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Cosmos aims to create an “Internet of Blockchains,” where any blockchain is able to communicate, share data, and transact with any other. In this outpost, we take a look at the developments happening in this ecosystem.

Picture of Interchain Modules in the Cosmos Ecosystem and Cosmos IBC

Understanding Cosmos IBC and how Interchain Modules will Drive its Scalability

Interchain Modules will drastically change Cosmos IBC. Want to know why? Embark on a journey through Cosmos IBC's interchain modules in relation to the whole ecosystem with our comprehensive guide that makes this complex topic easy to digest.

5 best projects built on cosmos ecosystem

Our Favorite 5 Blockchains Built on Cosmos

Touted as the “Internet of Blockchains”, Cosmos is a novel idea that solves an issue we are familiar with, silo-ed blockchains that are not interoperable with one another. But what are the best blockchains building on Cosmos?