem

Kava will launch on February 15th at 15:00 UTC, and one of the more exciting modules to be introduced in Kava 12 is the new module called Kavamint which gives control to DAOs over reward distribution. It provides predictability for community fund allocation, 100% of the fee pool goes to stakers, and DAOs can rebalance and burn assets.

Source: Kava 12 Launch

Other interesting happenings

  1. Sommelier’s recent Real Yield USD has been outperforming other high-quality yield opportunities and is the only option for users to gain access to optimized Uniswap V3 LP yield without managing it themselves. Read more here.
  2. How has Band Protocol performed over the month of January?
  3. Sentinel's vision of taking a market share of the Chinese VPN ecosystem is now becoming a reality with the addition of a new protocol on their GitHub.

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